Study In Seattle 

Recently passed intermediate school? And wondering which college you should choose for your dream course? Or want to go to a foreign land for your higher education but are confused about the colleges or where to go? Don’t worry this article is here to your rescue.  Let us find out how to Study In Seattle. 

Since, it’s that time of the year when most of the school pass-outs are confused regarding their college or want to move out of the country for their further studies but are unaware of the colleges, the process to get admission, the perfect college, and the courses. This article is going to be the perfect guide to their dream college in the beautiful port city of the United States of America-Seattle, Washington. 

About Seattle

A port city on the West Coast of the United States of America offers the best of both worlds-from the outdoor riches to the indoor comforts. Seattle is one of the fastest-growing and most popular states in the U.S. A city with advanced and fastest-growing technology, education facilities, and career opportunities, Seattle is one of the most literate cities in the U.S. 

Why Study Abroad?

Well, there is no need to mention the education culture and the methods followed in the universities abroad. If you want to gain practical knowledge, global exposure, a well-developed personality, and a good personal and professional network, then studying abroad is the best decision one can make. 

Why choose Seattle for further studies? 

The major reasons to choose Seattle for higher education are- 

• To a study conducted by Central Connecticut State University, Seattle stands among the most literate cities in the United States. 

•Even a diploma degree from Seattle holds more weight than a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the topmost colleges here in India. 

•Seattle is the home to one of the most prestigious universities in the US, the University of Washington as well as the University of Washington Educational Outreach. 

How many colleges are there in Seattle? 

Seattle has three colleges within the Seattle Colleges District System-North, Central, and South. 

• The prominent universities are the University of Washington, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Cornish College of the Arts, Antioch University Seattle, Seattle Central College

• The Art Institute of Seattle, Gage Academy of Art, and the School of Visual Concepts are the best-ranked Universities for Fine Arts. 

• Besides there are many undergraduate and postgraduate colleges in Seattle offering a wide range of courses. 

Which college has the lowest tuition fee?

 Lake Washington Institute of Technology offers the lowest in-state tuition fee for undergraduate students. 

What are the eligibility criteria?

 For global students, a school graduate certificate/college graduation certificate and a compulsory English language test certificate are required. English Language tests like- TOEFL, IELTS, PET, and DTE are required to be taken by each student and get a good score to get admission. Besides an Application Essay, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation (if any), Resume, Passport Details, and Bank Statements are also required during the admission process.

What is the admission process?

 Students can directly apply for their dream course through the official websites of the university. Just keep an eye on the admission application. 

What is the expense of the application? 

Each University charges between 50-and 80 USD for their application process. 

Are there any scholarships for the students? 

Yes, scholarships and financial aid are provided to most students based on their merits. The eligibility for scholarships differs from university to university.

Can a student maintain finances while studying? 

Yes, several students work as part-time or freelancers to maintain their expenses. International students can find various on-campus and off-campus jobs. Also, there are various sites designed to help students find a job.

What are the career opportunities in Seattle?

 Seattle is the hub of career opportunities. Several big companies, technological companies like Microsoft, Real Networks, and Amazon offer part-time and full-time jobs to college graduates. The biggest employers include Costco, Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom, Expedia, and Starbucks, which provide full-time, part-time, and internships to students. 

What are the job opportunities for Fine Arts students? 

Not just technology, but students from all backgrounds can get a good profile and high-paying jobs in Seattle. Management, Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Music, Entertainment, Cinematography, and many other sectors are well-developed and give chances to young talents. Tourism being one of the largest industries has its bedrock in Seattle. 

What are the major attractions in Seattle?

Lake Union, Pike Place Market, Elliot Bay, Seattle Art Museum, the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Opera, Musical shows on 5th Avenue Theater, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains, Woodland Park, Discovery Park, Pike Place Seafood Market is the major attraction of the city and attract several visitors. The Seattle Great Wheel is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the U.S. Seattle is one of the best cities in the U.S. to explore. Several water sports and sky adventures are a major part of the city.

What are the cons of living in Seattle? 

We have mentioned the pros of living in Seattle but here are some cons which are to be kept in the record before moving to Seattle.

 •High Cost of Living-Being one of the most robust and major cities in the U.S. Seattle is no doubt one of the most expensive cities in the States. In 2019, Seattle was ranked as the 5th Expensive city in the United States. 

The Weather-Seattle experiences high rainy and freezing temperatures. The summers are too unbearable as the temperature ranges between 40-and and 50 °C. The winters are bone-chilling and the temperature can go down to minus and the whole of Seattle is covered in snow. 

Transportation- Although Seattle is one of the most robust metropolitan cities in the United States, transportation is a big problem here. Also, a lot of traffic jams hamper the daily functioning of the citizens. 


Keeping aside the cons, Seattle is a great city to live in especially for higher education. The ample choices of colleges,world-class infrastructure, practical teaching techniques, and vast career exposure make it a perfect destination for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree college.