Queen Mary University of London acceptance rate

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A University, that is among the most popular in the University behind Oxford and Cambridge, is often thought to have a high acceptance rate. 

Queen Mary University of London acceptance rate

To be accepted at the Queen Mary University of London, the university requires the applicants to be currently studying and have a high GCSE grade for those subjects they wish to study further.

Queen Mary University of London acceptance rate

Although Queen Mary University of London university has high popularity globally, the overall acceptance rate is only 44% from certain factors. This acceptance accounts for both the national and international applicants whose application gets accepted. 

Low Acceptance? 

The acceptance is determined by a range of factors used to determine which application is more suitable for acceptance. These factors are shown in a list underneath

 • GCSE grades 

• A-level predicted grades 

• Personal statement 

• Recommendation letter from teachers 

• Attendance • Attitude 

• Language spoken 

• Nationality 

• UCAS points 

• Course selected

 But does this affect the acceptance? 

Yes, without them the application would not be considered for acceptance. As a result, this makes the application process easier, giving insight to the university about the applicant. 

Diversity in application:

 On average, 22,500 students enroll in the Queen Mary University of London annually, including the different ethnic backgrounds of the students. 

What is the different ethnicity of the applicants? 

Out of 22,500 students that enroll, the BAME ethnic group dominates 65% of the applicants. These include Asian, black, and other minority groups. There is because of the high global popularity and rank of the university, as seen below: 

• 19,188 undergraduates 

• 7,877 students are graduates 

• 12,476 students are international

 • 2,891 students are from the EU 

• 10,565 students from overseas/non-EU 

• 90% of home students come from government schools 

• 50% of home students are the first to enter university 

Apart from this, the acceptance is different for the varying subjects chosen. Some subjects are well-suited to this university while others are not. The most popular fields also contrast for different categories, present underneath: 

• Medicine is the highly demanded including approximately 26,000 apply 

• Other popular courses are biology (14,300), physics (13,200), and Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (11,000). 

• Subjects that have a high demand in the UK include Law and economics, in which 1,000-2,000 applicants enroll annually. 

• The least popular subject at the Queen Mary University of London is Bioinformatics and Computational biology, where only 1,014 students apply annually. 

Is tuition included?

 The low acceptance for the Queen Mary University of London is from the high tuition fees, making it difficult for many to attend the university. A high gap between the graduates and the undergraduates that enroll is evident. This includes the locality of the applicants to the university also impacts the acceptance, which is outlined below 

• Tuition fees for local undergraduates are $11,250 (£9159) annually Local graduates must pay $6,250 (£5088) annually 

• International undergraduates have a fee of $18,750 (£15265) annually 

• International graduates must pay $13,750 (£111,94) annually 

There are numerous degrees available: 

• A Bachelor’s degree can be obtained in Law, Medicine, Fine Arts, Engineering, Dentistry, and Surgery. 

• The courses Law, Engineering, and Fine Arts can provide a master’s degree 

• A doctorate is available in most of the courses such as Humanities, Sciences, Astrophysics, Law, Sciences (political, biological, life, space, chemistry, astronomy), Theatre, Computer science, Economics (finance, Management), Dentistry, Engineering, English department (languages, comparative literature, linguistic), relations, film. 

Certain degrees in specific courses, may not be available at this university and may not apply here, which reduces the acceptance rate. 

Specific Requirements: 

In addition, to the popular courses available at the Queen Mary University of London, some requirements must be met for the applicants to be accepted. These often deter specific students from being enrolled. 

What documents are required? 

These documents are required by the university for the overall application process to be finished 

• Completed application 

• Academic requirements as per country 

• Bank statements (if applying for student finance and staying on campus) • Sponsors’ financial support form 

• International students must submit English proficiency scores 

• Minimum A’s and B’s level as per program 

• Official class 12 transcripts, if not in English must have English translations 

The university requires additional documents for the most popular subjects due to the high demand both within the UK and globally. Some of the requirements include transcripts to resumes to certain degree requirements. 

• The subjects global MBA in which the resume and transcripts are required, TOEFL/IELTS score of 9.2 or 6.5, 3 years of managerial role experience required with a degree requirement of UG with 55%

 Does this impact the acceptance?

Most of the applicants don’t get accepted due to them not having the full requirements. These can include the ethnic groups ranging from BAME to white. Some students also decide to drop out to attend other universities. 


 Despite its high popularity and the Queen Mary University of London being part of the Russel group, its requirements need to be accepted, which has diverted many applicants from being accepted. 

Other factors such as ethnicity, grades, and many more also become a barrier to the high acceptance rate for this university. Therefore, the acceptance rate is 44%. 

  • Can you have a customized payment plan to pay the fees? Yes, this university along with many other universities can help you with a personalized payment plan to pay fees. 

Is this university worth it? Yes, for different subjects 

  • Where is this located? 


  • Is this a good university?

Yes, part of the Russel group

  • Is living on campus a good decision? 

Yes, but it depends on every student.

  • What types of activities are available here? 

from indoor to outdoors 

  • How long is the average length of the course at this university? 

About 3-4 years with the 4rth year being an opportunity to study abroad. 

  • What courses are available here? 

The range includes from medicine down to English 

  • Do you have to live on campus to study at the university? 

No, it’s the decision of every student. Most of our students study here while staying at home. 

  • Can anyone apply to this university wherever they live?