How Do I Transfer From American College To Canada?

To know How to Transfer From American College To Canada….Read on this article….!

The desire or need to transfer from an American college to Canada is surprisingly not as difficult as it seems. It only requires following some laid down procedures.

How Do I Transfer From American College To Canada?

To transfer from an American college to Canada, all you have to do is fill out an application form on the “World Education Services” website and make submissions of necessary documents upon getting approval from the colleges in concern.

We will get into more details about the necessary steps for getting a transfer below.

Steps To Transfer From An American College To Canada

  • Contact the two colleges and inform them of your transfer.
  • Have yourself evaluated on the “World Education Services” website.
  • Pay the evaluation fee as required
  • Submit the requested documents.

My Transfer; Things To Know

As difficult as it looks to transfer from an American college to Canada, It’s way easier than you think. So, should you need to transfer to a college in Canada, or do you desire to study in Canada? Enough of the worries! It’s very much possible and not so challenging.

My Transfer; Who Is Eligible

To get on with your transfer, you’ll need to reach out to the college where you presently study. It’s important to note that the college you presently study in has to be an American accredited college. You’ll need to also reach out to the college of your choice in Canada and make inquiries about their transfer criteria.

You’ll have to then go to the “World Education Services” website where you’ll get to fill out an application form to get evaluated and check your transfer eligibility. Ensure you put “To continue my education” in the “purpose” space box. Upon filling in the requested information, you’ll be required to pay an evaluation fee by your choice of the payment methods before you then submit it.

Final Application Processes; Documents Submission

Finally, you’ll have to make submissions of the requested documents. You’ll have to mail your documents to World Education Services,45 Charles Street East, Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 152.

So, following these procedures will not only secure you a spot in your desired school in Canada but also make the entire process very easy for you. You’ll simply have your desired result once you meet up with the criteria of eligibility and you carefully follow the above-explained procedures.

How To Find Your Perfect College In Canada

Of a truth, one can be desperate about finding a thing but it’s quite important to note that it’s better to find one with quality, even if it requires extra work and patience. It’s therefore pertinent to put into consideration what college you desire, what their goals are, and their system of operation. You must know the reason why you are choosing the particular college you are choosing. You must check how well it suits your discipline and how it also suits you in terms of finance.

Now, to find your perfect college in Canada, you can spend some time on the internet to check out colleges with good ratings and find the ones that suit you best. However, it’s advisable to check out more than one college and apply to them, just to be on the safer side.

Also, you can find tour dream college through recommendations from friends, colleagues, mates, or anyone you know. You can make inquiries from those who probably live, work or study in Canada, they sure should be able to give you better directions on the choice of your college.

Getting A Study Permit For Canada?

After you’ve decided on what college you want to enroll in and have applied therein, you’ll therefore need to get a study permit. The study permit is a credential that allows international individuals to study at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada.

It’s quite important to note that a study permit is not a visa. So, to get on with your transfer to Canada, you’ll have to get a study permit.

Requirements To Get A Study Permit

  • You must be vaccinated and must be in good health. You might be requested to submit a medical examination report.
  • You would need to submit some necessary documents such as proof of acceptance from your school, proof of financial support, a letter of explanation, and any other document requested in the process of the application.
  • You must ensure you can afford the finances of your tuition fee, living expenditures, and probably a return transportation fee.
  • You must be such that has a clear record with the law enforcement agencies, with no form of a criminal record. You might need to get a certificate from the police in this regard.
  • You must be able to prove that you will stay by the agreement on your study permit, which means that you will leave Canada once your study permit expires.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Study Permit?

Once you apply and you have successfully submitted every required document, you should expect your study permit in about 90 days or less if you’re lucky. Once your application is approved, you’ll get your study permit either by mail ( if you’re already in Canada) or at the port of entry when you arrive in Canada.

Why Was My Application For Study Permit Refused?

There could be a lot of reasons why your application for a study permit was rejected, but oftentimes, such happen when any of the necessary documents or information is not fully or properly provided.

You can reach out by mail for a proper and detailed explanation for your disqualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much is the “World Education Services” evaluation fee?

Most of the time, the fee might be approximately $200 CAN which includes the delivery charge, additional fees, and Sales Tax. The delivery cost varies and it generally depends on how the applicant chooses the report to be sent.

Please note that the fees are not constant and can change based on the directives of the concerned authority.

2) Are there any available scholarships or any form of financial aid for transfer students?

Yes, there are some known bodies as well as colleges that render financial assistance to students. Also, there a quite a good number of scholarship opportunities out there for students, you can check out available ones and lay your hands on those that count you eligible.

You stand a chance to be a lucky candidate with your application, so do not hesitate.

3 )Do you get to start afresh as a transfer student in your new college?

Well, That is generally based on the type of college you choose and it usually differs. You might not need to start afresh once you meet up with their requirements. But oftentimes, most colleges prefer you have at least half of your degree credits from them.

4) Can submissions be made to “World Education Services” through email?

You can make submissions through email. You can check out their email addresses on their document page.

5) Would there be an entrance examination of any kind?

There is not a general Canada-wide entrance assessment. Each university sets its admission standards and assesses its candidates individually.