Where is Knox College?

Where is Knox College?


Knox College is a private establishment in the field of education. To impart education is the primary goal of this college. There are Knox Colleges that provide residence along with education to students. It is present at four different locations around the globe. Following are the locations: –  

  1. Knox College, Illinois
  2. Knox College, Otago
  3. Knox College, Toronto
  4. nox College, Jamaica

Knox College, Illinois

Knox College (Illinois) is the oldest among all. It was established in 1837 by social reformers. “It is located in the core of Galesburg city of Illinois State in the United States of America. Illinois state is situated in the middle of the western region of the United States. The college is 195 miles west of Chicago and 215 miles north of St. Louis. Its exact address is 2 E South St, Galesburg, IL 61401, United States”.

 1837 was a tough year for Americans as they were suffering from a financial crisis caused by monetary policies and currency movements. Thus, the college was made accessible to every student irrespective of their race and financial means. It also became the first college in the country to take in women, students of any race, and financial conditions.

Knox College focuses on liberal art learning since the beginning and has maintained its ideology to date. It is well-known for its academic outcome. In addition to this, it has also maintained its national rank in the top 50 for ten years in a row for its contribution to social mobility, research, and promotion of public services. 

Knox College, Otago

Knox College is a residential college that was established in 1909. Providing residence to male students was the main motto behind its establishment back then. Later in 1983, it became coeducational. It is affiliated with the University of Otago, New Zealand. It is located in the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. In the country, Dunedin ranks 2nd in terms of area. The college campus stretches through a wide area which is around 4 hectares of the landscaped site in Opoho which is a suburb of New Zealand. There lies the Dunedin botanic garden on the opposite side of the college campus. The campus is located at 3 Arden street, a northeast valley near Dunedin 9010, New Zealand.

The college is named after John Knox who was a prominent leader of the Scottish Reformation. It has a magnificent campus that is being maintained well and modified repeatedly. The college has maintained a renowned name for its academic reputation. It is considered prestigious to be a resident here. It provides immense facilities to the students like- a library, tutorial rooms, chapel, gym, music room, and a variety of accommodation options. 

The fee structure can be quite distasteful for a middle-class student wanting to study abroad. To play a safer game, one student has more than the estimated cost of living and finances needed.

Knox College, Toronto

It is a postgraduate college of the University of Toronto. “It is located in Ontario province in Toronto city of Canada. It is located on the grounds neighboring Queen’s Park. The exact location is 59 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2E6, Canada.”  It was founded in 1844 owing to a schism movement in the Church of Scotland after the disturbance of 1843. The religious group Christianity got divided into two groups, only known as the Schism movement.

The college provides ample facilities to the University of Toronto community. The college started functioning with only 14 students but these numbers kept on increasing rapidly. The average fee to study at Knox College, Toronto is slightly higher than the Otago campus.

It offers courses at the elementary degree stage as well as the graduate stage. The college is at the top level in Reformed Theological education. It can be a wonderful opportunity to grasp. The facility as well as the faculty is world-class.

Knox College, Jamaica

It was founded in 1947 by Rev. Dr. Lewis Davidson and Mr. David Bent and is named after John Knox. “It is located in Clarendon Parish (territorial entity) in Jamaica. Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. Clarendon is located on the southern side of Jamaica. Its exact location is 5G2W+P3H, Spalding, Jamaica.”

It’s a sponsored secondary organization. The campus is administered by the United Church in Jamaica and Cayman Island. 

The Knox college situated in Jamaica is famously called the “Big, Big School” across the globe. It provides world-class education. The High school has been running for years. The college here is run by the Christian community of Jamaica since its establishment


In conclusion, The Knox College which we have already seen is present at four different locations and each excels in its field and provides top-class education to the pupils. The causes of the establishment of each college were undoubtedly different but their aim is the same that is to impart world-class education to the students without any racial discrimination.