Howard University One Of The Best Historically Black Colleges

Howard University, or HU as it’s commonly known, was founded in 1869 to educate black clergy members. Formerly enslaved people were also enrolled on Howard in the years following its opening. Lets find out why is Howard university one of the best historically black colleges?

Howard is currently a private university. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and professional programs.

Admission requirements

  1. A high school GPA of 2.8 – 4.0
  2. Completion of the college preparatory program
  3. Recommendations
  4. Test scores. An average SAT score of between 1130-1260
  5. Credits accepted include AP and dual credits 

The university offers undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and professional programs.

Why do students, primarily black students, prefer Howard University? 

  1. Inclusivity. 98% of Howard university’s students are African American. Historically shortly after it was founded, the university started the enrollment of freed African American slaves. Students from low-income families are also accepted into the school and offered financial support.
  2. Financial support. A student who has displayed financial need can apply for financial aid. They will, however, need to have and maintain a GPA of 3.0. Financial support can also be in the form of student loans that can be paid back after graduation. They usually don’t attract any form of interest during the four years you’ll be studying and start attracting interest after graduation. 
  3. Mode of studying. The school has both full-time and part-time modes of study. This is available through the online classes, which are mostly used by students taking their master’s programs who are too busy to attend classes physically.
  4. School events such as homecoming weekend attract tourist who comes to experience and celebrates the school’s culture. For current students, it’s a chance to network with the alumnus in attendance. It’s also a chance for the school to raise funds needed.
  5. Student exchange programs. Students from other universities can enroll at Howard University for one year; they will typically need to have a 2.5 GPA; you should also be a sophomore with 30 credits. Two letters of reference are also needed. 
  6. The school’s history with participation in the civil rights movement has seen most of its students venturing into activism, creating awareness on matters such as the LGBTQ community acceptance and acknowledgment, racism, and police brutality, among others.
  7. With rising concerns about mental health wellness and mental illnesses affecting students at the school, a hotline has been created. 
  8. The library and research centers available are used by students to conduct different research and also partner with different companies such as Google tech exchange to offer even more opportunities to learners.
  9. The transformative staff at Howard university believes that success is founded on dedication and passion.  

Schools, faculties, and institutes of the university

  1. School of medicine and health sciences can be further subdivided into nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry.
  2. School of social sciences, further subdivided into communications, divinity, arts, sciences, and social work.School of engineering and architecture. 
  3. Business school.
  4. Law

Additional requirements are also needed. To enroll in the school of medicine and health sciences, you’ll need higher scores in your STEM subjects. 

The university’s objectives

  1. Offer highly practical courses specifically designed to nurture talent and enable students to broaden their skills through interactive and practical learning. 
  2. Business courses at the school are tailored to develop the student’s ability to provide solutions and scale-up businesses with the utmost professionalism.
  3. The rise and development of technology in the world have necessitated the need to be tech literate. Technology played a major role during the COVID 19 pandemic, where classes were attended from home because of the restrictions at the time about social distancing and gathering of a large number of persons. Some of the inventions, such as virtual workspaces, have continued even after the pandemic.
  4. .The medical field has always provided essential services that are needed to see the continuity of mankind. Through the various research centers, students are exposed to professional research programs that will give them the necessary skills even after graduation.
  5. Bring the world together in this center of excellence giving students from needy families, minority groups, and other countries. This gives them a chance to receive internationally recognized education and give back to their communities and countries by challenging other schools on the quality of education they offer
  6. The school’s inclusivity has provided a chance for more African Americans to access education. It also provided a safe space for the LGBTQ community and raised awareness about mental illnesses and the importance of promoting mental health.
  7. To inspire the next generation of leaders. The school has a student government where elected students get to make decisions affecting and that will be implemented in the school; this has given so many politicians that have gone through the university a beginning before transitioning into active politics after graduation. 
  8. A voice to the youth. The different activities programs available have given the youth a voice to raise awareness on matters affecting them and raise awareness on immerging issues.

Notable alumni

  1. Kamala Harris. Who is the first female vice President
  2. Anthony Anderson. An actor popular for the family show called blackishly. He is an actor and producer. Ta-Nehisi Coates. He is a nationally award-winning journalist, essayist, and novelist.
  3. Toni Morrison. Nobel and Pulitzer prize winner, she graduated in 1953 with a bachelor’s in fine arts.
  4. Chadwick Bozeman was an actor popular for the marvel universe film black panther. 
  5. Kamran Diba, an architect. 
  6. Elijah Cummings, United States representative. 
  7. Paul Laurence Dunbar was a novelist and poet. 

Among others

Howard University is known for the promotion of black excellence, supporting different underprivileged and minority groups, and changing the narrative of the society on them and this makes it One Of The Best Historically Black Colleges.


Are students outside the United States accepted to join the university?

Yes. The university accepts foreign students and even gives financial aid to those in need. You will, however, need to meet the academic requirements and maintain the minimum GPA in the different programs available.

How safe are students?

The university does not tolerate any form of indiscipline and readily cooperates with relevant authorities. The school also does not tolerate drug and substance abuse and that’s why Howard University is One Of The Best Historically Black Colleges.