How To Reply To Wassup?

Among the most famous greetings is “What’s up?” It is similar to asking, “How are you?” or “What’s up?” It can be hard to respond to whether you are a native English talker. What should you say in response to “What’s up?” The appropriate response is heavily dependent on who is asking or the situation. In this article, we shall see ‘How To Reply To Wassup?’.

How To Reply To Wassup

When asked, “What’s up?” the most common response is “Nothing,” “Not much,” or “Not much, you?” The appropriate response in this situation is to come back with the greeting and verify that everything is fine.

Replying To Wassup

When someone asks, “WASSUP?” you can reply back with one of the following:

  • “Nothing”
  • “Not much” “How about you?”

A person may inquire, “Wassup?” with one of the reasons listed:

1) to be polite in a narrow context

2) to initiate chit chat

3) to demonstrate genuine interest

1. “Wassup?” From A Friend Or Acquaintance

In the first situation, “Wassup?” might be asked by anyone you know but not well. As a courtesy, they will greet you with this greeting to recognise your unexpected encounter.

2. “Wassup?” From Someone You Admire

In the second case, the individual may ask you, “What’s up?” in order to initiate a conversation. Perhaps the person admires you or wishes to obtain something from you.

3. A “What’s Up?” From A Past Close Friend

In the third instance, the individual can be a close personal friend to whom you have not spoken in a long time and who you just happened to run into. Your friend might be curious about your current situation or what you’ve been up to.

Typical Response to “Wassup?”

When somebody greets you with “What’s up?” they are not expecting an in-depth response from you. Any polite reply that you can think of will suffice. It is proper to respond to the greeting with “Oh, hi (person’s name).” You didn’t read the article, but they won’t think you are rude.

Here are a few appropriate responses to think about:

  • “Same old,” “Same old,” or “As usual.”
  • If you’re inside, say “the roof,” and if you’re outside, say “the sky.”
  • “My blood pressure,” you say following a gathering with your boss.
  • If you’re feeling sarcastic, say “gas prices.”
  • “How are you doing?” If you really want to revert back the greeting, say “I’m fine, yourself?”

Reacting To A Close Friend’s “Wassup?”

You could be more adaptable in responding to a friend who asks, “What’s up?” Depending on your friend’s intent, your response could be amusing, sarcastic, or neutral.

Here are some instances of how to react to a close friend’s what’s up:

1) “I have no complaints.”

This will inform your friend it is all fine with you and therefore nothing is pestering you right now.

2) “Everything is fine.”

This simply means that everything is fine right now.

3) “I’m screwed.”

You can tell it to a friend if they notice you are worried as well as appear to be in trouble. It is a good place to start telling them what’s wrong or what’s going on in your life right now.

Reacting To A “Wassup?” From A Coworker

How do you respond to “What’s up?” from a coworker? Every day, a close coworker sees you. Here are some possible responses for your coworkers or officemates.

1) “I’m exhausted today.”

This phrase can be used if you want your coworker to know that you’ve had a long day and therefore are hoping to receive home to rest. This might start a conversation that will keep you entertained until the clock strikes five o’clock.

2) “I’m preoccupied with this task; we’ll talk later.”

If you don’t want to speak, you could indeed politely and gently respond with this response. You would be able to prevent the conversation while remaining courteous to your coworker.

3) Nothing noteworthy.”

If the individual is someone, you’re not especially close to and aren’t particularly interested to know, this is a great reply as you’re still being polite. It demonstrates respect as well as impresses them inside a polite manner that you don’t want to discuss.

Responding To “Wassup?” In A Weird Way

Would you like to mock the phrase “what’s up?” Here are a few jokes that will amaze the person asking and hopefully make each other laugh or smile. A 2-letter word that demonstrates your illiteracy. (This is a joke that should only be told to your closest friends.)

  • That’s not my pay.
  • Anything that is taller than me.
  • The ceiling, the roof, the sky, or even the stars are all possibilities.
  • Everything except the rent
  • The cost of gasoline.

Responding On Social Media

How do you respond to Tinder or Bumble what’s up text messages? What should I say in response to wassup? How should I respond to sup? If you receive an unexpected “What’s up?”; “Wassup?”; or “Sup” text by someone on Tinder or the other dating website, here are a few effective responses.

  • Since you texted me, my tier of attraction has increased.
  • How much time do you really have available?


“Wassup?” is a common greeting to which you can react with one such as “Nothing,” “Not Much,” or “Alright.” When asked these questions, the proper response is to either return the greeting as well as confirm all is fine. The correct answer to this question is heavily dependent on a person asking as well as the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When should you respond to a text message?

A) There are no single answers to these questions because it is situational. Sometimes it’s best to respond immediately, while other times it’s fine to wait.

Q) How to Respond to “Wassup?” In a Flirty Manner

A) Here are few examples:

  • I’m completely bored! Do you want to go on a journey?
  • Guess you missed me 
  • That sounds really good to me. Please repeat the question you just asked