Texas Christian University Or Liberty University?


   The USA is known all around the world for having prestigious universities to further your education whether you are a resident in the US or an immigrant. Texas Christian University and Liberty University are one of the good universities in the US and you might wonder which of them should you choose as an aspiring student? You will know by the end of this article.

   Texas Christian University and Liberty University are both private research universities that are accredited by the country for students pursuing a higher degree. Whichever university you decide to choose among the two is a good option for you as a student. More information on which will be best to attend will be discussed in this article.

Texas Christian University Or Liberty University?

Brief Overview Of Texas Christian University 

Texas Christian University is a private research university located in Fort Worth, Texas. It was founded in 1873 by two brothers Addison and Randolph Clark as the Add-Ran Male & Female College. It is associated with the Christian Church. The university campus is established on 272 acres up to 3 miles from downtown Fort Worth. The campus is located on 272 acres (110 ha) about three miles (5 km) from downtown Fort Worth. TCU is associated with, but not regulated by the Disciples of Christ. The university comprises eight major colleges and institutes and has a polished liberal arts curriculum with both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Overview Of Liberty University 

Liberty University is a private university that was established in 1971. It has a total number of undergraduate admitted students of 47,988, its location in the city, and the campus volume is about 7,000 acres. It operates on a semester-based academic session calendar. Liberty University’s rating in the 2022 version of Best Colleges is National Universities is between 290-390. The tuition and fees are over $24,910.

Liberty University is a Christian university situated in central Virginia, the university offers degree programs in a broad range of academic fields at all its 15 colleges and institutions. The university was established by the late Jerry Falwell, a well-known Baptist pastor, televangelist, and prudent political activist. A vast number of Liberty students are admitted to its over 100 undergraduate online degree programs.

Should I Go To Texas Christian University Or Liberty University?

Are you thinking of the university to attend between the two? Do not worry. This is a comparative analysis of the institutions and it is left to you to choose which is best suitable for you. These are:

  • Cost
  • Financial aid
  • Academic success
  • Accommodation
  • Acceptance rate
  • Party life
  • Cost: The net cost of tuition and fees at TCU is $32,005 and $23,828 for Liberty University meaning that Liberty University is cheaper than TCU. However, you can get financial aid if eligible but with the aid, TCU is cheaper.
  • Financial aid: Texas Christian University gives up to $23,749 for financial aid while Liberty University gives an average financial aid of $8,950 for each student meaning that after aid, TCU costs about $8,250 and $14,863,863 for Liberty University.
  • Academic success: Both Texas Christian University and Liberty University are private research universities that are accredited nationally in the US for outstanding teaching in diverse programs. For instance, if you want to major in agriculture, engineering, communication, and journalism courses, TCU is a better university but if you want to major in computer information science, education, and support science, Liberty University is preferable. Overall, Texas Christian University is ranked above Liberty University in the country.
  • Accommodation: Both colleges deliver on-campus residence choices. TCU charges for on-campus accommodation, while Liberty University charges are not applicable for on-campus living and accommodation costs about $8000 at Texas Christian University.
  • Acceptance rate: The acceptance rate of Texas Christian University is 43% while the one for Liberty University is 22%. This means that the two universities are a bit selective in admitting students but there is a higher probability of securing an admission at Texas Christian University than Liberty University.
  • Party Life: Aspiring students that are anticipating university to be a fun time of partying and intoxication should not go to Liberty University. The rules of the school seem stringent, but they are only stringent if you only want a partying way of life at the university. If schooling is not your top focus then Liberty University is not for you to the extent that having an alcoholic kind of party can kick you out of the school whereas, in Texas Christian University, this school has been assumed as a party school for a long time due to the prominent Playboy magazine listing the university in number nine rank, alongside other US top 100 party colleges.


   In conclusion, this article will be very beneficial in helping you choose which university to attend between Texas Christian University and Liberty University. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages so it is left for you to attend the one that suits you perfectly as a student but overall, they are both great schools to further your education.


  1. Does Texas Christian University admit students that are not Christians? Yes. TCU accepts students of all beliefs. The university does not discriminate on either gender, race, religion, or country.
  2. Is Texas Christian University better than Liberty University? This answer depends on you after reading this article but keeps in mind that each of these universities has its merits and demerits. What might be good for someone might be the opposite for you. 
  3. Do you advise that I attend Liberty University if I want to enjoy a party life at the university? Liberty University focuses more on the academic success and religious belief aspects of its students. Though you can attend the university too you can not have as many parties as you intend to and you should attend TCU if you are a party person.