Wesleyan University Admission Requirements

Back in the 1830s, when the world and nations were in a development phase, many changes and innovations were seen as great achievements. This was also a time when education was a way to achieve many great heights in one’s life. Very few institutions around the world were present at that time that used to provide quality education. Many institutions were for high schooling only. There were very few courses that were offered back in that time. Most educational institutions were not co-educational. One such university is the Wesleyan University of Middletown. In this article we shall see Wesleyan University Admission Requirements.

Wesleyan University Admission Requirements

The admission requirement is the basic and minimum qualifications or degree a person should have to be admitted to an institution. As this university has a long history and has been home to many of the best and most famous personalities across the globe, the university maintains some strict policies and guidelines when it comes to admission.

Admission Criteria:

The admission rate of this university is 16.4%, which means out of 100 people applying, the number of students who are selected is 16. This is almost 1/6th of total applications.

  1. GPA

A GPA measures a student’s performance in his prior academic field and institution. Wesleyan University wants its students to have a good academic score in their prior school or educational field. The average GPA that the college wants its students to maintain is 3.92.

  1. SAT score

The Sat score test is one of the common and most important tests when a student is seeking admission to any US college. The average Sat score that is required to fill out the form is 1500. Below that would not be counted in the university, above it is always respected.

  1. ACT score

The ACT score determines a student’s performance and skills in English, math, and science, and a good test score represents a student’s overall performance and an idea of his or her analytical and logical skills.

The average ACT score that is required by the institution is 32, which is more than 75% of the percentile marks for the ACT.

  1. A letter of recommendation

The university sees the letters of recommendation of their students, and at least two letters of recommendation are asked by the university from the desired students who want to take admission.

Wesleyan University Admissions Requirements

Wesleyan University is one of the best universities around the globe for having one of the best campus and student life the admission requirements are:

The admission rate in this university is around 17%, and to be applicable for admission a student needs to have a 3.92 GPA in their previous academic field, along with need 1500 SAT score and 32 in their ACT score.

The students should also have a letter of recommendation for reference.


The institution was founded in the year 1831 by the Episcopal church and the institution was funded and supported by residents of Middletown. When the college was started, it was only a men’s college. From 1903 to 1909, a few girls were admitted to the campus. In 1910, it again became an all-male college, and it became fully co-educational in the year 1970. Before that, the numbers of women on the campus were very small.

The university, in its earlier history, was one of the most prestigious and quality education offering universities in the USA. It still is, but back in the time when there were very few institutes around the US, it was one of the most famous. The university is also famous for its library, which is known to be bigger than most the college buildings. In the 1970s, the university saw growth and advancement under the presidency of Edwin Deacon Etherington.


The university’s major and old buildings are made up of brown sandstone, and the college is surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lot of trees and flowers on the campus. The north campus in the year 1906 was destroyed in a fire, and later in late 1907, the north campus was renovated.

Recently, the university has built a swimming pool inside the campus and a gymnasium hall that is attached to co-ed gym facilities for students. The campus is attractive and has many other facilities, which include a big library drenched in books from all over the world, labs, and research centers.


Wesleyan University is one of the renowned and great educational institutions not only in Middletown but also in the US. It offers many programs and courses to students.

Currently, the university has 10 colleges for different types of study programs that include:

  1. College of East Asian Studies
  2. College of the Environment
  3. The College of film and the moving image
  4. College of Integrative Sciences
  5. Letters college
  6. College of Social Studies
  7. Science and mathematics.
  8. Music
  9. Theatre
  10. international study

They have 46 undergraduate departments that offer over 900 courses each semester, and the college also has active participation in student exchange programs with different colleges around the country. The college also wants its students to actively participate in the co-curricular activities that are always open to students, and there are many groups as well as different clubs for students to join and participate in other activities.

The college also offers 11 graduate programs that are master’s degrees in science, math, computer science, music, arts, and doctoral degrees.

Student Groups

The university has always motivated its students to actively participate in different curricular activities, which will help them gain confidence and train them for other social and interpersonal skills development.

According to a survey in 2011, that was conducted among 60 colleges to see the number of clubs and groups for students, and in that, it was discovered that Wesleyan University has 270 clubs for a total of 3200. The groups include some debate groups, music groups, publication groups, environmental groups, singing groups, gardening groups, and drama groups, and there are a lot of groups that are active on the campus.


Education back in the 1830s was limited to very few people and educational reforms were also in rage. People needed good institutions and Wesleyan University, situated in Middletown, is one example of such an institutions. It was started by the church and was funded by the people of nearby residents. One of the oldest institutions in the US, which is famous for its education quality and for the facilities that this university provides for its students,

The admission requirements of this institution are quite tough because they want good academic performance in a prior academic field. Apart from that, the university needs a 1490 minimum score on the SAT and 32 marks on the ACT and also asks students to present 2 letters of recommendation.