How Many St Johns Universities Are There?

St. John’s University is a private catholic university located in New York City. It was established in 1870 by the Lazarian Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church to provide education to underprivileged youth. The university was originally located in Brooklyn but was later relocated to Queens in the 1950s. Let us know How Many St Johns Universities Are There?

How Many St Johns Universities Are There?

The main campus located right now was a golf course property owned by Hillcrest Golf Club and bought by St. John’s in 1936. Additionally, they are organized into six colleges and schools, as mentioned in this article.

Growth Of St. John’s Universities

The golf club remained active for a few years before the university finally started the construction of the new campus in 1954. Over the years, the schools operating under the university relocated to the new campus, starting with St. John’s College in 1955 and gradually the rest, which took approximately 20 years, thus shutting down the Brooklyn campus altogether.

In 1995, the university started expanding to new locations in New York and globally. They first established campuses in Rome, Manhattan, Paris, Long Island, and Oakdale. The Oakdale campus property got later sold to Amity University in 2017. The university has five campuses spread across the world other than the main campus in Queens.

St. John’s University Campuses


The main campus of St. John’s University is located in Queens, which is New York’s 

largest borough, and is spread across 105-acre of residential property. The campus boasts several academic buildings, a library, game rooms, space for clubs, and residential halls. They provide facilities for the university athletes as well. 


The Manhattan campus was previously recognized as The College of Insurance but was later bought by St. John’s in the year 2001. The campus houses St. John’s School of Risk Management, a Peter J. Tobin College of Business division. It is located in the East Village area of New York City.

The campus occupies the first three floors of the 12-story building. Due to its location being in New York’s most famous parish, the campus offers access to other major institutions of higher education, including The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, The New School, and New York University.

The facility has progressive classrooms that include virtual classes offered to off-site students and the world’s pioneers, thus bringing everyone together for virtual conferences.

Staten Island

The Staten Island campus was originally established as the Notre Dame College that was opened in 1933. Due to difficult times, the then Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York asked the Lazarian Fathers of St. John’s University to merge Notre Dame with St. John’s University.

The merger was approved in 1971 and classes started in the fall of the same year. The campus has yards, student residences, and designs that range from colonial times to modern. The campus is located in Grymes Hill.

Paris, France

The Paris campus was established in 2008 and is the latest site of St. John’s University. It is situated in the Venetian Motherhouse in Paris. The campus offers full-time and semester-abroad programs.

Rome, Italy

St. John’s University campus in Rome was established in 1995 with the help of the Catholic University of America and keeps close relations with the University and the Vatican. It operates as a graduate degree institution and provides undergraduate study-abroad programs.

The university offers several undergraduate and graduate programs and facilities to the students. The campus uses four floors for academic, residential, and administrative spaces. Facilities such as on-campus dormitories are provided to all accepted undergraduate and graduate students.


St. John’s University’s Long Island Graduate Center is located at 120 Commerce Drive and is home to graduate programs in The School of Education and St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


The university also has the newest addition to the Discover the World Europe program that is located in Limerick, Ireland. The university has a total of 21,087 students among which 16,440 are undergraduates and 4,647 are postgraduates.

The university is structured into 6 colleges and schools:

  • Peter J. Tobin College of Business.
  • St. John’s University School of Law. 
  • College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
  • St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies.
  • School of Education.

Notable Alumni

St. John’s University has over 170,000 alumni including governors, commissioners, bishops, nuns, and priests. Few notable alumni are:

  • Christopher Paul Mullin is a Two-time Olympic Gold medalist and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee professional basketball player and coach.  
  •  Maurice Harkless is an American professional player who played for St. John’s University Red Storm. He later went on to play for the Sacramento Kings in NBA.
  •  Jermaine Lamarr Cole is a professional American singer, rapper, and songwriter who is considered one of the most prominent rappers of his time.
  • George Deukmejian was an American politician of Armenian descent. He served as the 35th governor of California.
  • James Si-Cheng Chao is an American businessman of Chinese descent. He is the founder of the New York-based shipping, trading, and finance enterprise.  
  • Martin Ritt was an American actor-director who is known for his socially conscious movies.


St. John’s University first began as a law school in 1925. They slowly started expanding and were recognized as a university in the year 1933. The founder of St. John’s University is Bishop John Loughlin, born in 1817, he was appointed as the first Bishop of Brooklyn by Pope Pius IX in the year 1853. The university currently has 1,471  highly educated faculty members irrespective of caste, race, and religion.     

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. In what NCAA division does St. John’s student-athletes play?
  • The university athletes play in NCAA Division I in several sports both in men’s and women’s categories.
  1. Who is the current President of St. John’s University?
  • The current President of St. John’s University is Reverend Brian Shanley.