Virginia Military Institute Admission Requirements and GPA

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Virginia Military Institute Admission Requirements and GPA

The Virginia Military Institute is a public maritime college with a four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Virginia Military Institute Admission Requirements and GPA

Unlike a great number of purely academic colleges, which give credence to factors including financial donations and legacy, the Virginia Military Institute gives admission based on academic achievements, physical fitness, and character. The Virginia Military institute admission requirements include an average GPA of 3.67, an average Sat score of 1190, or an average ACT score of 74. 

This article seeks to identify the requirements for admission into the Virginia Military Institute in detail.

Phases of Admission into the VMI

Admission into the VMI is in two phases; first, application with all its supporting requirements; Subsequently, successful candidates receive a conditional appointment, subject to physical and character qualifications, which is the second phase of the admission process.

First Phase

Personal Requirements:

First, candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 22 at matriculation. They must not be married nor be parents. Where vitiating elements exist, an age waiver of one year may be given to an applicant who served on active duty with the military. 

No heed is given to nationality, origin, race, religion, or gender.

Academic requirements:

While there is no official cut-off mark for admission into the institute, the recommended SAT score is an average of 1190, and the average ACT score for admission is 74. It is highly recommended to have a high-class standing for a competitive advantage for an applicant. According to these, applicants need to submit a copy of their high school academic transcript.

Also, the institute requires college prep courses. The recommended CGPA for admission to Virginia Military Institute is 3.67. However, with an acceptance rate of around 53%, it is not impossible to be admitted with a lower CGPA ranging between 2.8 and 3.67. It is highly recommended that candidates have a higher SAT or ACT score if their CGPA falls below the recommended average. Taking AP or IB classes is a great way to increase the value of an applicant’s weighted CGPA.

Chances for Admission:

As a result of this school’s having a moderate acceptance rate (53% acceptance rate), a strong academic performance could almost be deemed to be a definite admission. Having a score of 1190 on the SAT or above denotes a great likelihood of admission. Scoring 1250 perhaps elevates a candidate’s shot, provided that the corresponding CGPA is about the recommended average of 3.67.


The average ACT score for admission to Virginia Military Institute is about 74. To have a competitive advantage, it goes without saying that an applicant should aim for an above-average score; 87 is recommended. Applicants who score close to 67 may still be considered. However, their chances are greatly reduced.

Post Conditional Appointment Requirements (Second Phase)

While the VMI does not scrutinise medical history in the first phase of appointments, requirements must be met after the conditional appointment.

Physical fitness requirements:

Owing to the exercises of the military institute, it is only expected that there be certain medical requirements. These requirements will be divided into medical and physical requirements.

The Virginia Military Fitness Test: The Institute measures fitness per semester. The Virginia Military Fitness Test (VFT) includes 1.5 miles, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc. Failure to meet a favourable test score will result in placing the prospective candidate in remedial physical training or dietary counselling. However, this is hinged on the individual’s standing in other requirements, as well as the degree of deficiency in the physical requirement.

The institute’s test standards are closely modelled after the standards of the Department of Defence. VMI bases their physical fitness tests on the Department of Defense standards.

Medical Requirements:

Medically, several immunizations must be proven before final admission. Among these immunizations are Hepatitis B, 2 doses of chickenpox, Meningococcal vaccine, Measles, Mumps, Poliomyelitis, Diptheria-Tetanus, and, for applicants who have lived overseas or travelled extensively a tuberculin test. In addition, it is highly recommended to receive Quadrivalent and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines and Meningococcal B vaccines.

If in the course of reviewing all relevant medical documents and applicant information, an applicant is found not fit to participate in every aspect of training in the program, his profile is further reviewed by a fitness panel comprising (an Institute Physician, Commandant, Physical Education Department) and transferred to the superintendent who finally decides.


To attest to the good character of the aspirant, a statement of good standing for freshmen

Transfer Students :

Students already enrolled in other colleges may transfer to the VMI. For this process, the school requires a letter of recommendation from their former college professor, a copy of the candidate’s high school transcript, and the current college transcript. Aspirants who are residents of Virginia should present an in-state tuition form. Although not compulsory, a personal statement is highly recommended. The entire process costs applicants a non-refundable fee of $40.

International Students:

International students who are native English speakers must present SAT or ACT results. Students who are not native English speakers are to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The processes for acquiring these requirements are available with college counsellors, school guidance counsellors, American embassies and other agencies.

A recommendation from the guidance counsellor, a high school or college report, and a personal statement are presented.


A confidential character assessment by a referee is a necessity. The aforementioned form details the class rank and CGPA of the applicant; the relationship between the referee and the candidate; enrolment in an International Baccalaureate (IB); Advanced Placement or Capstone Experience, etc. The character assessment shows all arrests and criminal sanctions attest to the honour of the applicant.

Extracurricular requirements:

As a school giving a lot of credence to physical activities, athletes have different requirements. Applicants who are walking on athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Centre to ensure they fulfil all eligibility requirements and seek a release form from the guidance counsellor.


It is worth noting that fulfilling all these conditions does not equate to automatic admission. However, applicants who have all these conditions have the best shot at admission.