Kennesaw State University (KSU) Acceptance Rate

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A university is an institution of research and higher education that confers academic degrees in several disciplines. Undergraduate and graduate students can usually choose from various options at most universities. In other words, a university is a type of advanced educational institution where students can work toward degrees, and academic research is conducted. There is a wide range of variations in the admission rates of various colleges and universities. This article will analyze the percentage of students accepted into KSU.

Kennesaw State University (KSU) Acceptance Rate

Only roughly 83 percent (i.e.,acceptance rate) of those who apply to attend Kennesaw State University KSU are ultimately accepted. To be deemed for admission to the University of Kennesaw state, applicants must earn SAT scores between 1030 and 1200 or ACT scores between 19 and 25.

Admissions Requirements at KSU

What should prospective students know about the admissions process at KSU? Numerous aspects go into applying for college; nevertheless, you should focus on only a select handful of the essential aspects, including the following:

  • The requirements for the GPA.
  • Prerequisites for standardized examinations, such as the College Board’s SAT and the American College Testing Program’s ACT 
  • Prerequisites for the application.

If you are interested in enrolling, the acceptance rate is the first thing you should investigate. The school demonstrates its dedication to academics and its ability to compete in this way. A total of 57.9 percent of applicants are accepted at KSU each year. Only 58 persons out of every 100 who apply are selected.

This suggests that the institution has an admissions process that is relatively competitive. The college does not place as much emphasis on grade point average or SAT/ACT scores as other schools do, though. If your qualifications are higher than theirs, you will have a far better chance of being accepted into the program. However, if you don’t, you can be one of the rare people to get a letter of denial.

KSU’s academic life.

A quarter of the classes at KSU have fewer than 20 students enrolled, contributing to the school’s student-to-faculty ratio of 21:1. The following are the academic disciplines in the highest demand at KSU: An absence of necessary information. Students’ satisfaction can be gauged by looking at the average student retention rate, now around 79 percent.

The cost of tuition and available help at KSU

At KSU, full-time students have a participation rate in financial assistance of 64 percent. They get a scholarship grant of $5,332 on average, based on their level of demonstrated financial need. Even though finding the money to pay for college can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be a life-or-death situation. In the Paying for College knowledge section, you may learn ways to cut costs and raise your savings, or you can use the U.S. News 529 Finder to determine which tax-advantaged university investment account is best for you. 

What sort of grade point average is needed to get into KSU?

A school’s minimum GPA criteria are often nothing more than a safety net for applicants who don’t want to take the chance of being promptly rejected when they submit their applications. 

Applying to Kansas State University is advised for candidates with grade point averages as minimal as 3.38. It is OK to have a B grade point average with some A grades mixed throughout. Avoid getting grades of C’s and D’s since they may cause admissions officers to question whether or not you will be able to handle the academic rigors of college.

Students who are currently in their senior or junior year of high school do not have the opportunity to change their grade point average in time for college applications. The SAT or ACT may be required if your GAP falls below the school’s median of 3.38. Your ability to compete favorably with other applications will directly correlate to your grade point average quality.

What is the bare minimum SAT score required to apply to KSU?

Many educational institutions give the impression that they do not use SAT cutoffs, but the reality is that most of them do. These findings are derived from the district-wide average taken across all of the individual schools in the system. The average total score on the SAT given to students at KSU is 1175 out of a possible 1600. The scores that students on the SAT achieve at KSU are on par with those of other universities.

KSU’s SAT Score Selection Policy?

Your method for preparing for the exam should carefully use the Score Choice policy that your school employs. The “Highest Section” serves as the criterion for Score Choice at KSU. This approach also goes by “super scoring,” another phrase. Consequently, you do not need the school’s permission to submit any SAT of your choosing. The people evaluating your application will consider your highest SAT component scores from each test date that you provide.

Which ACT score is required for admission into KSU?

Even though KSU does not have a particular ACT cutoff score, it is still possible that your application will be denied if you do not satisfy the minimum standards. The typical ACT score for KSU students is 24. In other words, with this ACT score, KSU is considered to be of “Moderately Competitive” quality.


KSU is one of the recommended universities there is. As evident from the above, most students who apply to join this institution are accepted. Only a small number whose requests are being declined. This is most likely because you didn’t meet the institution’s minimum requirements for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kennesaw State have a competitive admissions process?

Admissions to KSU are highly competitive, with a 57 percent acceptance rate. KSU accepts half of its candidates with SAT scores ranging from 1030 to 1200 or an ACT score ranging from 19 to 25.

Is KSU a reputable educational institution?

It is ranked between #299 and #391 among its colleges and universities. 

Is Kennesaw a raucous college?

Every night of the week, there is a slew of wild parties.

 Is it possible to enroll at KSU with a GPA of 2.5?

An ACT score of 18 in English or reading and a 2.5 GPA are needed to apply to KSU.