What GPA Do You Need For UW Oshkosh?

To know What GPA Do You Need For UW Oshkosh….Read on this article….!

What GPA Do You Need For UW Oshkosh?

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a public university located in Oshkosh. It was formerly called Oshkosh state regular school and later renamed Oshkosh state Teachers college and later Wisconsin state college Oshkosh. It was established in 1871. The University gets reported to be one of the largest in the state, with an academic rank of 101. In regional Universities’ mid-west of 2022, schools.com ranked it as `BEST COLLEGE TOWN` in 2019.

What GPA Do You Need For UW Oshkosh?

To get into this fantastic school UW Oshkosh, you need to maintain a GPA of 2.0. However, I would recommend you aim way higher to increase your chances. Try getting a GPA of 2.5 or beyond.

Other Requirements

UW Oshkosh has an acceptance rate of 76%, and it is highly recommended to submit either SAT or ACT scores other than GPA, although these are optional but very much recommended. The minimum ACT score applicants must aim for is 19-24, and the SAT score is 1,110 on a 1,600 scale. Applicants who meet these requirements are considered for admission, but the University might be lenient to a few students who are close to meeting up with the cut-off mark.

How To Apply

Follow these steps to apply for admission to the University:

1. Complete the application procedure online and fill in all necessary information then you must pay a non-refundable application fee of $56. You can call the school`s official phone number or send an email if you run into any snag in the application procedure.

2. Prepare and submit the following documents;

  • Copy of your high school transcripts
  • A written essay describing the things that the university will not figure out in other parts of your application.
  • Copy of your test scores, ACT or SAT.

3. Wait for the university feedback after submitting your application. 

The University has an estimated population of 15,500 students. Students who are residents of the state are to pay $7,717 and those who are not will pay $15,290 for tuition. They provide the best accommodation and health service insurance.

It also offers several services and security measures which include 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, emergency telephone available for 24 hours every day, lighted pathways, health insurance, dad care, sickbay, etc. Students are also allowed to take alcohol within the university premises so long as they are of age.

Programs At The University Of Wisconsin

Oshkosh University has undoubtedly the most prominent and successful model programs in the Nation and has been known to receive several consecutive awards at international competitions. This great University has also proven to be very affordable and, at the same time, of great value to students and society. As a result, it ranks among the top 1 best-value university in Wisconsin.

The University has provided a learning-friendly environment for students devoid of academic distractions. Students are treated to high-quality education in small well, ventilated classrooms where very professional teachers give them constant one-on-one attention.

With over 30 extracurricular activities, the University still offers about 250 majors, minors, and certificate courses. Not to mention 15 graduate and two doctoral programs. In addition, it has four schools which include:

  • School of Nursing
  • Business School 
  • School of fine arts
  • School of applied sciences


Most freshman students live in the campus-provided residence which includes Donner, Evans, and Fetcher halls. The University has made available 10 halls for all students including residents and non-residents. On top of that, students are also provided top-notch services like recreation, dining, health, etc. Students are directed to apply for accommodation on the official website, they will be required to provide necessary information and documents.

Cost Of Attendance

As a freshman, you are required to pay for the following services


  • Tuition = $15,190
  • Accommodation = $4,460
  • Books/Student ID = $600
  • Health Insurance = $1,500
  • Meal plan = $3,300

Total = $25,050

Students who cannot meet up with the above are advised to apply for student loans from the UW credit union or the student`s credit union bank and pay back when they have access to funding or apply for scholarship programs at the University. The University has a scholarship award system which is also called Academic works. 

Only admitted students will be eligible to participate in the application process. Oshkosh university is known to provide scholarships for almost 79% of its student population, below is a list of the most popular scholarships and their requirements.

Scholarship Type 

  1. Oshkosh International Scholarship

Complete your application online, provide necessary financial documents, and present a short essay


  1. Wisconsin association of housing authorities scholarship

Hit a GPA of 3.0, and provide a short essay describing why you want to study the course in question.


  1. Innovation In Education Scholarship

Write a short essay or do a video presentation on outdoor recreation, and provide three letters of recommendation

2000 + other benefits


In conclusion, the University of Oshkosh Wisconsin is a great university with amazing programs and a variety of majors and graduate degrees. With a minimum GPA of just 2.0, a lot of students will be dying to get in. In the end, only the most convincing applications will be considered. Students of The University are referred to as TITANS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Send My High School Transcripts?

An unofficial copy of your transcript can be submitted. However, your high school assists you in sending official copies of your transcripts for review. You can always check your submission/application status by sending a confirmation email to the school’s official mail or calling the admissions front desk.

2. Does The University Offer Financial Aid?

Yes, financial aid is given to students who are running a degree in the university. They are committed to assisting students through the increasing cost of education through the office of financial aid. Interested students will have to complete a free application process online.

3. What is the average class size?

The university has an average class size of about 22-23 students, this allows for better concentration by both students and teachers and enhances the level of attention per child. It also has a yearly intake of 14,000 students.

4. Are there available job opportunities for students at the university?

Yes, The school understands how high the cost of living is and how dramatically it increases and that is why they have made it possible for students both graduates and undergraduates to work while studying.