University of Denver Transfer Requirements

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University of Denver Transfer Requirements

Transferring to the University of Denver is slightly difficult as people assume it to be. Believe it or not, there used to be a time when the University of Denver accepted 200 transfer students each year. According to the most recent estimates, the institution is now accepting somewhere around 514 transfer students out of 1,150 transfer applicants. It indicated that the transfer applicant rate is becoming less as the number of applicants is getting higher compared to the previous rate. This article will allow you to be aware of the necessary things you need to know about the University of Denver transfer requirements.

A quick review of the University of Denver

The University of Denver is another university that is considered a private research institution located in Denver, Colorado. The school was founded in 1864 by the Methodists and hence, assumed as a non-sectarian institution. The student population of the school is about 12,931, at which they admit 5,700 undergraduates and 7,200 postgraduates students annually. The institution offers its students programs that will build their character and likewise make them feel like they belong to a true community. It was recorded that the school is among the top 100 best institutions in the country. This makes them qualify to be one of the three schools that qualified for that rank in Colorado.

University of Denver transfer requirements

Students can find out that their present school does not meet up with their demands all because of the interest lost in the major they were admitted to, hence deciding on changing institution to a different school. Another reason for a student to transfer school can be that the student is attending a community college and, therefore, using that chance to clear up their prerequisite by attending a school that admitted them at that present time rather than wasting time at home. This leads students to look for a prestigious academy that will offer them the kind of learning they want. Why not transfer to a university like the University of Denver that offers excellent education? That is what they asked themselves. The following bullet points indicate what to expect from the transfer requirements of the university.

GPA requirements

An average GPA of 3.0, which is considered a B-average, is what the school requested. Anyone that has a GPA lesser than the stated GPA will have a hard time obtaining admission. You can evaluate it in this form. The higher your GPA, the easier it is for you to secure admission to the university. In addition to the GPA, they also expected their transfer students to take challenging coursework that is related to their major. This will help them know that they are set to take the rigorous coursework of the institution

An official transcript

Transcripts should be submitted by their applicant. This transcript must indicate that you have finished your first year in your previous college, and this is shown through the number of classes you enroll in for a semester. Apart from all previous college transcripts you submitted, additional high school transcripts must also be submitted with your official documents.

Test scores

The University of Denver is test-blind, indicating that it is left to you to submit your test score. But I will implore you to submit your test with your other documents in order to be on the safer side. You should take the SAT or ACT exam, and it’s a bonus if you can demonstrate some high SAT II scores in related areas (for example, biology majors should take the SAT II Biology and score pretty well). Having low test scores doesn’t immediately rule you out, but it does put more pressure on your grades and coursework.

Extracurricular activities and leadership skills

Transfer students need to focus on extracurricular activities. The leadership position demonstrates that you can accomplish interesting things and still do well in your coursework. Additionally, having extracurricular activities that relate to your major shows that you are seriously passionate about what you are studying (and likely to make waves in the field, something that will later make the University of Denver look very good). 


The Academic officers give a lot of attention to your extracurricular and leadership activities, your essay, and any other supplementary material you submitted compared to your grade. What they are looking out for is any information that will make you stand out compared to your other peers. Another reason to write a good essay is that the admission officers are looking for bright students that focus on their vision on campus and also make their lecturers work the extra mile because of the enthusiasm they receive from their students. This can only be achieved if you list out your strength and passion in the essay.

Letter of recommendation

Recommendation letters should be from teachers, lecturers, and even organizations you have worked closely with hence, highlighting how valuable you are to them and also any other positive character you possess that has not been listed in your essay. Students should not leave the writing process to the recommender alone. Instead, they should be actively involved in it. This will help the recommender to have an easy flow with whatever they want to write about you.


Transferring from one college to another is not an easy process. Before you can even decide on transferring means, you are not happy with your present institution or major. Unhappiness then brings difficulty, but it is when you transfer that you will be happy with what you are studying. At the University of Denver, where their utmost priority is instilling a good character in their students, is a very good school for finding that happiness for that major that excites you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How hard is it to get admitted into the University of Denver?

It is not that hard as long as you meet the requirements the school considers, and you must note this; According to the University of Denver Website, you will need very nice grades in your high school to get accepted. The average GPA score was 3.7/4, which means that, on average, students with B+ will be able to get in. Another thing to consider is the cost of attendance. DU is expensive compared to other schools in the area.

  • What made the University of Denver special?

The Business School and the Law School and also quick access to nearby Colorado outdoors and outdoor activities like cross-country and downhill skiing as well as rock climbing in nearby Boulder.