Does ASDA give student discount?

When it comes to the supermarket chain, there are a lot of them in the country. Supermarkets in the country have been evolving drastically over the past few years. The products being sold in supermarkets and other such markets are of the best quality as compared to the same products sold in other departments. In the same way, Asda is quite a famous British supermarket chain that is headquartered in England.  Here we will see about Does ASDA give student discount?

Now, people from all across the globe have asked does Asda as a company give a student discount to the students or youths of the country. Fortunately, the supermarket chain has a long list of student discount facilities and benefits. The discounts offered by this British supermarket chain are just amazing and unique. Interestingly, other than that, this British supermarket chain also offers special student shopping cards for them to shop at a relatively low price. 

Such type of initiative or benefit is offered by very few supermarket companies in the country and in the world. The students also require daily requirements or products that become expensive for them. This is where Asda, as a supermarket company, comes in and has taken the initiative to offer students or the youth a special student card from which they can enjoy shopping at a relatively low price from the market rate. 

Does ASDA give student discount?

Asda Student Discount

Now, over the years, this British supermarket chain or company has been offering various interesting and unique student discounts to the youths. The discount offered by this supermarket chain has attracted many young people from around the country and the world. The student discount offered by this supermarket company has helped them a lot over the years. 

Interestingly, the student discounts on offer keep changing or updating daily. They are not exactly changed daily, but they are updated often to attract students from all over the country and world. Some of the student discounts that are trending now from Asda are the following:-

  • Special May Student Discount 
  • 50% Off for all products 
  • 50% Discounts with rollback deals
  • Great Pizza deals
  • Special offer on almost every drink 
  • Special student deal and offer on fresh and bakery goods 

These are some of the special student discounts that are being offered by the British supermarket chain company. Interestingly, there is a two-way method of consuming such offers. One could directly show their student ID card and avail them, and the other is to avail them using the special discount card give by Asda. 

Student Shopping Card from Asda

Student Shopping Card is offered by the British supermarket company. This is a special shopping cart that is only offered to students of the country and willing to purchase products from the company. Having this card will give a great benefit to students in the country who have availed them. Unfortunately, this card will not be offered or provided to the elders of the country. 

The Student Shopping Card is very easy to avail or get from the British supermarket company. Now, the student willing to have one of such cards must have a valid student ID card, and they will be offered a Student Shopping Card by the supermarket company. Additionally, any student who fails to submit a valid student ID card then they will not be allowed to apply for the application form for this special discount card. 

Other than that, the working procedure of this card is very simple and unique. The card can work on both online and offline platforms. Now, students who are shopping on the online platform of Asda will need to provide all the necessary student card details before ordering any product, and then they will be further offered special discounts. 

Now, on the other hand, the students willing to purchase any product from the in-store of Asda can easily do so. The students will just need to carry the student shopping card offered to them by the British supermarket company and just show the cashier they will use the card for your payment of the products bought by the particular student. 

Additionally, adding money to this special student shopping card is very easy that one could even think of. They are pretty easy to use and add money like other cards that are available in the market. Unfortunately, this card cannot be used by other than students for any purchase. 

Free Home Delivery

Interestingly, free home delivery is not one of those benefits that are offered by supermarkets in the country. But, students who have purchased this special shopping card will benefit from this feature on every product they buy from the supermarket company. 

But, there are certain terms and conditions from the supermarket company as well. Any student willing to purchase a product from the company will have to buy more than two products to avail of this offer. Now, if the student is purchasing only one product, then they will have to pay for the home delivery that is being offered by the supermarket chain. 

Additionally, there are some other benefits that come free with student shopping cards offered by the supermarket chain. The shopping card offered to students is free of cost. One would not require to pay any fee or charge fee to make this card. Other than that, any student having this shopping card can easily check their balance online on their website or application. 

The free home delivery option is not made available on all products for other customers in the market, but, they are available for students only. These benefits are offered to students exclusively by the management department of the Asda supermarket chain. The students highly benefit from such offers provided by the British supermarket chain. Additionally, the company also offers a parent shopping card, but it is not as beneficial as the student shopping card. 


Asda has been in the market for quite a long time now. The products and services sold by this particular supermarket company are outstanding, and they are well-appreciated by most consumers and customers from around the country.