College of Charleston Admission Requirement and GPA

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College of Charleston Admission Requirement and GPA

One of the things you have to do before applying to any college like Charleston is to find out the admission and GPA requirement for studying at the college in question. This process encompasses finding out the GPA requirements, whether an application fee is needed, the pre-existing qualifications, testing requirements, admission rate, etc. This knowledge can then be used for proper preparation and increases the chances of admission. Hence, at the end of this report, the reader would be able to confidently state the admission requirements for study at the College of Charleston.

College of Charleston Admission Requirement and GPA

The College of Charleston in most recent times considers applicants on bases that are more than just the ability to pass tests. Their admission decisions are based on several criteria which include High School Coursework or equivalent, GPA, Test Scores in the case where it was submitted, and Class Rank. They however super score applicants with either of the SAT and ACTs. The College is further seen as an extremely competitive one with SAT scores of the 50% of freshmen recently accepted into the college between 1140 to 1310, ACT scores between 25 – 30, GPA range of non-residents between 3.5 to 4.0, and GPA range for S.C residents between 4.1 to 4.8. Hence, in terms of GPA, prospective students must be highflyers or top of their class to be able to have a good chance at getting in. In most cases, applicants might need straight A’s in all their classes to be able to compete against other applicants in the pool. Preparation for the application to the College of Charleston is mostly from the start of high school where applicants make a conscious effort to be top of their class as they can’t suddenly change their GPA towards the time for applications. Also, even though it is no longer compulsory for applicants to have either SAT or ACT to be able to apply to the college of charleston, it is however advised to have either of them to increase the applicants’ chances at the college as the college clearly stated that they super score applicants who have it. It is also a step higher to have good grades in either of the tests to gain a further boost to the applicants’ application and supplement for deficiency in GPA requirements. 

Admission Rate at College of Charleston

It is extremely important for intending applicants to find out how well a school admits students before applying to such a school. This value can be an indicator of how competitive or how easy getting into a selected school is. It also provides insight as to how stringent the admission requirements of such a school are. Reports from studies show that the admission rate at the College of Charleston is 79.3% on a 100% scale, which means that the school is not a selective one. One can safely deduce that once the minimum GPA and SAT/ACT are met by the applicants, they will be admitted.

GPA Requirement at College of Charleston

This can nearly be called the most important criteria or factor which every intending applicant to any college must consider. This is because GPA is a criterion that is gathered over academic years and cannot be easily increased over a short period. i.e., a student who plans on graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 out of 4.0 must start excelling from the start of the schooling period as such a student cannot suddenly increase a GPA from 2.5 to 3.9 in his final classes. Although there is no fixed GPA requirement for applicants at the college, reports show that the school is an extremely competitive one, with an average GPA of 3.9 for its current students. Also, findings from the report on the middle 50% of applicants recently accepted into the college showed they had GPAs between 3.5 to 4.0 for non-residents and 4.1 to 4.8 for S.C. residents which in turn depicts that in terms of GPA, prospective students must be highflyers or top of their class to be able to have a good chance at getting in. 

SAT and ACT Requirements at College of Charleston

College of charleston like every other college has its minimum requirements for SAT and ACTs although, in recent times, they now allow applicants to choose to make an application with test scores or without them. Also, the report from the most recent intake of freshmen showed that the applicants taken had SAT scores of between 1140 to 1310 and ACT scores of between 25 to 30. Hence, an intending applicant can use these figures as a guide to know the SAT and ACT scores that he or she should be aiming for. It is also worthy of note that applicants with either of these test results stand a better chance of being admitted as they are super scored.

Admission Requirement for Home-schooled Students

Every college has region or country-specific requirements for application to study and the college of charleston is not an exception. Specifically, Home-schooled students are required by the college to include at least 1 SAT/ACT score for their application to be valid. In fact, if a home-schooled student chooses the option to exclude test results during application which is an option available to other students, such student will be contacted to provide one of the above-stated results before his or her application will be reviewed. However, due to the numerous test issues that are associated with the covid 19 pandemic, home-schooled students who are not allowed to exclude test results during application may request a review of their circumstances for them to be able to utilize the test-optional admission process. They are further required to show proof that they completed a challenging college preparatory curriculum and provide a transcript that should clearly list the subjects studied, course description, and the year such subject was completed. The college of charleston prides itself in its obedience to individual states’ home-school laws, hence utilizing such laws for its admission consideration.


Conclusively, an applicant to the college of charleston should be a highflyer with a GPA between the range of 3.5 and above and consider taking either SAT or ACT as this will serve as a boost to his or her application. They might also need to show proof of completion of a challenging curriculum like physics or calculus to convince the review panel that such a student is adequately prepared for the kind of challenging curriculum present at the college.