Should You Go To College After High School?

“Of course, the next big step after high school is college”. Well, this is what most parents/guardians, plus high school teachers will say if a student asked the above question. Consequently, this is how many people have gone to college to waste their time because “it’s the next big step”. Well, this article is set to correct the narrative by providing solid reasons people should go to college after high school. As well as solid reasons people should go for what works for them if college doesn’t look like it. 

Should You Go To College After High School?

Should You Go To College After High School?

Yes and No. This question carries both yes and no answers because there’s no straightforward answer to it. However, people that know college provides what they need to prosper in life should go to college. While people that know they don’t need college to prosper don’t need to go to a college. 

What Does Going To College Entail?

Below are four basic things that explain what going to college is about. It’s from here that the people weigh both sides and decide if college is for them or not. They are as follows;

1. Careerwise

A college is the next academic institution, a higher institution to attend after high school. It’s a place that grants people the chance to get a degree certificate in their chosen field. 

Having a degree in that chosen career means signing up to get a job in that chosen field after college. Most colleges and college courses take only four years of the person’s time and devotion. 

So if people have decided on what they want. They should ask themselves if the college provides exactly what they need or not. If the answer is Yes, then they should start preparing for college. 

2. Networking

Networking and advertising make the world go around. College is a great place to grow strong connections because most colleges welcome people from different spheres of life. 

Therefore students get to communicate and tell each other what they are into. In the process create a strong relationship capable of lasting forever. It’s from college that many have met people who were all they needed to become successful. 

At this junction, the person should take a deep breath and ask themselves honest questions. If they need that good connection and relationship with people, then college is for them. 

The good news is that they don’t have to proceed to college now if money or other circumstances won’t allow it. However, they must always remember that they have to go to college at some point. Especially if they’re particular about making it in that field they are in. 

3. Appreciates The School Life 

As cliche as that sounds, some people are more inclined towards everything that accompanies going to school. The world has enough troubles on its own. For people to spend an extra minute of their time doing something they don’t like.

That’s why the best advice anyone with good intentions will suggest is that one does what one feels comfortable with. The truth is school is amazing to have fun for the whole four years. 

The college has several traditions and several sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football. By going to a college as an avid lover of any sports. One can become a superstar in life. 

Therefore, if they know they’ll perform better than learning any skill or going to vocational school. Then they should stick to college right away!

4. Indecision 

The realization is that half of college students are in school because their parents/guardians say so. Since this article is all about changing that narrative. It’s advising that if the person is unsure, yet to decide. 

Or probably aware that 90% of the reason they’ll opt for college is to fulfill someone else’s wishes. They need to take pause and not take any step further. 

Yes, they should pause because college doesn’t run away and they must’ve finished high school at a young age. Therefore there’s no need to rush, they should sit down carefully to think and plan what’s next for them. 

Perhaps they’re already in college and realize enrolling was a mistake and a total disaster. There’s no need to panic because they can easily apply for a gap year. 

Then use the gap year to think over everything. To decide to either stick to college or drop out soon enough.

What Is the Best Alternative To College?

The best alternative to college is for people to go for what they want. They shouldn’t sit around lazing about just because they are not going to college. 

This is the time for them to tighten their belt and focus on what they want. So they can prove to the world that people without college are more than capable of becoming successful as well. Going for what they want comes in various forms which include;

Trade schools 

What happens in trade schools is that they teach students how to apply practical skills to certain work. Examples of those works include

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician.
  • Aviation.
  • Automotive.

Aside from this, for people interested in Healthline but don’t want or can’t afford the fees. They can opt for healthcare trade school, those healthcare trade offers the following;

  • Nursing.
  • Medical technology.
  • Billing.

Also aside from healthcare trade and applied skills, other trade schools include;

  • Tech schools.
  • Beauty schools.
  • Art schools.
  • Culinary schools. 

Apprenticeship Schools

In replacement of trade schools, apprenticeship schools come in handy. People have the liberty to choose from different apprenticeship careers. 

They include an apprenticeship in IT. Plus in nursing and law. Despite it being just an apprenticeship, people should ensure they enroll in the apprenticeship shop that’s their passion.


Another non-college option is the military. The military provides people with a wealth of relevant work experience. In addition, if the person decides to attend college later. 

Having military experience puts them at an edge for tuition reimbursement. However, joining the military is a serious decision that they’ll need to discuss with loved ones and give plenty of thought.


Today, many fields provide certificates instead of, or plus undergraduate degrees. That certification includes project management, digital marketing, programming, and education, information systems, and forensics examination.

How To Plan For College?

Follow the easy steps below on how to make an effective plan for college;


Education is an investment, so make sensible choices. People should research the institution and courses they want. Some degrees and majors have a better or lower ROI, so they should ensure they make theirs worthwhile.

Budget within Your Means

Knowing one’s funding alternatives is a critical component of paying for higher education. They should do enough research on suitable scholarships and apply for them. Irrespective of the amount, in the end, small scholarship sums can add up quickly!

Student Aid Helps

They can carry out the necessary research. To know if they may work for college credit or TA for a class to help offset their tuition costs.

Have A Side Business 

They should fill out a FAFSA each year to determine their eligibility for federal student aid. If possible, attempt to pay off some of their tuition while they’re still in school. 

It is feasible to achieve financial success while in college, the person can try getting a side business. If everything goes well, they can continue their studies after graduation. There is numerous student-friendly employment available that are part-time, flexible, online, or a combination of the three. 

Three Examples of Successful People Who Didn’t Go To College

This is to encourage those who believe college is a waste of time for them. They have people who didn’t stay put in college yet they are celebrated all over today, they include;

1. Steve Jobs:

Jobs attended Reed College to study computer science but dropped out after the first semester. Then after spending time in India, he found Apple, one of the most powerful and important companies in the world today.

2. Richard Branson:

Branson struggled in school as a dyslexic student. He later had to drop out. He is currently a billionaire and the CEO of Virgin Group.

3. Dave Thomas:

Thomas dropped out of high school to work in an Indiana restaurant. In 1969, he launched the first Wendy’s, and today, he’s the founder and former CEO of Wendy’s


While having a degree is good, going to college isn’t all there is to life. This article has proven that there’s no crime with not wanting to go or not going to college. What matters most is being where one’s supposed to be in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What’s the advantage of attending college? 

The main advantage of college is that it provides career stability, satisfaction, and respect in the public eye.

#2. Does one’s life automatically become better after college?

No, attending college doesn’t mean one’s life will automatically become better after college. Everyone needs to work hard in achieving their goal of making life better for themselves.

#3. Is there an age limit to when one can go to college?

No, there’s no age limit when it comes to college. People can attend at any age as long as they believe they can handle it.

#4. Are people with degrees more wealthy?

Yes, companies and organizations have more respect for people with degrees. Therefore there’s a significant hike as compared to people who didn’t go to college.