Top colleges for dance Texas

Dance is a sequence of rhythmic steps to music. Colleges for dance are divisions of institutions whose practices are awarded degrees. In Texas, there are 229 colleges and universities but over 28 Colleges award degrees for dance. These dance colleges are ranked based on several undisclosed properties. 

Top colleges for dance Texas

Top colleges for dance Texas

The top colleges for dance in Texas are in the order of their rank

  • #1 The University of Texas, Austin
  • #2 Southern Methodist University, Dallas
  • #3 Texas Christian University, Fort Worth
  • #4 Texas Tech University, Lubbock
  • #5  University of Houston, Houston

Requirements for Admission into Top Colleges for Dance in Texas

An overview of the requirements for admission into dance college in Texas are 

  • The Degree Plan
  • An accepting ratio
  • Dance programs
  • Scholarship
  • Other admission requirements.

The Degree Plan

This explains the different degrees awarded by the dance colleges. Some colleges award associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and/or doctoral degrees. Community colleges are known for providing associate’s degrees.  

Accepting ratio

An accepting ratio is the number of applicants per the total number of admitted students. All dance Colleges have their respective accepting ratio which does not connote the quality of dance programs received.

Dance Programs

Applicants should deliberate early on the dance courses taken at a particular dance college before application. Different dance Colleges have different courses. Some of the common courses taken are:

  • Ballet 
  • Modern dance
  • Jazz dance
  • Afro-contemporary dance
  • Yoga dance
  • Improvisational dance
  • Dance, Identity, and cultural expression
  • Costume and culture
  • Stage language
  • Movement and Conditioning
  • Contemporary dance
  • Intermediate contemporary dance 
  • General dance
  • Dance appreciation
  • Dance history
  • Dance methods
  • Dance Pedagogy
  • Advanced contemporary dance
  • Intermediate ballet tactics
  • Advanced Ballet


Once considered for admission, incoming students are eligible to merit scholarships from their department.

Other applications requirements

Admission into dance Colleges needs a prerequisite admission into the same University. However, a separate application for both the University and the dance college. Admission into dance Colleges is judged based on the audition or portfolio review of an applicant. Application to the University can come after the application to the dance college program of interest.

Application fees are not pertinent for dance Colleges but are not waived for admission into the same University for that program.

The audition of an applicant often follows the trend below

  • Some Colleges do virtual auditions while others prefer physical entrance auditions.
  • Personal Introduction and statement of purpose.
  • The first video/physical interview is a warm-up dance.
  • The second interview contains a choreography audition.
  • The third video contains a combination, and/or improvisation of different styles from the first and second videos.

Ranking Criteria for Dance Colleges in Texas

All educational institutions are ranked and dance Colleges are not left out. Because of this, dance colleges are ranked based on undisclosed properties. Assumably, a few of those factors of ranking are

  • Academic program evaluation.
  • Ranking history of the college.
  • Job prospects of graduates.
  • The profile of the division.
  • Students’ accepting ratio (yield rate).
  • Funding aid of the college.
  • Competing colleges.
  • Organizational factors and metrics.
  • The number of available awards.

The Top Colleges for Dance in Texas

The top colleges for dance in Texas are ranked based on the aforementioned and they are listed below in their order of ranking

The University of Texas, Austin

The University of Texas does the same thing others do in a different way and makes it the best dance college in Texas. It was established in 1883. It is a world-class dance college that awards undergraduate and graduate programs in theatre education and dance. The dance college division is termed the ‘College of Fine Arts’.

Southern Methodist University, Dallas

Southern Methodist University has its dance college referred to as Meadows’ School of Art founded in 1911. The degrees awarded are bachelor’s in dance performance. It is attached to the top 5 dance Colleges in Texas.

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth

School for Classical and Contemporary Dance is the dance college at Texas Christian University. The college awards a BFA with majors in modern dance, ballet, and modern dance double major. It was established in 1926.

Texas Tech University, Lubbock

The dance college in Texas Tech University is termed the ‘School of Theatre and Dance’. However, they award bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dance studies. It was established in 1923 and ranked fourth.

University of Houston, Houston

School of Theatre and Dance is the dance college of the University of Houston. The College has an undergraduate program only in General dance and emphasizes athletic attributes, human interaction, and intellectual properties of dance. It was established in 1927 and ranked fifth.


The ranking of dance colleges is done based on several evaluation factors in Texas. The top colleges for dance in Texas are in the order of The University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, University of Houston, and others. 

Some Colleges award graduate programs namely Texas Woman’s University which issues a doctorate in dance. It is said to be the only dance college to award Ph.D. in dance in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which of the top colleges for dance is the best?

Among all the 28 dance colleges stated, the aforementioned top 5 are highly recommended for courses namely dance appreciation, ballet, dance combination or improvisation, sophomore dance performance, and much more. Nevertheless, The University of Texas is ranked in the top 10 dance colleges in the United States and the best dance college in Texas.

  • Is dance college ranking important?

Like other institutions, ranking does not connote power but its responsibility and recognition. Ranking of dance colleges is not in a way different from other categorized institutions. It reveals the difference between dance colleges for student’s decisions.

  • Does ranking determine the quality of dance education received?

Ranking of a dance college is based on evaluating factors namely the funding aid of the college job prospects of graduates, competing colleges, evaluation of academic programs and the number of programs taken by the college. However, it reveals the weakness, strength and mission statement of a college to its competitors.