Is Woodhouse College A Non-Selective State School?

Woodhouse College is one of the elite schools in North London, England, located between North Finchley and Friern Barnet on the eastern side of the London Borough of Barnet. Among all the major academic institutions and schools in the country “Of England,” Woodhouse College is the most popular single site-selective sixth form college. Woodhouse College gets more popular because it is associated with The Maple Group of Excellence and is a core member of this renowned name. Let’s see-> Is woodhouse college a non-selective state school?

Is woodhouse college a non-selective state school?

History of Woodhouse College

All the world-famous colleges share a mesmerizing history; similarly, Woodhouse College also shares a great and ancient history.

  • The Woodhouse Grammar School

Woodhouse College began as The Woodhouse Grammar School after the First World War. After the end Of world war I, Thomas Collins built The Woodhouse School in 1923 on the old property of the decorative plasterer. Thomas Collins rebuilt the Woodhouse section of Finchley and restored a war-damaged mansion into a beautiful school, which he christened ‘The Woodhouse Grammar School.’ The school continued to serve even during the second world war. The refugee and the troops were accommodated in the school’s basement. The names of the forty-seven martyrs are still inscribed in gold letters beside the college’s stairway.

  • Sixth Form

Woodhouse Grammar School was later transformed into Woodhouse Sixth Form College. In 1971, the college authorities proposed to combine Woodhouse Grammar School with Friern Barnet County Secondary School, but local MP Margaret Thatcher vetoed the idea.

Woodhouse College was upgraded to academy status in January 2021 and is now part of the Frontier Learning Trust.

Why should someone choose Woodhouse College over other colleges to study?

Someone should choose Woodhouse College over other prestigious colleges because Woodhouse College provides its students with a challenging and competitive educational environment.

This challenging environment fulfills the students’ dreams and makes them prepared to chase their aspirations. Most students of Woodhouse College study three A-level subjects during their course period. However, a few students; who are more into studies and books can also take four different subjects to increase their knowledge and passion for learning and discovering new things. 

What does level mean in terms of subjects?

Levels are two-year courses in Woodhouse College, and every student has to take them. Therefore, the students can no longer drop any of these subjects when they go into and reach Year 13. 

What grades do you need to get a secured admission at Woodhouse College?

According to the data and statistics for 2021, the minimum grade criteria required to get admission at the Woodhouse College are as follows: 

You need at least a GCSE Grade 5 in English Language and Mathematics.

A good grade of 6 or 7 or 8 in every subject is needed for an A-level program. The grade criteria are set by the college education boards and are mentioned explicitly in the prospectus and on the college website.

How many students get enrolled in Woodhouse College every year?

Hundreds of students apply to Woodhouse College every year.

Woodhouse College enrolls and gives admission to over 700 students from schools all around North London and other parts of the state. 

They prioritize applicants from their partner schools, The Archer Academy and Friern Barnet School. They give admission to those candidates recommended or transferred by their associated schools, but they have the same admission standards and entry requirements as every other student also who does not belong to their integrated school. Thye also prioritizes looked-after children and care leavers.


Woodhouse College is one of the good colleges in North London, England. Among all the best schools and colleges in the country “Of England,” it is the most popular single site-selective sixth form institution. 

Woodhouse College grows in popularity as a part of The Maple Group. Woodhouse College ensures to provides a competitive environment to fulfill students’ dreams and prepare them to pursue their goals.

Applicants from their partner schools, The Archer Academy and Friern Barnet School, are given preference. They admit applicants suggested or transferred by their affiliated schools, but they are subject to the same admission standards and entry requirements as any other student who does not attend their integrated school.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Woodhouse College have its uniform or any particular dress code?

There is no such particular dress code or uniform at Woodhouse College.

But you must dress in a formal way that is decent and appropriate for an academic environment. You must also respect and treat every member of the school from faculty, and supportive staff to your fellow in a polite manner and courtesy. 

And lastly, you should never forget to wear your College identity card everywhere on the campus. You may be asked for a penalty or fine if you do not formally follow discipline and dress with your identity card visible wore.

  • Is Woodhouse College a suitable college to consider for admission?

Woodhouse College is a prestigious and successful Sixth Form College in North London with a friendly campus. Our A-Level success rates and A/B pass rates consistently place us in the top five colleges in England.

  • What is the classroom strength of Woodhouse College’s classes?

Woodhouse College’s classes have a maximum enrollment of 20 students each class. Classes are even smaller in several subjects. At Woodhouse College, the maximum strength in a class was 24. Less classroom strength guarantees There is plenty of individual attention and space to participate in class discussions and activities. There will be numerous opportunities to get to know your classmates and teachers. There is plenty of assistance and support available when you need it.

  • What subject combinations are available at Woodhouse College?

You can choose any subject combination that appeals to your interests and desires. The timetable limits subject options in most schools. Because two subjects may be taught concurrently, you cannot do both. But there are no clashes at Woodhouse. They integrate your subject choices into a timeline that you can follow without interruption or difficulty.