Where is Earlham College?

Colleges play an important role in everyone’s lives. You can achieve a higher degree and pursue our dream job because of the degree provided by the college or university. One of the most renowned colleges that many students want to join is Earlham College. It is a nationally recognized liberal arts college known for outstanding education and preparing learners to make a significant positive impact in the world.  Many students are unaware of its location and ask a question such as Where is Earlham College? To know the answer, let’s begin the article.

Where is Earlham College?

What is Earlham College?

Earlham was founded in 1847 by a group of Quakers who wanted to promote a culture of respect, honesty, tranquility, simplicity, and society through academic achievement. The college has continuously ranked among many of the top national liberal arts organizations in the nation, demonstrating that it still encapsulates those attributes. Earlham is a constructivist teaching community that motivates and empowers students to become catalysts for good in an evolving world by providing them with impactful possibilities. Earlham has been certified by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Higher Learning Commission (HLC) as of 1913. Earlham earned a full 10-year certification revival in 2014.

Earlham College’s objective as an individual, the residence is to offer the highest quality undergrad degree in the liberal arts and sciences, molded by the Religious Society of Friends’ different insights. The classrooms, clubhouses, and tasks benefit from the diverse viewpoints and experiences that our students carry, with a quarter of the students identifying as domestic minority groups and then another 20% emerging to Earlham from beyond the United States. Earlham College is home to a wide range of student bodies, teaching staff, and supervisors. 

The classes, clubs, and events benefit from the diverse experiences and views that the students bring, with a quarter of the students identifying as national minority communities and the other 20% of students joining the college from different parts of the world. Earlham is founded on the principles of portrayal and equality, which are represented in the College’s governance. Earlham’s management and governance are made up of exceptional and compassionate members of the community who are committed to providing high-quality education.

Where is Earlham College?

The college covers an area of 800-acre which is situated in Wayne County, Indiana, in the center of Richmond. Earlham and Richmond have a strong partnership, and the location gives them the perfect blend of city amenities close by, and recreational activities everywhere.  The complete address of the college is as follows: 

801 National Rd W

Richmond, IN 47374

 United States

About Richmond

Richmond was named a Stellar Community by the province of Indiana in 2013.  Richmond was able to accomplish a lot of initiatives, such as the creation of a center city bike trail and Jack Elstro Plaza, in which food trucks and the Richmond Farmers Market can be found all through the summer, and all these projects were possible because of the grant provided to Richmond.

The following are some of the other advantages of living in Richmond:

  • Richmond is ranked amongst the top ten least costly cities in the United States.
  • The Cardinal Greenway is a 62-mile train line trail that begins in Richmond and finally ends in Marion, Indiana.
  •  Richmond has won the All-America City Award twice.
  •  Although Richmond is a small city, it is home to at least five prominent colleges and universities including Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion.
  • Reid Health, based in Richmond, serves a large portion of the East Central Indiana province with healthcare. Earlham College’s Center for Global Health’s collaborations with Reid Health enables the students to shadow healthcare professionals and even become licensed healthcare coordinators in society.

How to Apply for Earlham College?

Earlham College is looking for students who are academically qualified, inquisitive and have a wide range of special tastes and abilities. The college also searches for students who are at ease in their skin and who are open to new experiences. Earlham College is a specific institution, and expects the students to have higher academic achievement and preparation, as well as a strong extracurricular activities record. Earlham’s admissions team considers individual grades, accumulated GPA, ACT and/or SAT scores, and the intensity and distinctiveness of students’ application essays during the application evaluation process.

For the application the procedure finds out the key dates, to-dos, and details to keep in mind during the application process. Next, stock in all the important papers such as transcripts, recommendation letters, and other details which are required for the admission, write an application essay, and submit the complete application to the college authority. You can also visit Earlham’s Official website to get the complete details and admission.


Earlham College is a well-known college where students will have numerous opportunities to develop and succeed in their lives. Earlham College treats all students equally, regardless of which community, state, or country they come from. Benefits and regulations are the same for everyone. This lovely and ambitious college is located in the heart of Richmond, which, despite its small size, offers a wide range of amenities to the students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible for a student to meet with an admissions counselor, coach, or professor?

Ans: By digital appointment or in-person/based on accessibility, students can meet with an admissions counselor, coach, professor, or another member of the Earlham society.

2.  Earlham College is well-known for what it stands for.

Ans: Earlham College is a nationally recognized liberal arts college known for quality education and educating students to make a significant positive impact in the world.

3. Is Earlham College a good school to attend?

Ans: In the National Liberal Arts Colleges rankings, Earlham College is ranked #92. Schools are ranked based on their achievement on a set of extensively accepted exceptional educational metrics. 

4. Earlham College is located in which state?

Ans: It is located in the state of Indiana.