When does College Start?

When does College Start?

To know when does college start…read on this article..

College is an important part of a student’s life. A student in his later school days starts planning for all the experiences he will be experiencing with his new friends and he constantly thinks it to be the most crucial turning point of his life. And why not? It is when a student meets the real world!

It is important to understand when a student should be in school. Colleges in the United States of America do not count high school or secondary schools as colleges instead they say the thirteenth year of education of a child to be the starting of his college life. They say a student should be 17-18 years old to start experiencing the difference in college life!


College life is not as easy as students think it to be. They have to understand that now it is time for them to be mature and understand the necessity of being mature. Certain times we have seen many intelligent students being part of any college or university at a very low age. This creates a kind of compulsion in a student’s mind to give his best. A student should enter any college or university only after attaining a particular age. Like, we have a fixed age for the kids of the playgroup admissions. In the same manner, we need to fix a particular age for college or university entries too. It should be only in the thirteenth year of schooling when a student must enrol himself on any college or university programmes.

An early college education is not a topic of fame!

Students who easily get into colleges very early are considered very intelligent but people forget one thing which is every child or student has his capacity and capabilities. Everyone cannot be good at only academics. Some may be good at playing tennis or a guitar. When this happens (when we hear news of any student being admitted to any college or university very early) a kind of pressure is created on a student’s mind which acts like a hindrance in his real performance. What capabilities are lost once a student is under pressure? Early college is not a topic of fame and needs to be taken seriously. Students who join college and universities at a certain pace are doing far better than the students who are worried about completing their education so early.

Life as a new college student when they start

College should start at an age of 17-18 years old. It is an ideal age to start the journey to a world full of new experiences. When a student is ready to go and start his college life by himself, he or she has more chances of performing better in life and more chances are there for him to cope with the problems associated with the college life in a better way. A new college student is excited to run back and forth to the lectures, submit assignments, sit in the dining hall with friends and gossip about classmates and professors, attend the meeting, libraries, sports and much more. A new college student feels it to be something similar to freedom. This happens because they find new people and the environment. This broadens their mindset and way of thinking. 

How a student changes after entering his new college?

There are certain changes one might experience as one enters his new college life. It is perfectly natural and normal because the excitement of being a new college student gets one to become like that. The students might wake up early for college and stay up late to complete the assignments or thesis. The most important thing that students appreciate while being in college is that they get the freedom to manage their own time. This makes them feel responsible for their life. A few students may find their college life much more difficult than their high school life but it is something which any student may get used to when he starts practising the same things daily.

  • One might experience sleep interruption or disturbances during the initial college day.
  • Loss of appetite or eating too much outside may get a regular thing.
  • Irritation due to assignments.
  • Hangouts with friends may increase.
  • There would be an imbalance between friends and family.
  • Willing to go back to school days is very normal.
What month is college month?

By college month we mean the month in which most of the colleges start their programmes for the freshers. For most of the colleges, it is mid to late August. Most of the students who are eligible to get themselves enrolled in the colleges and universities start applying and fixing their seats in desired colleges and universities bu August. Most of the students try their best to get into the best colleges in the place no matter what programmes they have chosen. Students study hard for entrance exams if the college or university they want to get into has regulations to conduct entrance exams for the new admissions. 

What is the duration of classes in colleges?

The typical time duration is 3 hours for any college student at college. All the subjects which the student has chosen are divided into separate time slots and the student must attend the lectures sometimes to gain marks in the semester or sometimes to provide the proof of being a student at that college. The students, however, can attend the lectures as they want. They can also skip the lecture if they feel like they can cover it up with self-study plans. The long lectures may be tiring to those who are just trying to understand the subject from the base and hence 1 hour class for the certain subject might be boring and unbearable to them. However, this is the standard schedule for any college or university. Any student who cannot bear long lectures should learn to sit and manage his time effectively and efficiently.

Is admission in mid-session possible in any college?

It depends upon the norms of the college. Most universities do not take admissions in the mid-session. However, colleges affiliated with the universities can easily take the admissions halfway through the semester. You need to be prepared with all the documents when you are going to apply for any college in the mid-session because reputation matters. 

Is it possible to change the college in the second year?

It is perfectly alright if you are planning to change your college in the second year. However, a few things which you need to keep in mind are:

  • Changing universities is not possible. You cannot change your university to get admission to another university once you are admitted to any university.
  • You can only change your college and that too with a valid reason.
  • You can change your college and get admission to the college which is under the same university which means it is affiliated with the same university as the previous one.

Any student should get admission to the college only at the right time to avoid any problems later. He should be mentally prepared to cope with the stresses and problems of college life. He should know how to manage his time and everything. The ideal age should be 17-18 years of age. There is certain college with have longer durations of lectures and any student should know how to deal with them. There will be many changes a student might observe in his daily life once he gets into some college but it is perfectly normal. You can also change your college if you want to keep all the above-mentioned things in mind.

Frequently asked questions
  • How many days does it take to start college after admission?

Usually, after a week of the admission procedures, classes start.

  • Is it possible to leave lectures in between?

Yes, you can leave any lecture in between if you want but without disturbing others.

  • Is it stressful?

College life is stressful. However, you learn to deal wisely, it is never a problem.