What States Do UVM Students Come From?

Since the foundation of the University of Vermont, there has always been clear fairness for everyone, notwithstanding skin, color, gender, or religious sect. UVM students are diversified, and there are various people from different races, gender, different ages, and different nations. What States Do UVM Students Come From?

What States Do UVM Students Come From?

UVM students are approximately 13,548 students, while 62.49% of the general student of UVM comes from outside of the state and, 1.04% comes from other countries, about 30.40 comes from Vermont. UVM students are from more than 30 states in the United States of America. Their subsections are further divided into more details according to the regions below.

UVM Students From The Northern Region

State Number of Students Percentage

Vermont                                                 602                                                     30.4%

Massachusetts 400 17.81%

New York 274 12.69%

Connecticut 185 7.90%

New Jersey 186 7.91%

New Hampshire 100 3.90%

Pennsylvania 85 3.40%

Rhode Island 55 2.15%

UVM Students From The Southern Region

State Number of Students Percentage

Maryland 54 2.13%

District of Columbia 10 0.41%

Michigan 10 0.37%

Wisconsin 9 0.33%

Florida 9 0,33%

North Carolina 7 0.24%

Texas 7 0.24%

South Carolina 3 0.12%

Georgia             5 0.13%

Kentucky 5 0.13%

Louisiana 2 0.08%

Alabama 2 0.08%

UVM Students From The West

States Number of Students Percentage

Montana 1 0,04%

California 29 1.11%

Virginia 24 0.90%

Colorado 15   0.57%

Washington 9 0.33%

Oregon 3 0.12%

Idaho 3 0.12%

Alaska 3 0.12%

New Mexico 2 0,18%

Utah 1 0.04%

Wyoming 2 0.08%

UVM Students From The Midwest

States Number of Students Percentage

Illinois 44 1.69%

Ohio 20 0.75%

Indiana 5 0.13%

Nebraska 2 0.08%

Kansas 1 0.04%

The diversity in background, color, and race. Ambition and religious sect has made UVM students vibrant and affectionate towards one another. UVM students comprise both blacks and whites, and it also makes provisions for the disabled through The Vermont Tech Office of Disability Services. This office provides UVM disabled students great opportunities like resilient values and social and educational orientations that would make them achieve their long-term goals 

UVM International Students

International UVM students are supported through the Office of International Education(OIE). You can begin your UVM admission as soon as your immigration status is being processed however, before your immigration process is finally done, if the English language is not your first language, you must show proficiency by doing the English proficiency test like IELTS and have an average score of 6.5 or TOEFL with a minimum score of 80. Also, you must submit an official original transcript including your final exam results. 

The OIE is a guide for international students, they give international students resources, information, orientation, and social and educational awareness. UVM international students can either be undergraduate, graduate students exchange or visiting graduates whose main purpose is to do short-term research. one must however note that short-term research students are not given a compulsion to graduate official ceremony  

The UVM Courses

UVM courses are into subdivisions which are introductory, intermediate, and advanced, however, the university has reservations and can change courses that are offered at a given time. At the introductory level, the introductory courses are numbered from 001-to 099, the courses at this level are not advanced but done to make students familiar with basic concepts of their discipline. Intermediate courses are numbered from 100-to 199, they are better advanced than the introductory level, although courses at this level might become more difficult because the basic concepts are further broadened. Students have four hours to study beforehand for courses related to the general or specific discipline.

At the advanced level, courses are numbered 200-299, at this level results are expected from students after taking courses in their specific or general discipline, it also comes with a minimum of four hours’ study for preparation in the different discipline.UVM course subjects are always alphabetized by names while course prefixes are described using major and minor requirement descriptions 


The University of Vermont is believed to be among the oldest universities in the United States. its students comprise both international and national students with about 65% of Vermont occupants taking over half of the student population.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is special about UVM Students?

Answer: UVM students are world-class researchers and great scientists that have contributed to the growth of the world.

2) Can I get to UVM with a 3.3 GPA?

Answer: The average high school GPA accepted is 3.50 0n a scale of 4.0, indicating that UVM takes primarily B+ students.

3) Is submission of SAT or ACT scores required in UVM?

Answer: Submission of SAT or ACT scores are not required, however when they are submitted it is considered as part of your application though they’re not required.

4) What other name is the university of Vermont known as?

Answer: The University of Vermont is also known as the State Agricultural College