Sonoma State University Admission Requirements and GPA

To know Sonoma State University Admission Requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

It is absolutely a great choice to desire to further your education in Sonoma State University. Although this comes with a lot of work, but you should consider putting in the work. Gaining Admission into Sonoma State University will be one of the best decisions you ever made. Asides from Sonoma having one of the best learning environments, they also have the best equipment’s that facilitate easy learning.

Sonoma State University Admission Requirements and GPA

The major admission requirements to get into Sonoma State University is to score at least a 980 on SAT or a minimum of 62 on the ACT & all candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.22. These requirements explain that Sonoma State University also accommodate the average/B students, provided they can meet the stated requirements. Sonoma State University is a competitive school and highly ranked in California. 

Sonoma State University Admission Requirements and GPA

Candidates should also note that their SAT/ACT scores are not the only requirements for admission. Coursework difficulty, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and extracurriculars are also important factors to be considered before being granted admission into Sonoma University. The higher your result percentage, the higher your chances of admission and vice versa.

Steps to gaining admission into Sonoma State University

  • Identify your program and follow specific instructions
  • Obtain an examination form through the school portal
  • Acquaint yourself with the pre-admission disclosure
  • After admission, log in to begin making necessary payments and bookings.

The SAT/ACT Examination

These are the two recognized standard tests used to test college students’ readiness. Most college students write one of the two exams, but some schools prefer students to write both examinations. The ACT exam is designed mainly to evaluate high school students ability to perform college-level work and another form of an extensive educational advance. The major aim of these exams is to help students familiarize themselves with their academic abilities. The major courses tested include analytical and critical thinking, time management, problem-solving and writing.

What is GPA?

This is simply an abbreviation used for grade point average. It is a major indicator of student academic abilities and the possibility of succeeding in college. GPA is a cumulation of a student’s entire body of work from the beginning of high school to completion. Experts use GPA to measure a student’s ability to succeed in college. There are different methods of calculating a GPA, and it is mainly distinct for each state, school or country. The standard GPA is the 4.0 scale. It is also the recommended scale by Sonoma state university.

Pre-admission Disclosure

This disclosure aims to help students understand that studying a licensure and credentialing program does not make it automatic to earn such licensing. The CSU does not determine the qualification of earning licensing. Hence, students must comply with laid-down rules to earn the necessary credentialing. Furthermore, students must understand that it is their sole responsibility to determine whether they will earn the licensing or not. For instance, some of the licensing requirements include passing a criminal-related check, evidence of working in the united states, etc. Pre-admission disclosure is made known to students before admission is granted.

What are the benefits of attending Sonoma State University?

There are various reasons you should consider going to Sonoma state university, but some of the major reasons include an attractive environment. Sonoma state university has one of the best learning environments in California. The school has six schools of study that are properly structured and adequately labeled. In addition, you can conveniently walk through the school without getting confused as it has good land use and proper structural designs.

Another benefit of studying at SSU is academic excellence. SSU is highly rated in California. They are known for producing the best students and leaders across the globe. Lecturers are adequately equipped with first-class teaching facilities that aid easy learning. SSU is a great choice for community learning and leadership development.

What is the cost of studying at Sonoma State University?

The tuition of SSU is $7988 for state students and $22,114 for students outside the state. In comparison with the national average cost, the tuition fee for SSU is quite cheaper and affordable for an average citizen. Students should note that tuition fees include other school payments and services, like technology resources, library services, etc. 


Sonoma state university is one of the leading schools in California. If you consider it a great school for your children or ward, you should give SSU a trial. They offer the best educational services in a friendly environment, with considerable admission requirements. At the moment, SSU has a 92% acceptance rate, which means that SSU admits 92 out of every 100 qualified students that desire to study. Further, SSU is known for academic excellence and has a good reputation within and outside of the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sonoma state university offer online study?

Yes, Sonoma state university offers online study via their partnership with ed2go. However, this online study aims at providing necessary skills for professional occupations across the globe. They are not degree-eligible and are not taught by any of the departments or staff of SSU.

Are there course prerequisites for classes?

Each course has prerequisites and are listed in the school of extended and international education online catalog. Students are responsible for ensuring that course prerequisites are passed before registering for a course.

What is the deadline to withdraw?

The perfect time to drop or withdraw is before the first class to enable full refund payment. Any request to withdraw after this deadline is not considered. 

Is on-campus housing available?

Students have access to accommodation facilities, both during the summer and intersession sessions. Students living on campus during the spring and fall semesters can reside at no additional cost during the intersession. However, additional fees apply for the summer session.