Does UCLA Have A Good Pre Med Program?

Pre-med program is a program a student enrolls in to prepare him/her for medical school. It majorly tries to cover sciences and laboratory engagements from its fundamentals. This program usually lasts for four years. A pre-med graduate didn’t need to apply for medical school, the pre-med graduate certificate could be sufficient to secure one an entry-level job, but medical school gives one an edge when it comes to most jobs’ recruitment process. In this article we shall see Does UCLA Have A Good Pre Med Program?

Yes, UCLA does have one of the best pre-med programs. UCLA is arguably the best for pre-med programs, they do have a great record of producing a lot of applicants for medical school. The academics and research system at UCLA for pre-med students make it stand out in the country as one of the best. The hospital structure is well ranked, third-best in the U.S and first in the state of California. 

Does UCLA Have A Good Pre Med Program?

How Valuable Is A Pre Med Degree At UCLA? 

A pre-med degree is quite valuable on its own, apart from the fact that one will need it to apply for medical school. The degree opens up to a graduate a plethora of career options to pick from. The pre-med program covers a lot of areas in the sciences and laboratory field, this will all come in handy if the pre-med graduate chooses to have a career in any of these areas;

  • Pharmacy
  • Podiatry
  • Optometry 
  • Dentistry 
  • Nursing 
  • Veterinary medicine 

However, a bad GPA will still make it very difficult or just impossible to have a career in any of the above-mentioned paths. There are many other career paths one can step into with his/her pre-med degree that was not listed, there are just a ton of them. A student with just his pre-med degree is better placed to make massive strides in the medical field. 

UCLA’s pre-med program is so big that it sometimes seems that the whole campus is filled with pre-med students this can be quite intimidating for some pre-med students, knowing that you have that much competition for places. All of these are testament to how popular and stable the pre-med program at UCLA is.

The pre-med program at UCLA is so tough, that you have to work extra hard to make a good GPA that would be good enough for medical school. The pre-med program is very tough so it can easily separate the very serious ones deserving to make it to medical school from the ones that are not fit academically. A student will need to make sure he/she picks the right major that will be a good fit for him/her, one that he/she will thrive in. UCLA does have a great pre-med program, that has helped breed some great names in the medical field today.  

From Pre Med To Medical School

Just as the name suggests, pre-med comes before medical school. Different medical schools have the requirements that are expected of pre-med graduates. Even though requirements can differ, there are still some common requirements. Some of the common requirement courses are; 

  • Math 
  • Biology
  • Organic chemistry 
  • English 
  • Biochemistry
  • General chemistry
  • E.T.C

The student will need to have made impressive grades in all of these courses for his/her pre-med result to be valuable for medical school. A person seeking to proceed to medical school after his/her pre-med program will have to provide a recommendation letter(s) from a trusted personality in the same field of study or just a previous lecturer/teacher of yours.


When it comes to pre-med programs, UCLA is one of the top institutions to come up and this is no fluke in any way. Many things are to be considered in picking the right institution to enroll for your pre-med program. How dedicated is the college to your preferred major? This is essential. To the study before penning down on which college to enroll into. Getting into the UCLA pre-med program is a dream for many students, this should not close the student’s eyes to other awesome colleges that also have a great pre-med program.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a study group important in pre-med programs?

Yes, pre-med programs are very competitive and tough. Study groups help the pre-med students cover a lot of areas much faster. Study partners in study groups help in better understanding of courses through discussions where there is an opportunity to go in-depth with a particular course or topic.  

  1. Any need for student advisers in pre-med programs?

Yes, success in the pre-med program can be aided by student advisers that can easily advise the student or possibly open the eyes of the student to some hidden knowledge that experience has exposed to the adviser. It is always a good idea to drink from the well of knowledge of the experienced.

  1. Is pre-med tuition very expensive at UCLA? 

Yes, the best demands a lot and that is precisely what happened here. A lot is being put in, to make UCLA very conducive for educational purposes and money is being used to fashion this. Although very expensive, it is common knowledge that the pre-med program at UCLA is worth every penny.