What College Has The Unhappiest Students In The USA?

Designing a college around the sphere of wellness, and happiness is the best decision college administrations can make. Colleges should be diverse, and not just focused on going to class and getting a degree.  Helping students seek happiness, live positively, and find their purpose is essential in today’s life. There are many factors that determine a student’s level of happiness in college, for instance, student’s physical activity, economic status, diet, level of student’s self-awareness, and esteem. With this, colleges are ranked according to their level of happiness, here are top colleges with unhappy students according to Princeton university ranking. Let us find out What College Has The Unhappiest Students In The USA

Liberal Arts College in New Orleans

 Liberal arts colleges offer masculine courses and skills that are more centered around engineering, technology, and other art subjects. The courses tend to be mentally overwhelming, especially for students who are not ready for the skill-centered courses. Students that prematurely pursue the courses end up falling into depression, and anxiety. Additionally, ladies that pursue courses offered by liberal arts college get discriminated against by society due to developed stereotypes, and societal norms. The tough learning experience of Liberal arts college students is the main cause of sadness.  

 The Xavier University of  New Orleans. 

 Xavier university being a catholic school does not allow courses, such as cross-culture construction of gender.  It is however challenging for LGBTQ students to feel at home, or come to light about their sexual orientation. According to most students, there is more culture shock at Xavier compared to other colleges, such as Amherst.  Also, students in Xavier experienced many fall semesters due to the impact of the intense hurricane Katrina. Also, the school is boring because there are no more social places or activities to create more experience. Xavier university is not a good place for interaction, and liberation because of its religious background.  The school is more focused on classwork than  life, and social experiences.  

 Queen’s College of New York

Queens college’s administration is poor, and slow according to a number of reviews.  The farce administration is caused by poor, and incompetent leadership that affects the smooth learning of students. Students appear unhappy most of the time, due to a lack of flexibility,  harassment from the administration, and unhealthy environment. Also, the school underpaid workers, and does not provide adequate  learning materials for student’s satisfaction.  Inadequate learning materials and workers’ underpayment is caused by poor management of school funds. The poor management affects student’s mood, and zeal to learn, hence being the main cause of sadness among students. 

Emerson College of Massachusetts, and Boston

Emerson college is a private college that strives for excellence. The need to achieve makes teachers overstretch students, hence becoming overwhelmed. The pressure makes more students engage in drinking, and drug abuse, which affects their level of happiness. Since the school allows students from any background and culture, it is challenging for most students to cope with cultural differences. Students need cultural awareness, and liberalism to deal with a huge population of the LGBTQ community, and wealthy students.  Most students experience culture shock, bullying, and inferiority complex, especially students from minority or less privileged groups. 

Hunter College

Hunter’s college is a public school that offers a variety of arts courses, such as film,  and music. Being a public school, the college offers art courses at an affordable rate, which attracts more admissions.  The high admission causes overcrowding and environmental pollution.  Students live in unhygienic conditions, such as rat infestation which could attract diseases. Also, the college has fewer fun activities, and no food varieties for students, hence making a life outside of class boring. Most of the time, students go straight home after classes. 

Centenary College of Shreveport

Centenary is a private university, which is a little expensive compared to most colleges, hence students are required to constantly look for scholarships.  Apart from the prices, there is terrible weather that affects unprepared students. Centenary is not for all students, but for students that are willing to be challenged, and explore. Work can be exhausting since the school is always on the move to make the fees worthwhile. Despite the college being small for sociability, it can be hard to get extra time for socializing.

Seton Hall University 

Seton Hall in South Orange is among the top colleges with unhappy students. The main reason for unhappiness is policies and poor housing. One of the most annoying policies is the student visitation policy, poor food, and hard to socialize with students. Just like Emerson, the environment, and culture is not friendly to students from minority groups since most students are Caucasians. Most people from minority groups opt to transfer. Apart from not being socially receptive, the school does not offer its students diverse types of foods. 

 St. John’s in Queens

St Johns is considered expensive, especially when it comes to graduation, Graduation goes for 300$. The school is money-oriented, hence maybe a little scummy to get a coin, or keep students in school. which most potential students are advised not to sign. According to most students, the school only cares about tuition money and not the well-being of students. According to reviews,  the college has poor management, which affects students and parents. Poor management skills affect the relationship between parents, tutors, and also students, and their tutors. 

Happiness is key to a successful, and fulfilling life. Students who are happy in college do well in their exams, and even get jobs easily compared to unhappy students. We say happiness is personal, but sometimes when under control, happiness is dictated by those in the upper rank. Such schools having a messy administration can affect students’ happiness, especially if the administration does not care about students’ health and well-being.  Colleges must make wellness, and happiness a priority for better results, and personal development. However, colleges have both good, and bad reputations according to students’ lived experiences. For potential students, it is advisable to weigh both positive and negative reviews, to avoid judging the school wrongly.