What is the Average ACT Score for Hamilton College?


Located in Clinton, New York Hamilton College is among the prestigious schools in the United States. It is now ranked among the greatest liberal arts colleges in the United States. On today’s date, Hamilton College has several undergraduate degrees. In collaboration with top-tier universities like Columbia and Dartmouth Universities, Hamilton college also offers dual-degree engineering courses. The college is known for the number of research and fellowship opportunities it provides its students. All the qualities led to an acceptance rate of 21.3% at Hamilton College. This means that out of 100 applicants 21 applicants will be chosen. It is no doubt hard but of course not impossible. Here we will see about What is the Average ACT Score for Hamilton College? 

What is the Average ACT Score for Hamilton College?

What is the Average ACT Score for Hamilton College?

Hamilton College is quite competitive with a mean ACT score of 33.  Hamilton College is very selective when choosing its prospectus students. For your application to be considered, you need to have an ACT score of 31. To higher your chances of getting into Hamilton, you need an ACT score of 33 or above. The ACT is taken by thousands of students each year for getting admission into universities. The exam is to gauge your readiness for higher education. With a high ACT score, you can get into your dream college as well as in the annual ACT statistics of the college. Top universities like Stanford, Harvard, and others are known for their academic excellence. One of the reasons behind this is the high ACT score of the students they choose for admission. If you are preparing to take the ACT soon, the following suggestions may be helpful.

Tips for ACT

Here are the top 5 tips from experts that might help you improve your overall performance in the ACT.

Avoid cramming

Do not go on cramming- it’s pointless. ACT gauges the knowledge that you have gathered throughout your high school years. So, don’t cram every topic the night before your test. Stay cool and get a tight sleep instead.


As they say, there’s no alternative to practice. So, acquaint yourself with the question pattern and the type of questions that come in the test beforehand. The more practice tests you take, the sharper your knowledge will become. You’ll be able to concurrently enhance your aptitudes and track your progress.

Manage your time wisely

Remember there is a time limit. You can’t afford to waste too much time on a single question. Time is very crucial and time management is something that almost every student faces a problem with. That is why it is important to take practice tests. Make sure while you take the practice tests, you set a timer according to the time limit of the actual test. This way you will be in the practice of finishing your test in time and you will also be able to decide how much time you need to allow for each section.

Go for the easy questions first

It is always wise to go for the questions you know the answers to. Answer the ones that you are 100% sure about. This will save your time and also boost your confidence. Mark the ones that you have answered already and then go for the hard and tricky ones. 

Read the questions very carefully

After reading half of the question do not assume the rest of it before answering. ALWAYS read the full question and then read the options and then only choose the answer that you deem right. Questions in ACT or SAT can be sometimes wordy, tricky, and consist of double negatives. So, read the full question carefully and if required twice and then go on choosing your answer. 


To conclude, it can be said that Hamilton College is moderately selective. You need to consider three figures while weighing your chances of getting into a university- your GPA, your SAT/ACT score, and the college’s acceptance rate. Once you have everything that is required, you are good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the ranking of Hamilton College?

Hamilton College is placed among the finest colleges in the US. Times Higher Education has ranked Hamilton College at 58th position in the US in the year 2022.

  1. Is Hamilton an Ivy League school?

No, Hamilton College does not belong to the Ivy League. The league comprises 8 universities that excelled at sports when the league was created. It includes Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania. 

  1. What is the required GPA to get into Hamilton?

Schools generally do not specify the GPA they require their prospectus students to obtain. This GPA is based on the school’s average GPA. The mean GPA of Hamilton’s current students is 4.06. So, for your application to be at least considered you must keep a GPA score of 4 or above.