What College Has A Unicorn Mascot?

What College Has A Unicorn Mascot?


When it comes to college life, it’s not just the students but also the faculty that try to make it as fun and vibrant as possible. Along with choosing the best campus in terms of career, students also look out for the fun factor, sports, and a lot more that is defined under the circle of college life. One of these aspects is the whole idea of teams, healthy competitions, cheerleading, and of course, mascots! To know what college has a unicorn mascot…Read on this article!

If you’re a fan of Hollywood movies, you look forward to having a cool mascot dressed in a costume cheering the team on. Rightly so, colleges across the world have the concept of a mascot. While ferocious and brave animals are mostly preferred, some colleges go with subtle and calmer ones like unicorns! This article talks about the University of Arts which has a unicorn as a college mascot.

Why do colleges have a mascot? 

Ample reasons why colleges have mascots and it’s more than just the entertainment factor! Sure, mascots provide entertainment and cheer the team on. They can also be quite the motivation with their animal qualities. However, here are a few more reasons that you may have not known! 

  • Sponsorship – In case you didn’t know, companies sponsor teams and mascots and all of their needs because mascots give the impression that the team’s a real deal and there is profit to find! 
  • Marketing tool – Think of your hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and more! Merchandising and marketing get a solid base with the concept of a mascot. It gives a more unified idea to put through to the people and creates a strong marketing and advertising base for the team and college! 
  • Identity – most team names have the mascot or animal name and vice versa. The team gains a collective identity and the mascot represents the same on and off the field. This identity through a mascot can be used for marketing, cheering, and all other purposes 
  • Reach – Having a mascot not only helps pass on the message but also becomes the message! You may have realized that slogans, poster content, mission statements, and more are derived from the qualities of the mascot. This increases the reach on and off-campus. 

College that has a unicorn mascot 

While there are quite a few colleges and schools having unicorn as mascot, one dominant college is the University of Arts. Many colleges or schools may have similar animals but different values and qualities attached. The University of Arts in London specializes in design, fashion, and more. It has been mentioned that for many years, UArt college has requested a unicorn for their mascot and they have their reasons. Finally, they can proudly shine with their unicorn horn. 

UArt is the creative hub of careers. They have quite a few programs to offer in the creative sections of art, dance, fashion, and more. More than just a sports mascot, they have the unicorn as their central figure. They pretty much have it almost as a secondary logo and this does inspire students to create and become better artists. 

Why does UArt have a unicorn as a mascot?

So when everyone’s looking for eagles, lions, and leopards, why does UArt deliberately want a unicorn? Here are a few reasons: 

  • Representing unity and individualism  

While this may seem pretty confusing, it is what it says. Just like unicorns are known to be independent and just the way they are, UArt aims to build its students to grow to be free to express and be independent. As for unity, the idea is to establish a sense of belonging to all the unique, crazy, and inspired individuals and provide a platform to create!

  • Uniqueness 

Everyone knows a unicorn is unique. It’s one of its main factors. At UArt, each student is respected as a unique and different being with their ideas and talents and is free to grow the same. Being a platform for artists, there is no boundary or protocol when it comes to creation, and students can go all out! 

  • Enthusiasm 

Curiosity is another key feature of unicorns and from that comes enthusiasm. The search, the hunger, and eagerness to understand intricate ideas of art and dwell upon the same. To find something out of the ordinary and to be something out of the ordinary just as unicorns are. UArt aims to teach its students to always be enthusiastic and curious to learn and find art! 

  • The drive to create 

Unicorns being explorers and representing creativity are role models to artists at UArt. nothing should stop you from creating. No idea is too vague, insane, or indifferent at UArt. All forms of talent are appreciated no matter how rare they may seem… just like a unicorn! 

Other colleges having a unicorn mascot 

Feels pretty exciting, doesn’t it? A unicorn mascot is more than just magical and crazy. There is more to it than just its existence. At the University of Arts, there are a few others that have recognized something worth being represented by in unicorns: 

  • North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics 
  • Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School 
  • Columbus School for Girls 
  • New Braunfels High School 
  • Keio University 


The whole idea of a unicorn and other animals that are not on the fierce front is being accepted by many schools and colleges. A mascot is meant to share ideas and values that help to build and learn. Rightly so, unicorns, pandas, and even cats can do that. It’s just about finding what it is that catches your attention and what it is that you wish to impart to students. 

  • Can anyone become a mascot? 

Not really. There is an entire process involved in becoming a mascot. You will be representing your entire college so it is a hard-working procedure including mascot training, camps, and more.  

  • Do unicorn mascots work on football teams? 

Yes, of course! There are a few football teams that have unicorns as their mascot to represent them. One example is the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, an American football team from Schwäbisch Hall, Germany