Providence College Admission Requirements And GPA

Are you interested in seeking admission into providence college but don’t know the admissions requirement & GPA? We’ve got you covered. This article has all you need to know about the Admission requirements for Providence college and GPA. 

Providence College Admission Requirements And GPA

Providence College has been ranked the best college in the midst of universities in the north since the 17th of September by the US News & World Report’s annual college and universities ranking. For a school that has received such accolades, it is no wonder that it is appraised as a prestigious school and has hundreds of students all wanting to get accepted. But because there is competition with high stakes, the Providence college does not just grant admission to anyone that sends in an application, they have set standards that need to be met, there are requirements like average GPA that need to be satisfied, and grades they expect from students applying to gain admission. Providence college is a great college, with a strong focus on religion, it has in addition good equipment and stellar academic performance. All these features combined form the reasons why it doesn’t serve as a surprise for the college to have admissions requirements that if not fulfilled will halt one in his/her pursuit of admission. 

The rate of acceptance into providence college 

The rate of admission of a collegiate institution shows just how fierce the competition to get into the school is and how relevant the college’s requirements are. Providence College has an acceptance rate of 54% for students that apply to it. This means that for every 500 students that apply only 270 get accepted, thus showing an average range of competitiveness, not too high, yet not too low either. 

Providence College Admission Requirements And GPA

Admission Requirements

Application & notification

Students applying to the college must fill and submit the Common Applications and forms and then pay an application fee of $65. No one gets into a college without first applying to it. 

Good SAT or ACT scores; Having an SAT score of 1280 provides an outstanding chance of admission while having an SAT score of 1340 can be said to just about grant you admission into providence college. This is not imperative as not submitting standardized test scores will not attract a penalty while applications are being reviewed. 

Letter of recommendation

Students may send in supplementary letters of recommendation written by their teachers, coaches, employers, or counselors. 

TOEFL or IELTS or DLET; For international students, there’s a necessity to send in the result of their international English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test Of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL). The minimum IELTS score to gain admission into providence college is 7.5,

while the minimum score for TOEFL is 577 Paper Based Test (PBT) or 90 Internet-Based Test (IBT) with a minimum of 20 in each sub-score. Applicants may choose the Duolingo English exam (DLET) with a required minimum score of 120 to serve as the alternative to TOEFL. (applicants should ensure that test scores aren’t more than 2 years old) 

Secondary school report

Providence college requires its applicants to send along with their applications their secondary school reports to provide proof of their characters and their accomplishments, and an official transcript containing subjects offered; English, mathematics, social studies, world language, and history. 

GPA required to gain admission into Providence College 

To gain admission into Providence College an applicant requires a mix of A grades and B grades with a few C grades in between, to make a GPA of 3.48. If your GPA is lower than this, do not worry because you can make up for it by taking AP or IB classes. 

Does Providence college use weighted or unweighted GPA? 

Colleges either use a system of weighted GPA or unweighted GPA. A weighted GPA is a GPA that calculates an overall average grade out of 5.0 while an unweighted GPA calculates an overall average grade out of 4.0. From results shown from statistics of students presently attending providence college, those that were accepted had an average unweighted GPA of 3.5. 


When applying to a higher Institution like the Providence College located in Providence, Rhode Island, one shouldn’t do the bare minimum and expect to get accepted. There are set standards that need to be met. One should ensure to submit the necessary documents accompanied with exam results that are necessary. An applicant should try their best. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Providence College Hard To Gain Admission Into? 

Even with its status as a prestigious school, and its selectivity with a rate of admission of 48%, providence college is still not too hard to get into. The requirements are fair and can be met by anyone who takes school as seriously as they need to.

Can One Gain Admission Into Providence College With A GPA Lower Than 3.0? 

It is quite true that students with GPAs of 3.48 and above have an increased chance of being accepted into providence college, but it doesn’t mean that students with lower GPAs will never get admitted into the college. considering that a student can compensate for the low grades with skills or experience 

Do Extracurricular Activities Increase Chances Of Admission Into Providence College? 

Yes, although Providence College focuses most on grades and academic excellence, one should not ignore the importance of non-school activities like; sports, artistic pursuits, internships, part-time jobs, and others. 

What is a way to increase my chances of gaining admission into providence college that is commonly missed by other students? 

Submitting applications early; Submitting a college application early increases one’s chances of being accepted because the prospect of getting accepted in the pool of early applicants is notably higher than the prospect available in the pool of regular applicants. According to a study, the rate at which Providence College accepts early applicants is 59.3%. 

As most students don’t know the positive effect of doing this, only a select few can push their applications forward with this approach.