What is the number one college in California?

In recent times the thought of knowing the number one ranked college or among the top-ranked choice colleges are now rampant and sometimes students pick their college of study by that factor. Thinking of the academic institution that stands as number one in California. Let me be your guide through the city of California and its number one ranked college.

What is the number one college in California?


            California also known as the Golden State is a prominent city and state that is located in the western United States of America its capital is Sacramento, and it was founded on 9 September 1850. This state shares border with four different states. To the south, it shares a border with the Mexican state of Banja, the northern border with Oregon, and from the east Arizona and Nevada last but not least, it shares a coastline from the west with the Pacific Ocean. California is the most largest and populous state with an area of about 163,696 square miles(423,970 km2). It is also the 34th most populous place in the world with over 39.5 Millon people. It is home to one of the most popular places in the world which is Los Angeles. Languages have been spoken in California are English which takes about 58.1%, Spanish takes about 28.8% and 13.1%. California’s economy is ranked among the largest in the world, the five largest sectors in California are traded ( agriculture), transportation, government, education, and health services. An unemployment rate of 7.3% as of October 2021. 

Educational system in California

              The educational system of California the K-12 public school overall in the united state of America is ranked low on the Nation’s report card (NAEP). It has a high rate of dropping students annually because only a few of them live above the poverty line. Although the government has put in measures to reduce the high rate of dropout students in the state and it has a graduating rate of 80.4% when it comes to its tertiary institution California has a good grading. It is home to a lot of universities below, here are the top ten colleges in California;

  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of Southern California 
  • University of California, San Diego
  • University of California, Davis 
  • University of California, Irvine 
  • California Institute of Technology
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University of California, Riverside

California has about 134 academic institution which is ranked and 3 which are unranked which is a total of 137 colleges.

Stanford University

            The University of Stanford, which is the number one ranked institution in California and ranked 6th best in the National College and also among the top-ranked universities of the world is a non-profit private research university that is located in Stanford, California. This institution was established in the year 1885, by Leland a Senate house member in the United States and also a railroad tycoon, and Jane Stanford who is his wife. Stanford University was named in memory of Leland Stanford Jr. who was Leland and Jane’s only child who died of typhoid fever at the age of 15. This institution is situated on 22.8 square miles which is one of the largest institutions in the country and is not far from  Silicon Valley. The landmark of this institution is the Main Quad and Memorial Church, the Bung concert Hall, and many more. Prominent alumni from Stanford University include Chelsea Clinton( daughter of ( Bill Clinton ), Carly Florina( American businesswoman and politician and also CEO of Hewlett Packard), Andre Keith Braugher ( Hollywood actor ), and Albert Hover, John F. Kennedy, Sally Ride, Petr Thiel and lots more.

Programs offered by Stanford University;

  • School of medicine
  • School of engineering
  • School of law
  • School of Science ( environment, energy, and earth )
  • School of Humanities and science
  • Postgraduate school of business
  • Postgraduate school of education

Stanford has numerous popular and well-known achievements such as;

  • It’s ranked second on the United States news best undergraduate engineering programs. Stanford University has a sum of nine programs under the faculty of engineering which includes Bioengineering, Chemical engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Civil and environmental engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, and the last management science and engineering.
  • Stanford University team has won 152 national championships ( NCAA title) for forty-four years consecutively.
  • Second-ranked university in the Qs awards

 Admission process and acceptance rate;

           In the year 2022 the acceptance rate was really low as it is 4.3%, 47,450 students applied and only 2,040 students were accepted. It was recorded this is the lowest acceptance rate in an academic year at Stanford University. The acceptance rate in this institution is at a low rate and very competitive even more than the prestigious Harvard university.

The admission process includes the following requirements;

  • Non- refundable fund of 90 dollars
  • Grade point average of 4.0  and above. This range ca one’s acceptance rate.
  • ACT (32 – above) and SAT(  1420 and above)
  • High school report and letter of recommendation from a counselor
  • Transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation from two teachers
  • Essay writing
  • Visa application

Tuitions fees

         The tuition fees of Stanford University from 20tto too to 21-to 2022 are 64,350 dollars although it depends on the program of study. Inclusion of accommodations, clothing, and recreation on an average of 107, 055 dollars.

Scholarship and financial aid

          This institution makes available scholarship offers for students although it is quite limited. International students who do not request financial aid when applying for admission to Stanford University and are not legible to apply ever again in their undergraduate years of study except for their citizenship status changes throughout the study. These scholarship offers are only given to high achieving students and it covers the tuition fees, accommodation, and others. 

   California is indeed a home to prestigious higher learning institutions like Stanford University has been the number not just in the state but also in the country and works at large. It is an institution with high standards and high achievements. Studying in this institution would not be a place of regret as it has groomed and graduated prominent people in society and the world at large.

Frequently asked questions

1). Can I get into Stanford university with a Grade point average of less than 4.0 

   Stanford university is well known for its standard and its low acceptance rate. Having a 4.0 will make one of getting admitted and increase your acceptance rate percent. I would advise you to apply to another university that can accept your grade point average. 

2). Is Stanford university better than Harvard university?

     When it comes to its acceptance rate and competition, Stanford university has a higher rate and is more competitive.

3). Are applicants of Stanford physically interviewed?

    Some applicants are interviewed but it’s not a compulsory process.