What SAT Score Is Required For City College?

It is paramount to understand the SAT score you will need to aim for on your test day before applying for any college. However, if you want to know the minimum SAT score for city college, read on! In this informative article, we will be outlining the SAT score required for city college and your chance of securing admission into the College. At the end of this article, you will know your chances of getting admitted into the City College. What SAT Score Is Required For City College?

What SAT Score Is Required For City College?

The SAT score for City College varies. However, the newly released policies of City College revealed that the 950 SAT score places you below average while 1190 places you a meter above average.

Required SAT Score For City College

Before we dig deep into this topic, you must understand that SAT scores for each department differ; the SAT score for engineering differs from public health. So, when sitting for SAT score test, you must put your choice of a program into consideration. It is also safe to say that there’s no absolute SAT score requirement for City College, but the college requires any aspiring student to have an SAT score of 950 to have a better chance of securing admission into the College.

Let us provide you with a table showing the breakdown of City College SAT scores by section.

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th percentile
Reading + Writing510450570

The above table showed that the City College is quite selective when it comes to securing admission. So, you need a better academic score to improve your chance of becoming a student in this notable college. Scoring 1190 or above in your SAT score will give you a higher chance of getting into the college while scoring below 900 will be a challenge.

Other Requirements For City College Admission

In the real sense, most colleges, including the City College do not only give admission based on SAT scores – there are other requirements. You may think if people with lower SAT scores you can secure their admission into City College. Yes, they can. The City College considers other few requirements including the aspirant GPA and previous qualifications.

Students possess different unique strengths that may catalyze securing admission into colleges. However, you must discover your unique strength and talent and build on it while applying for City College admission.

What To Do If You Have A Low SAT Score

Are you wondering about the next steps to take if you have a low SAT score while applying for City College? Well, you’ll find your answers here.

  • Prepare and Retake the SAT Test

When you fail to secure admission into City College, resulting in a low SAT score, it may result from your unpreparedness. So, if you have the zeal to become a student of City College, you will need to prepare fervently and retake the test. Perhaps you have some months left till the College application deadline, and re-sitting for the test is your best option.

  • Check If You Need Testing Accommodations

It’s also possible your low SAT score is a result of your underlying medical conditions. Hence, you need to examine and evaluate your mental health to know if you’re not suffering from any learning disability, psychiatric disorder, or medical issue. On this account, there are special testing accommodations you may be qualified for, especially if you’re on a 504 plan or IEP. While considering this option, be informed that there are some criteria and documents you must provide which may be time-consuming.

  • Adjust Your Expectation

Yes, you can improve your next SAT score by adjusting your expectation – you should aim higher. There’s a saying that says “if you expect less, you’ll see less but if you expect more, you’re very likely to achieve greatly” Always put your expectations miles higher when sitting for your SAT and work towards achieving a high score, you’ll be surprised when your result comes out.

How To Set Your Sat Goal Score For City College

Recently, the City College had widely experienced low SAT scores and it’s time to figure out what the college requires from its students. At City College, you face a lot of competition as a student, but it doesn’t matter. All you’re concerned about is securing your admission.

However, to secure your admission using the goal you set, you can follow these steps.

  • Make a Chart

Firstly, when setting your SAT score goal, you should make a simple chart to input the college’s 25th/75th percentile SAT score just like the above table.

  • Read More About City College SAT Score Online

This should be the second step to consider before applying for City College. You should go online in search of more useful information about the college and its requirements. You can use online search engines like Google, Wikipedia, etc, or online forums such as Quora.

  • Discover Your Target Score

After completing the above steps, you should the information in your chart to discover your target SAT score. To find your target score, check your chart to see the 75th percentile score, and that is your target score. You should work towards achieving it or getting close to the score. This will improve your chance of securing your admission.


The SAT scores for City College vary with your program/department but obtaining an above-average score is the ultimate goal. Students with SAT scores below 900 could find it hard to secure admission into City College. We believe we’ve provided you with the necessary answers on the required SAT score for City College and how you can improve your chances of securing admission into the college.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Hard is it to Get into City College?

The report has it that the City College of New York Is quite selective. They have an acceptance rate of 51%. Students aspiring to become a student must have an ACT score of 23-31.

  1. What’s the Minimum GPA City College Require?

To become a student of City College, applicants must possess a minimum of 3.25 GPA on the 4.0 scale. 

  1. How Safe is City College?

The City College is safe. In 2019, the College only reported 48 incidents related to safety and crime. As of 2019, the population of their students is 15,816, which makes it 3.03 incidents per 1,000 students.