Macalester College Admission Requirements And Gpa

To know Macalester College Admission Requirements And Gpa….Read on this article…!

Macalester College Admission Requirements And Gpa

Success does not come to those who wait but to those who set out to achieve it. Dreamers can only build castles, which is a different case from the workers digging foundations. Higher-level education is a dream that many could not achieve in the past, but today life is easier, making it easy. The dream to join Macalester College is one worth fighting for.

About Macalester college

Macalester College is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is an undergraduate college with an acceptance rate of 41.2%, proving it to select moderately. Unlike many colleges, Macalester College does not charge or require any application fee. The total fee accumulates to $73,771 as of 2021. The numbers are arrived at when the sticker fee, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and personal expenses are added. After scholarship and financial aid, the amount decreases to an average of $35,589, which is quite fair to raise. Macalester offers more than 800 courses. Students have to choose at least one major, although they can choose many more.

As shown by the acceptance rate, it is challenging to be admitted, but it is worth the try. Macalester College does not necessitate the submission of a GPA during admission, but the average GPA requirements for students is 3.94, which is quite high. The requirements to join Macalester College are explored below:

Macalester College Admission Requirements And Gpa

  • School Transcripts- Macalester College requires all applicants to provide their transcripts all the way from 9th grade through junior year. The transcripts are used to monitor and evaluate the applicants’ performance and progress. They also pinpoint the stronghold and weakest subjects.
  • Recommendation letter- Recommendation letters are required every time, whether it is a job application or a school application. Macalester College demands two recommendation letters from all applicants. One is from the school counselor or coach showing the evaluation of the individual outside class, while the second is from the class teacher showing analysis of the students in exams and during lessons.
  • Common Application account- Macalester College only accepts applications through Common Application. To make an application, you have to open an account. The positive side of this is that Common app guides on how to make the application and all the requirements to render the application successful.
  • Early Decision Agreement- The early decision agreement is a pact made by Macalester that is required to be fulfilled and adhered to by all early applicants. The agreement requires that the applicants agree to the certification that Macalester is the first-choice college, and in case of admission, the applicant will withdraw all the other college applications after enrollment.
  • First Marking Period- For the early applicants, submission of application letters and official reports of interim grades or available progress reports. The reports should be submitted before the deadline to ensure that the application is considered. Submission of the interim grades can be made by sending directly from the school registrar or official or via the First Marking Period form available in the applicant portal.

To boost the Acceptance Rate

Aside from the explained requirements, there are recommended options to boost the acceptance rate. These are;

  • Portfolio- When interested in something, individuals tend to go all out in order to achieve the goal. Similarly, submitting a portfolio on arts, if committed, will be considered. It is a proof of competency, hard work, and progress or growth of the individual. 
  • SAT and ACT- Macalester College does not emphasize the submission of the SAT and ACT scores during application. However, submission of the scores can boost the acceptance chances, especially if the scores are high. Note that the institution requires the applicant to submit all the scores of all the Times they have sat for the SAT and not the best score as other schools ask.
  • Online interview- An online interview gives an applicant a competitive edge over others because it gives the Board of Admissions the impression of the passion and commitment to join Macalester. This is where effort meets opportunity, and it all appears to be luck.
  • Additional recommendation letters- Two recommendation letters are enough to put in a good word for the applicant, but others want to be extra to increase their acceptance chances. They can submit extra recommendation letters if the letters contain information not written in the first two to show different qualities. It is not necessary to submit this.


Macalester College is a great school that emphasizes not only professional growth but also personal development. It is also best known for being one of the very few selective colleges in liberal arts, having offered education that can be compared to Ivy League Schools while being affordable. For the individuals with the desire to join the institution, they must put in the work and also consider what the school offers and the requirements. It is a school recommended for students with an interest in arts.

  1. Why does Macalester ask for transcripts that age way back to 9th grade?

Macalester practices a holistic approach to both life and education. It is therefore important to provide these transcripts for the Board of Admissions to assess the strength and weaknesses of students in basic subjects like English and general school progress over a long period of time.

  1. What are the SAT and ACT scores required to join Macalester College?

Macalester does not require students to give their scores; however, it is optional. The average SAT score is 1411-1600, which is high. The ACT score is 30, which is also high. Sit for as many tests as possible, but for the SAT, you can sit six times to avoid suspicion.

  1. How many classes do students take during each semester?

Students of Macalester are required to take four classes each semester. The four classes equal four credits, although the students are not limited to four. They can take more.

  1. Are there any specific courses that Macalester requires students to take?

Yes. Macalester intends to widen knowledge, and therefore a student has to take two courses each in Social sciences and Natural sciences and mathematics. The student also has to take three in Humanities and Fine arts.