What Major is Washington State University Known for?

What Major is Washington State University Known for?

Selecting your favorite college is time-consuming, but there’s one thing that even requires more effort than this: finding out whether your favorite university offers the major that you want! When it comes to Washington State University, you must known as a well-reputed and popular university, with high rankings, making it an all-time favorite of most students! However, you must be wondering whether the university offers, on a silver platter, what you want or not. So now, without swaying off-topic and wasting more time, let us move ahead and know all about the academics at Washington State University.

Washington State University: The Majors it is Known For

As mentioned above, the university has quite a high ranking in almost all aspects. Moreover, the university does not fare far behind in offering everything, be it providing courses at the University’s other locations or even offering them online! Nevertheless, read ahead to find out the majors that have caught the eye of many students.

  1. Agricultural Education: The University offers a variety of Agricultural majors, such as Agricultural and Food Business Economics, Agricultural and Food Systems, Agricultural and Biotechnology, and Agricultural and Food Security. Nevertheless, Agricultural Education is the one most sought after by students. 

What the course offers: In the course, the students are encouraged to engage in research and innovation in the sphere of agriculture, combining teaching and agricultural science. In a way, the students get the opportunity to learn all about the agricultural industry and explore the jobs available in this sphere!

Specializations: In the course, the students can specialize in any of the following: Soil Science, Horticulture, Crop Science, Natural Resource Science, Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and many of the like!

  1. Basic Medical Sciences: Another well-sought-after major at Washington State University is the Basic Medical Sciences. The University claims that it is an excellent course for pre-health students with diversity in their interests.

What the course offers: The course offers the students to explore and research, helping them be equipped with the latest analytical instruments. Moreover, the University helps the students to interact with internationally-respected faculty members who further help them in their research projects!

Specializations: In the course, two study tracks are offered. Plan A focuses more on biological sciences and also concentrates on chemistry. Plan B, also known as the one that offers in-depth training in life sciences, emphasizes subjects like physiology, anatomy, nutrition, neuroscience, epidemiology, immunology, virology, genetics, and/or parasitology.

  1. History: Another one of the popular majors offered by the University is History. The course opens many doors of opportunities for the students, such as providing jobs in the education sphere, cultural resource management, park management, library sciences, journalism, technical writing, and many more!

What the course offers: In the course, the students are supposed to study past societies and cultures and form a link to the present, critically analyzing the differences, similarities, and gradual evolution. Moreover, the course offers excellent insights into human nature and civilization.

  1. English Literature: Another popular major, a major in English Literature from Washington State University helps in providing opportunities to the students, such as a career in professional writing, editing, and publishing. Besides this, the course aims to develop the critical thinking of the students.

What the course offers: In this course, the students will be required to participate in group discussions, make presentations, and will be able to focus on their particular area of interest. Students who love literature will find the course of the program quite enticing, considering that they get to indulge in books and reading, developing their critical analysis power.

Specialization: A major in English means that you will be offered four specializations. These are Literary Studies, Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Teaching, and Creative Writing. What you choose in your specialization will benefit you in choosing the career that you want to follow!

  1. Psychology: A major in Psychology is one of the most sought-after programs offered by the University. The course opens up certain career opportunities for students that include Mental Health and Social Services, Human Resources and Management, Teaching and Research, Counseling (mental health, domestic violence, marriage, etc.), and many more!

What the course offers:

The course at the University offers research opportunities to the students, under the direction of the Psychology faculty. Moreover, the course helps the students get a keen understanding of human behavior and also helps them to apply abstract knowledge to real-life situations! 


Opting for a major degree in Psychology means that it will be accompanied by specializations. These include General Clinical Psychology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Learning and Cognition, Clinical Neuropsychology, and Child Development. 


In addition to this, the department of Psychology offers various clubs to students. For instance, the Psych Club is a student-directed club where they sit and discuss similar interests.


Now that you know the majors that Washington State University is famous known for, we hope that you choose your major judiciously, keeping your interests in mind. Besides offering these majors, the University also offers majors in Bioengineering, Economic Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Human Development, Landscape Architecture, Philosophy, Public Relations, Political Science, Sports Management, Software Engineering, and Zoology, among several others! 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What are the specializations provided in the major in English?

The specializations provided are Literary Studies, Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Teaching, and Creative Writing.

  1. What are the jobs that I can go for after choosing a major in History?

You can go for teaching, library science, museum management, tourism, journalism, and the like.

  1. Does the Psychology department at the University provide clubs?

Yes, one such club is the Psych Club.