University Of Central Florida Admissions Requirements And GPA

The University of Central Florida welcomes applicants from all over the world to apply for admissions. Once you have found your program of choice, you are required to meet the application requirements and have the minimum GPA for admissions before applying for admission. Let us know more detail about ‘University Of Central Florida Admissions Requirements And GPA’.

University Of Central Florida Admissions Requirements And GPA

University Of Central Florida Admissions Requirements And GPA

The University of Central Florida is metropolitan research and public institution offering high-quality education to students at all education degree levels. 

Having over 13 colleges since its founding in 1963, the University of Central Florida enrolls a huge total of 70,405 students per year with a 44% acceptance ratio that is highly selective. There is a compulsory admission requirement for all prospective students and your 3.0 GPA also makes an important part of your admission requirement.

Majors at The University of Central Florida?

Offering special programs designed for students’ career goals, the University of Central (UCF) Florida will engage you with learning while having the opportunity to learn more about your field of study. 

From face-to-face classes to online degree study, explore the options that UCF has to offer:

·         Bachelor’s Degree at UCF

·         Master’s Degree at UCF

·         Doctoral Degree at UCF

·         Online Degree at UCF

1. Bachelor’s Degree at UCF

It’s your first time earning a degree at a higher institution, at UCF to achieve your academic goals. Whether you have found your major or still narrowing down your choices, there are many programs to choose from (such as; Accounting, Biomedical Science, Electrical Engineering, Legal Studies, Political Science, etc.) and you need to think about what career you see yourself doing in a long term. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree at UCF will provide hands-on practical experience and set your path to success. 

2. Master’s Degree at UCF

Get ahead and further your education with a master’s degree at the University of Central Florida. UCF offers about 92 master’s programs (such as; Creative Writing, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Biology, and Sciences, etc.) taught by leaders in the industry thus, helping you achieve your professional career goals. 

UCF will support you throughout your career journey while studying one of their master’s programs. 

3. Doctoral Degree at UCF

With a doctorate, you will become an expert and researcher in your field. Some of the available courses are; Criminal Justice, Engineering and Computer Science, Medicine, Chemistry, Sociology, etc.). 

Prospective students will research using modern technology and resources available at UCF while gaining hands-on experience that will equip them for success as they advance their studies at UCF. 

4. Online Degree at UCF

Future students who wish to attend a university that offers flexible teachings or classes due to their busy schedule or they live far away but, want to study virtually. The University of Central Florida has the option for you to study online at the same time balancing both school and life. 

The available course offered for online degrees at UCF are; Criminal Justice, Education, Hospitality, and Healthcare courses such as Forensic Sciences, etc.). 

Application Requirements for Admissions into the University of Central Florida?

There are several requirements for both undergraduate and graduate admission at the University of Central Florida. UCF has a low acceptance rate but, admissions are highly competitive.

·         UCF Undergraduate Admission Requirement

·         UCF Graduate Admission Requirement

UCF Undergraduate Admission Requirement

For both domestic high school and international students, applying as a freshman student at the UCF, you are eligible to apply if you are a high school college senior or graduate, a high school graduate if you have earned a dual credit enrollment credit or an associate degree holder who has not completed any more than 11 semester credit hours. 

You are also to submit an official SAT or ACT with a very high score of 1325 and 28.6 respectively.

Prospective freshmen must complete a SPARK Form introduced by UCF, showing the academic record for future students. TOEFL or IELTS score must be submitted only if applicable. Also, a nonrefundable application fee of $30 must be paid before the application deadline. 

Transfer students, should meet requirements as first-year students, a high school transcript may be required, but those candidates with an Associate degree from Florida Community College are exempted.

UCF Graduate Admission Requirement

Each program will have its specific requirement and deadline. You must hold a bachelor’s degree to apply to UCF graduate school. International students must demonstrate their proficiency in English. 

GRE scores are not required and international transcripts must be evaluated. A $31 fee is needed to submit your application. Reference letters may also be required. 

GPA requirements for UCF

·         UCF Undergraduate GPA Requirement

·         UCF Graduate GPA Requirement

UCF Undergraduate GPA Requirement

The average high school GPA for UCF admissions is 4.25 with 48% enrollment per year. For transfer applicants, the minimum GPA is 2.0 for admissions. Although, the GPA requirement may change each year due to competition.

UCF Graduate GPA Requirement

Your GPA must be 3.0 or more to apply for graduate studies at UCF, as admissions are usually selective. The only students with strong academic records are admitted.


The University of Central Florida has core requirements for all programs and degree levels which all intending students must follow. The GPA average requirement for admitted undergraduate students ranges from 3.4 to 3.64 for admitted students while graduates’ degrees range from 3.0 GPA. 

Thus, students who are admitted are higher than the average GPA and must have scored top percentile on a standardized test. When you become admitted to this school, you have officially become a Knight because they want you to be different from the rest of your peers when you graduate from their institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Will I get admission to the University of Central Florida Consider if I have a weighted GPA?

Maybe, grades earned from core courses will be given additional weight. 

2)  If I don’t meet all the application requirements, will I still be admitted to UCF?

UCF admissions are highly selective and competitive, only top future knights will be admitted.