Northwestern University Admission Requirements and GPA

What are the admission and GPA requirements for Northwestern University?

Northwestern University Admission Requirements and GPA

This is the perfect guide to getting into Northwestern, you should focus on only a few key elements

Northwestern University Admission Requirements and GPA

  • Minimum GPA requirements
  • Testing criteria, which include SAT and ACT 
  • Application criteria

We’ll go through everything you’ll need to get into Northwestern and we’ll also suggest creative methods to make your application stand out.

North-western University is a prestigious university. Only 9% of admitted students enroll, making it the second-lowest acceptance rate in the country. Just 52 percent of those who were accepted enrolled. Northwestern University has strict admission and GPA requirements and a very competitive admissions procedure.

Is it difficult to get into Northwestern University? 

The institution has a 9% admission rate, which places it second in Pennsylvania for the lowest acceptance rate.

Last year, 3,654 out of 39,263 candidates were accepted, making Northwestern a very competitive institution with a very low admission rate – even for those with the top scores and GPA.

Academically, it has extremely high entrance test score standards, often accepting students who score in the top 2%.

Students with an “A-” average in high school are frequently admitted and recruited by Northwestern University.

Only 52 percent of those who were accepted enrolled.

Acceptance to Northwestern University is a valued outcome for many students, with over half of admitted students enrolling.

What is the lowest GPA needed for Northwestern University admission?

Just like any other country Northwestern University also requires gpa. The GPA at Northwestern University is 4.09.

Test Score?

To apply to Northwestern, you must attempt the SAT or the ACT. 

You might be curious how many test results you should send in. In general, don’t get too upset over taking the test.

 According to industry opinion, you should submit no more than six tests.

This average GPA indicates that Northwestern University is extremely selective; the best applicants from across the world have already applied, hoping to live in Evanston, and you must somehow outperform them.

In general, Northwestern University is a stretch if your GPA is less than 4.09.

However, Northwestern University analyses the ENTIRE application; we may compensate for a poor GPA by focusing on other areas, which we’ll go through later.

If your grade point average is 4.09 or higher, you’re in the sweet spot.

Admission test and SAT and ACT score requirements 

Admission exam scores must be submitted with your application. Northwestern University is not a test-free environment.

What is the SAT score required for Northwestern University admissions?

Northwestern University usually prefers applicants who score in the top 3% of SAT takers. The university often accepts SAT total scores as low as 1430 on a 1600 scale. 

Some students may be admitted with SAT scores as low as 1370. The average SAT composite for admitted students is 1490 out of 1600.

The university has Illinois’ highest average SAT score. The institution received SAT scores from 45 percent of applicants.

ACT scores are required for admission.

What are the ACT requirements for prospective Northwestern University students?

According to admissions data, Northwestern typically accepts students with ACT scores of 33 or above. ACT scores in the top 2% of the country are generally provided by successful applicants.

In rare cases, we estimate that the institution will accept ACT scores as low as 32.

Students with an ACT composite of 34 or above should be in the top half of applicants, and those with a 35 or higher have a good chance. Because 65 percent of candidates submit ACT results to Northwestern University, high ACT scores are critical.

Students who do not want their SAT or ACT results evaluated in their application review can still submit additional types of testing, which can be self-reported on the application or via the Applicant Status Portal.

Average gpa requirements 

To take admission in Northwestern, applicants must have exceptional grades.

The average high school GPA of Northwestern University’s admitted class was 3.92, showing that mostly A- students get accepted and attend.

The school has the third-highest average GPA in Illinois.

Even with a 3.92 GPA, acceptance to Northwestern is exceedingly tough and doubtful due to the school’s exceptionally demanding admissions process.

And even if you have a 3.92 GPA, the university should be considered a stretch.

Should I Think About joining Northwestern University?

Northwestern is a school that looks for students who scored in the 98th percentile on standardized tests and placed at the top of their high school class, with acceptance rates around 7-9 percent in recent years.

In an AP-heavy curriculum, nearly every “A” is required. If Northwestern University is your goal, be sure to have an backup idea. 

Consider the following tips when applying to Northwestern university 

  • Northwestern University is looking for evidence of advanced high school courses. Multiple advanced classes are necessary, especially in your field of academic interest.
  • Northwestern University does provide alumni interviews as an alternative. Due to the pandemic, all admissions interviews have been performed virtually.
  • On your application, you must select one of the six academic schools. Some have different rules and standards for enrollment.
  • Obtain the highest possible GPA and practice writing interesting essays

To improve your chances of getting into Northwestern University, follow these tips. Everything you’ve read so far will help you prepare for university admission, but this article will go even farther in applying that information and identifying your application. 

Every student should create a list that combines “goal” and “safety” colleges. During this process, you should undoubtedly seek advice from your counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I submit my application form?

More information on different application kinds and criteria, as well as some recommendations for completing your application, may be found on our Application Instructions page.

  1. Are interviews mandatory?

Admission interviews are an optional element of your application for admission and are not necessary. Also, the University does not conduct interviews on campus. 

  1. Is it possible to apply for admission in any month?

No, all applications can apply in the fall quarter (September).