Utah Valley University Transfer Requirements

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Utah Valley University Transfer Requirements

Utah Valley University is one of the largest non-private universities in Utah province. Founded in 1941 with a total number of 41,186 enrolments at the undergraduate level in the 2019 fall. It is built on a 524 acre of land and utilizes semester calendar system of academics calendar. The tuition of in-state and out-state candidates amounts to $5,902 and $16,806 respectively. Utah Valley University’s ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities West, 94th position, and 122nd position.  

Transfer requirements for Utah Valley university 

Usually, many schools will most times ask for certain categories of requirements for transfer. Ranging from a test score, to an attestation letter to transfer credit units. In some other schools, the candidates asked the potential candidate to write an essay. Utah Valley University Transfer requirements are like academic transcript, accredited test score,$35 non-refundable application fee, minimum transferrable grade, and minimum transferable credit, and the candidate must check their transfer credit policy.

These requirements will be elaborated in this article so that you can know what you need to do and your chance of getting into Utah Valley University by transfer.

Academic Transcript 

Utah Valley University demands all the official transcripts of the colleges and high schools attended before the application you can also use a GED or any other proof of completion of high school which is certified by the appropriate authority in the state where you live. Official college transcripts allowed by Utah valley University are those that have been issued six months before the commencement of the transfer application.

Every transcript submitted will go through evaluation by Span Tran which is approved by Utah Valley University.

ACT/SAT score requirements

ACT or SAT score is germane for all candidates under the age of 20 years. The average GPA at Utah Valley College is 3.36. GPA is necessary at Utah Valley University. Because of this average GPA, Utah Valley University is a very selective university. Schools in this bracket are making effort to be lenient in their selectivity and We can’t guess Utah Valley University application judges’ brains, but they’re hoping to raise the cumulative grade from 3.36 to 3.53 this year; to be on a safe part, aim for the 3.53 GPA or more.

Application fee and tuition

A non-refundable fee of 35USD must be paid through your credit card at the time the admission process is going on to allow the admission officers at  Utah Valley University to process your application.

According to records from the Utah University portal, the recent (2022) tuition fees for undergraduates in-state and out-of-state are 9317USD and 22005USD respectively.

Gpa Need

Although Utah accepts almost 100% of the transfer candidates most times, even though the admission is competitive. Generally, your Gpa should be around 3.49 out of a 4.0 scale but if you have a gpa not less than 3.36 on a 4.0 scale you still have the opportunity of being  allowed into Utah

Remember! You gpa is a very strong necessary but not sufficient determinant with which Utah Valley University admission officer can be assured of your readiness to take up the opportunity.

Transferable credit 

A credit unit from the former university of two years or four years can be transferred. Transfer students must have a  minimum of 20unit  credits for an associate’s and 30 unit credits for an undergraduate at Utah Valley University. If your credit union does not meet up with the expected units, your admission may not be processed or may be rejected.

Transferable credit policy

You can check the document on the Utah Valley University portal: https://www.collegetransfer.net/UtahValleyUniversity/TransferProfile/tabid/145/Default.aspx 

The campus life of students at Utah Valley University

Utah Valey University offers a wide range of meal options. There are few places on campus, including the college cafeteria. Excellent food is available in the cafeteria. Other eating options are as well available around campus. Throughout the semester, there will be plenty of free food available on campus.

Whatever your appetite, you will be able to find anything to fulfill it. Many students on campus also join varieties of groups for extra activities because learning goes beyond the walls of the classroom. 

 A healthy school environment has to do with relationships between students, lecturers and students, students, and the community dwellers outside the school premises. This is the basis of involvement in school life that protects the mental and intellectual soundness of the students.


The university is known for its large moral climate, and it is one of the safest institutions in the country, with Europe’s greatest LDS College program. Students participated in winter sports, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and other interests within one 20-mile range. It is always advisable to check out the school on the website just because a school may seem very good but you may feel unsatisfied when you get there. Also, ensure you start your transfer process on time, immediately after the window is open so that you can complete all the due process before the window is closed.

Frequently asked questions 

Why is Utah Valley University a good school?

UVU is a wonderful university. The teachers are great.   UVU encourages you to develop, be creative, and apply what you’ve learned, and it provides a wide variety of materials to aid students learning.

How do transfer students apply to Utah Valley University ?.

There are two options to mail  it:

  • Using a safe transcript exchange authority or a certified PDF document, directly emailed from the college/university to etranscriptr@uvu.edu.
  • Mailed in a sealed bag from the college or university to Utah Valley University, Registrar’s Office, MS 213, 800 West University Parkway.

Does Utah Valley University accept transfer credits?

Utah Valley University will only allow transferable credit from the regionally accredited colleges and universities if the courses were transferable and the candidate undergoes all the courses with C grades or higher grades— this is the transfer credit Policy.