Why Should I Go To The University Of Michigan?

The University of Michigan should be nothing short of a first choice for the majority of students, graduates, and undergraduates who seek a university that is Globally recognized for its Academics and career exploits. Let us know about “Why Should I Go To The University Of Michigan?”

Why Should I Go To The University Of Michigan?

Despite the Top ranking nature of the University, there are the tendencies of Many applicants to question the necessity of going through the stress of securing a spot there.

Why Should I Go To The University Of Michigan?

What Do I Stand To Gain By Applying  For The University Of Michigan 

The question of why I should go to the University of Michigan (UM) would only be resolved if all the facts and details are put in proper check; especially details of the uniqueness, reputation, High ranking nature of the school, the job prospects of graduates, scholarships offered, and a host of information that is vital for your journey in choosing Michigan as your next big pursuit. 

You Too Can Be A Student And Graduate Of One Of The Most Renowned Universities In The World.

In this article, we would discuss some of the outstanding features of the University of Michigan that would catch your interest, starting from the criteria for admission through graduation and the job prospects that  Graduates of the University.

Let us start with;

The Ease Of Gaining Admission Into The University Of Michigan

Records have shown that over the years, the process of gaining admission into the university can be a bit challenging as only about 26% of total applicants are granted admission; on merit and selection. 

However, the rate of admission is nothing to be worried about owing to the fact that just like many other top Universities in the United States and across the globe, gaining admission can be very competitive but not impossible. 

Hence, instead of turning a cold foot to the application procedures, you can put up a positive front, imbibe a pessimistic attitude, follow all the necessary instructions and see that you meet the requirements for admission.

Note that once you have a record of outstanding academic performance with matching Social activities and convincing essay to follow suit, receiving your letter of admission would be nothing short of certainty. 

To answer the question on the ease of admission procedure, we would fall back to the very principle of getting any good thing done; you need to put in the effort. Therefore, if your major contemplations on this subject matter (why should I go to the University of Michigan) is the challenging process involved in receiving an admission mail, then we should breathe some clarity on the best way to improve your chances of admission.

How Can I Improve My Chances Of Getting Admitted To The University Of Michigan?

As earlier stated, your getting into the University of Michigan is very much doable even with the alarming 26% rate of admission, and as such,  you will need to have an upper hand in the process. Some of these upper hands include;

• A record of Academic Exploit

• A good record of Leadership roles over the years.

• A record of Mastery in any art/craft 

• A compelling Essay/ Statements of Purpose.

A Record Of Academic Exploit

Although this is not the only criteria used by the University of Michigan to admit applicants, a high GPA, high score in AC/SAT and most standardized examinations can improve your chances of getting admitted.

What that means is that you should have done your bookwork well and gotten some good grades to show for it. 

A Good Record Of Leadership Roles Over The Years 

The University of Michigan has a track record of raising most of the top leaders in the world and as a university that is spawned with the core interest of having multidimensional personalities on the campuses, a good record of Leadership roles played over the years would automatically boost your Application; even if you were not distinct in terms of Academic assessment.

A Record Of Mastery Of Any Art/Craft

Most potential applicants who observe the admission rate of the University of Michigan are quickly turned off, with all hope lost, even though they have of the major requirements to be admitted into the university; the mastery of art/craft.

What can you do outside the classroom?

Do you sing well? 

Do you have a successful and growing music band? 

Are you an outstanding painter? 

Do you have a track record of winning medals in most Athletic competitions?

Can you dance on a global stage? 

If you ticked yes to one or all of the above, then you have a good shot at the University of Michigan; These are some of the reasons you should apply and study at the University of Michigan.

NB. Clearly states any of the roles you have played and still play in your application. 

Write A Compelling Essay/Statement Of Purpose

Nothing beats a compelling Essay/ Statement of Purpose. If you can write a strong and compelling Essay, you would give your application an opportunity for much consideration. 

It is almost impossible to neglect an application that has a strong statement of purpose. 

That is to say, even if you don’t have a strong academic record as compared to the majority of applicants, or you haven’t taken any leadership role, etc, you could be considered to be an astute and promising young writer who needs to be groomed in the university. 

I think it would be very interesting that go to a university that appreciates the mental and social compatibility of every human in the world. 

I have spent the most of this article discussing the ease of getting admitted into the University of Michigan because it is on record that the 74% rate of declination of Applications has led to the loss of interest by potential applicants who have what it takes to be admitted. Hence the popular question; 

Why should I go to the University of Michigan?

If you are still thinking about going to the University of Michigan, ponder on the many ways in which you qualify and give it your best shot.

Other Crucial Benefits To Look Out For In Attending The University Of Michigan 

On-Campus Jobs Are Available For Students

The student life department of the university employs a good number of students to work in different departments and events in the university. That means you never have to worry about being broke and bankrupt in school. 

The University Of Michigan Has An Average 92% Graduation Rate

What this means is that once you get into the system, you have a good chance of graduating as when due. Except for the few exceptions that accounted for the 8% anti-graduation rate, you don’t have to bother about having an extra year.

Job Prospects For Graduates

One of the experiences you will have at Michigan is an overwhelming impact of skills and technologies that gives you over 90% preparation for the global market. As a result of the prestige of the University, getting a job after graduation is often not a big challenge.

Michigan offers a wide range of courses ranging from law to nursing to Art and so on. 

If you have considered going to a university that is cost-friendly, talent budding oriented, high Ranking on the global stage and rich in diversity, then you should get yourself prepared to apply for admission. Who knows? You could be among 26% chosen. Don’t say no, give it a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions About The University Of Michigan

¶What is the tuition fee for a session at the University of Michigan? 

Ans. Michigan University Tuition fees for undergraduate students are $9,777.24 and for graduate students $10,571.94 annually. 

¶What is the University of Michigan’s rank?

Answer; Michigan is ranked 23rd in national universities.

¶What is the University of Michigan famous for?

Ans. Excellence in overall administration are one of the things that make the University of Michigan stand out, making it rank top 30 Universities in the United States.

¶Is the admission Process to the university of Michigan difficult?

Ans. While it has been rumored that getting into the university of Michigan can seen a bit tasking, it is not impossible for anybody ready to follow all due Processes and fulfill the requirements.