UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate 

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University of California – Berkeley 

In the edition of the best college and national universities, the University of California Berkeley stands at the 22nd position. University of California – Berkeley is a public institution. This institution was founded in 1868. It occupies an area of 1233 acres for its campus. Also the no. students for example undergraduate students got enrolled are 30,980 students. The student who belongs to the same state has a tuition fee of $14,362 and students who belong from the other state have a tuition fee of $44,115. It has a semester-based academic calendar. Also, among new students joining the university 95 percent of them choose to live on campus. Also, it is a co-education and public type of school. University is not affiliated with any religion. Also in the university, there are more than 1000 student organizations which include political organizations the different clubs. The starting salary of the students who got their degrees from this college is $66,800.

The score required for admission to the UC Berkeley

When a student wants to take admitted to UC Berkeley university one should keep up the score in these. 

  • GPA score SAT and ACT scores 
  • Required applications for the admissions 

Admission or acceptance rate of UC Berkeley: 

Whenever a student wants to take admitted to a college or university one should look for the admission or acceptance rate which means that out of 100 how many students will get admission to the college or university. This will also give the student an idea that how much a college or university is competitive and how much one has to focus on the requirements of the college or university. 

The acceptance rate of UC Berkeley is 15% which means they only give admission to 15 students out of 100 applicants. 

This much less percentage means that the college is very competitive. It is very important to clear those requirements for getting admission to the college. If one does not meet these requirements then there is a chance they won’t be able to get admission to the college. 

Students have to impress the reader with their other co-curricular activities like essays also letters of recommendation. 

UC Berkeley GPA score:

All the universities and colleges specify the minimum GPA requirement. Without clearing that bare minimum score GPA one will not get admission to the university. 

The average GPA for getting admission to UC Berkeley is 3.89. If a student’s school GPA is at or below the average college GPA then one needs a higher SAT or ACT score for scoring a seat in the college or university. 

SAT and ACT requirements:

One has to take the SAT or ACT for applying to UC Berkeley. Many colleges have no SAT cut-off but some colleges have their SAT scores and one has to clear those cut-offs.

The average SAT score for scoring a seat in a college or university on 1415. But there one benefit to getting admission to UC Berkeley is that if you have given the test more than one time then the student has to send them all the scores then the university will consider the highest one accordingly. 

Also, students get scared of giving re-tests for their SAT scores. But giving 4-6 tests is a safe no. of tests that a single student can give for university admission. College also understands that one should have the best chance of admission. But if one takes a test more than 6 times then the college will also start thinking that why a student is not able to improve his or her score. Then the admission council can question the ability and skills of the patient. Also if the current score of the student is below 1530 then he or she should consider re-taking the test. Also one should start preparing for his or her good score. 

ACT score required for the UC Berkeley admission 

The average ACT score for admission is 31. This ACT score is very competitive for the college. As there is no minimum score for the ACT but also if the score is less than 28 than also it will be hard to get admission to a college or university. You can take as many tests as you want and then submit the best final score with which you are happy.

In the fall season, 128,100 students apply for the college in 2022. Also, it is a 13% increase from the last years. Also one should choose this college as in this college the students are committed to their field of study. Also in the university high school transcript is not required, a college transcript is not required, the personal statement is required for admission; there is no need for an interview. 


In this article, there is the conclusion that UC Berkeley is an amazing university for getting admission. But on the other side, it is a very competitive university for getting admission. Its acceptance rate is 15 % also the in-state student’s tuition fees are $14,683 and for the students who belong from the other state is $44,115. SAT score required for admission is 1450-1530. One will only get the admission when he or she will pass all the bare minimum scores on SAT, ACT, and GPA required.

Also, the students who want to study require a visa to live in the United States. The entire interested student should follow the entire rule required for getting the admission and also one should also start preparing for the GPA score which is set by the university and should be scored by the student for getting enrolled 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Do the students from the other states face any problems while taking admitted to the college?

No. the students from the other state do not face any problems but the problem is their tuition fees are higher than the in-state students. Also, they have to score their GPA. Their score will decide about their admission in college.