Is Unidays for sixth form students?

Unidays is an excellent discount offering shopping website for students worldwide. It was established in 2011 by Jon Hawley and Josh Rathour and developed by Josh Rathour itself. Unidays was headquartered in Nottingham, England. It is a free app for students who can purchase many items at a significantly discounted price from over 800 brands. It will only exhibit the verified brands and offer discounts, internships, events, and scholarships to the students born after 1997. In this article, we shall see Is Unidays for sixth form students?

Is Unidays for sixth form students?

The benefits of Unidays can be enjoyed by sixth form, college, and university students. However, all students must enlist in any college or other graduate organization to use the Unidays website.

Eligibility Criteria To Sign Up At Unidays 

Some brands can choose the discount offers, university to plan an event, etc. 225 million students are using unidays in their institutions, which means 1 out of every 3 students are a member of this website in the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. 

Here are the norms to sign up at the Unidays website: 

  • To become a member of Unidays, you must be a student of any authorized college or university or any other post-graduate educational institution. 
  • The student must be above the age of 16 and have an acceptable school or university email address. The student can create an Unidays account with their email address to commence. 
  • You have to submit the institution name and the student email address to assess your student stature. You can do the above-mentioned submission process through the student portal on the Unidays page.
  • You are capable of wielding the services and agree to process through all the terms and conditions by creating an account and an account on the Unidays website.
  • All the terms can be regulated either through the Unidays website, mobile application, or any other courtesies.  

Advantages Of Using Unidays 

There are many advantages for the members of Unidays. Some of them are as follows: 

  • To formulate an individual to qualify as a part of a residential community, Unidays will procure online assurance for students registered for post-secondary education or any such related practice. 
  • Unidays members can way into advertisements, coupons, deductions, giveaways, jobs, and educational alternatives without flaw. 
  • Unidays partnered with other brands will promote their products and services to the members. 
  • Unidays will exhibit products according to the member’s interests. They will express it as suggestions and recommendations. 
  • The Unidays members have to steer to the other partnered brand websites to utilize the offers ready there. This can be done either by penetrating the discount code you earned for an investment from a particular brand or by promptly connecting through the offers. 

Unidays Membership Fee

There are also people working from their business campuses in Nottingham, London, and New York. They do business with top groups that encompass Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Microsoft, JD Sports, Forever 21, H&M, SHEIN, M&S, Disney, and ASOS.

You can become a member at Unidays for free. They will earn commissions when members compelled a purchase or utilized the offers from any patterned brands. Some specific aspects of Unidays aid may need payment. There is a paid subscription available on Unidays for using some special features.

They will suggest to their members regarding this. You have to pay for any charges connected to the use of services, including the device, and an internet connection to wield the sermons. You will be approved to the ailment that you are credible for all charges that you sustain from the internet if you are using the Unidays services on your mobile phone.

Responsibilities And Limitations Of Unidays

Unidays are responsible for explicit and predictable damages stimulated by Uniday’s substantial violation terms. 

There are certain limitations to the responsibilities of Unidays. They are as follows: 

  • They are not responsible for predictable damages which include significant damages, and exemplary damages. 
  • They are not responsible for any failure in profit, failure in business, loss of contract, respite scheduled savings, and loss of business opportunities connected to the use of the service. 
  • They are also not reliable to viruses, or other software issues attained by acquiring the services or omissions, complications, hesitations, or disturbances in the services. 
  • Unidays are not credible to the tolls related to the activities of any third party. This comprises the ineptitude to try partners’ websites. 

How To Agree To The Terms Of Unidays?

It works in over 114 countries comprising the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, and China. Sixth form students refer to the students in the final two years of secondary education. It is the period where students begin their first educational year of the sixth form. Many schools named the two school years the ‘Lower Sixth’ and ‘Upper Sixth’.

The services that you can access under the terms of Unidays are as follows: 

  •  You can agree to the conditions of the Unidays through their website at 
  • You can download mobile applications from the app store and google play store.
  • You can also do this by their fixed iframe found on the websites of their partnered brands. 
  • Through any other Unidays regulated online service in or to which the terms are connected.

By becoming a member of Unidays, you will get the backing and look after to be the nicest of yourself. All grade teachers will get equipped for the Apple Education discounts through Unidays.


Unidays is the substantial student rapport network in the realm. “It supports, enables, and inspires young people to be their best selves, powering next-gen learning, earning, and retail experience.” Unidays have an incredible squad with more than 200 talented knaves, architects, and business individuals helping from their homes themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the materials needed for getting a Unidays account?

The materials needed to get an Unidays account are an institution portal login, the organization handed out the unique email address, or a student ID allowed from the institution. 

2. Is there an option to use one Unidays account by multiple people? 

No. The Unidays account owner doesn’t have the right to share their login credentials with others.

3. Tech Brands Having Discounts On Unidays

Some of the tech brands that offer student discounts on Unidays are Acer, Alienware, Apple, BT, Canon, Dell, GHD, Microsoft, Philips, Lenovo, Sky, Sonos, O2, Voxi, HP, JBL, THREE, and Lycamobiles.