How Much Money Do I Need To Get A Student Visa In Canada?

Numerous students have started moving to Canada for their higher studies. Why wouldn’t they? Studying in Canada is way more affordable compared to other countries. Once you decide on moving to Canada to continue with your higher studies you must figure out the exact amount you’ll need to get a Canadian student visa. Let us know about “How Much Money Do I Need To Get A Student Visa In Canada?”

How Much Money Do I Need To Get A Student Visa In Canada?

Though studying there is economical, the process of getting a visa can be a little intimidating. Before you apply to any Canadian university you must do proper research so that you know if you can afford the visa cost, the fee and the living cost in Canada. 

How Much Money Do I Need To Get A Student Visa In Canada?

Requirements To Get A Canadian Student Visa 

Like every other visa application, a Canadian student visa also requires you to follow a set of instructions and fulfil the requirements to get your student visa easily. 

Let’s check them out: 

  • Before you apply for the student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from your designated learning institute to show as a proof
  • Secondly, you must have proof and details regarding your financial situation back in your home country to show that you can bear all costs and fees when you move to Canada for your studies
  • You will need to submit a few important documents that will act as supporting documents and confirm your eligibility to apply for a Canadian student visa

How To Obtain A Canadian Student Visa? 

The process is very easy. Follow the steps below to start with your application process: 

  • Before you apply for a student visa, you must make sure you’re eligible apply for it. As we mentioned above you must have an acceptance letter, financial statements and supporting documents to start the process
  • The first step is to start filling out your application 
  • Moving on, submit your application. You can do it in two ways: 1) Online application submission 2) Submission of hard copy 

Online Application Submission

Online application submission requires you to submit your form online. For this purpose, you would have to make an account on the IRCC website and submit scanned copies of your documents to submit.

Submission Of Hard Copy

The second method requires you to fill out your application, fulfil all the requirements and send the application through mail to your country’s Visa application centre. 

  • The moment your application gets accepted, you will get a visa to travel to Canada and an introduction letter 
  • When you land within the Canadian borders, you will receive your Canadian student permit

Follow All Instructions

Once you get your application accepted you must abide by the set of rules that come along with your study permit. They are as under: 

  • Stay enrolled in your designated learning institute
  • On-time completion of your courses 
  • Abide by the terms and conditions of the student permit
  • Leave Canada once your permit ends

Student Visa Fee

A student visa is considered a permit that one can use to study in the institutes of Canada. So, for a study permit, you would be required to submit around 150 Canadian dollars fee along with your application. Much much affordable as compared to other countries like the USA and UK. 

Accommodation In Canada 

Accommodation is an important aspect when it comes to moving abroad for studies. Universities in Canada offer in-campus hostels where you can live for 8 thousand to 10 thousand dollars. 

However, you may opt for accommodation according to your budget. 

  • Private hostels that cost 300-600 dollars a month
  • The apartment that can cost you around 400-1500 dollars depending upon the area and size of your apartment
  • A shared area can cost around 250-700 dollars

Expenses In Canada 

Got your acceptance letter, got your study permit and now you’re finally in Canada to fulfil your dream to study at your favourite university. 

However, before you start with the process you must have complete knowledge about the expenses that you have to bear while living in Canada. 

You’ll need approximately 2000 Canadian dollars for your expenses such as: 

  • Internet and phone bills
  • Electricity bill
  • Transport
  • Food and other groceries 


Applying for a Canadian student visa is way more affordable compared to the USA and UK. All you need to do is get accepted into a university, and apply for a student visa with all your supporting documents, and financial proof to show that you can easily pay your annual fee. Once your application is received, either online or in the form of a hard copy, the process shall take around a few weeks to a month or so. Then you can easily go to Canada and start your studies. 


* What Is The Timeline for Forgetting A Student Visa? 

The number of days your visa takes to get approved depends upon the country you live in. It may take a few weeks or months to get your student visa approval. 

* Can You Work In Canada While Studying? 

Yes, you can work in Canada while completing your degree. This is a great way to fulfil your expenses and gain experience in different fields of work. As an individual on a student permit, you are allowed to work twenty hours a week during the semester and you may opt for a full-time job during the Summer holidays. 

* What Are Some Of The Best And Most Affordable Universities To Apply to in Canada? 

Although all universities in Canada are great. However, below is a list of the top most affordable universities you can apply to: 

  • Cape Breton University with eighteen thousand Canadian dollars annually 
  • The University of Canada West with twenty one thousand Canadian dollars annually 
  • The University of the Fraser Valley with twenty one thousand Canadian dollars annually

The fee varies according to the discipline you’re enrolled in. 

* Can You Bring Your Family Along On Your Student Permit? 

Yes, it is permissible for you to bring your dependable family with you. You can easily apply for your family’s visa along with yours to receive all visas on time.