Is Wellesley College Ivy League Ranking Acceptance Rate And More?

Wellesley College is one of the most prestigious colleges of liberal arts for women in the world. It has ranked #5 by world reports on international Liberal Arts College in 2022. It is a private historically women’s liberal arts college that was founded in 1870, in United State and has turned out the largest college for women. It is also a member of the Seven Sisters Colleges; these seven colleges are the most influential and major historical women’s colleges of liberal arts. These colleges were built to provide the equivalent education to the Ivy colleges because the education of Ivy colleges was traditionally considered for men. Let us know about Is Wellesley College Ivy League Ranking Acceptance Rate And More.

Is Wellesley College Ivy League Ranking Acceptance Rate And More?

The main motive to build the most prestigious colleges for women is to provide the equivalent education as another gender has been accredited and to crack the wall of conventional oppression upon women. Wellesley College has been widely associated with highly formative subject matters, like arts and politics, and has maintained its supreme tradition of academic excellence and advocacy. It encourages supporting all the learners who are thirsty to gain knowledge, that’s why it has altered its policies and announced admissions for transgender women and non-binary students. In this way, it has laid out its major motive in front of the world. Here we are going to discuss Is Wellesley College Ivy League Ranking Acceptance Rate And More?

Is Wellesley College an Ivy League school?

Wellesley College is not a member of the Ivy League. People usually consider Wellesley College an Ivy League school because of its historical academic excellence, impressive research, and having the world’s best professors for the best alumni. When people think about the Ivy League, they usually manifest the best place for education or the world’s best academic excellent school. They don’t know that the term Ivy League is usually used for sports and refers to the eight best schools which are part of the Ivy League. In this articles there we will get all the information of Is Wellesley College Ivy League Ranking Acceptance Rate And More?

What is Ivy League?

The Ivy League term is usually used for sports and it comprises the eight best universities in the world. The word ‘ivy league’ is first known in 1935, by many sportswriters and journalists. They used this world for the colligation of those universities which were with the United State Military Academy from the colonial era and first adopted these kinds of activities in schools. At that time, no institution did focus on constructing such kinds of terms but it was invented by many sportswriters and journalists.

Before the American Revolution, the Ivy League institutions are the only ones for higher education. In the colonial era, these institutions have a notable effect on the other universities and they helped to educate the people of the middle colonies of British American northern because most faculties had been drawn from these schools. These schools are the primary institutions for getting higher education.

Ivy League is considered the elite class of the society because novels and stories present this idea as the elite of the society. Ivy League is independent of the other schools, plus its selection rate is quite low, that’s why educating the best mind throws the impression of being Elite in the society.

Ivy League Universities:

Ivy League universities are considered the most prestigious institutions in the world because of their academic excellence, social elitism, and selection for admissions. The term ‘Ivy League has been altered in people’s minds; they consider it as the best school because of the colligation of the best academic institutions.

Ivy League consists of these universities:

  • Brown University
  • Columbia university
  • Cornell university
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton university
  • Yale university

When people think about the Ivy League; they usually consider academic excellence, impressive research, and the best teachers not the sports competitions. If we set a standard for Ivy League in these qualities, then Wellesley College and other liberal arts colleges are no less than them. 

Why Wellesley College is not an Ivy League?

Wellesley College is not an ivy league because it is a member of the Eastern Conference Athletic Conference (ECAC), also competes as a member of the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC), and participate in different athletic contest in international level. 

Ivy League is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) which has been emerged in 1958, and this Collegiate consists of eight universities. That’s why; Wellesley College is not an Ivy League. 

In which sports Wellesley College do participate?

The teams of Wellesley College do compete in Cross-country sports; teams usually participate in:

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Swimming and diving
  • Volley-ball
  • Crew

The Crew team of Wellesley College is known as the ‘blue Crew’ and it was the first women’s rowing team in United State. First time in history, it won the NCAA rowing competition in 2016. It was a historic win for Wellesley College because they have won the first women’s national championship in the country.

What are the Wellesley Qualities?

Wellesley College is a highly esteemed institution in the world; here are a few qualities of it are given below:

  • Wellesley College has fewer acceptance rates for admissions; it makes the competition quite high for the students who dream to get admission to this institution. With high competition, most students don’t get the chance to flourish their skills under the highly skilled teachers and an admired institution, which makes Wellesley more admirable among the best students across the world. 
  • As Wellesley is a well-admired institution because of its academic excellence, it attracts the students’ minds to reach the level of their high caliber. It offers a high endowment for health research in its institution. That’s why; it offered the endowment of $2.3 million for its students, which makes Wellesley the largest, most prestigious, and wealthiest institution for women in the United State.
  • For doing healthy research, Wellesley offers partnerships to the first-year student with the other admirable institution, so that the knowledge and the abilities of their students get enhanced and would enable them to create healthy research. In this way, it helps the student to collect knowledge and comprehension of the world by communicating various ideas with each other.
  • Wellesley women athletes are well-known across the world. By analyzing the history of sports at Wellesley, we will get to understand why people believe that Wellesley is an Ivy League.

Acceptance Rate of Wellesley College:

Wellesley College is a women’s liberal art institution in America. It is also a member of seven sisters’ colleges; they are all historically women’s liberal art colleges and highly ranked across the world for academic excellence. In 2022, Wellesley College ranked 3rd best liberal arts college in the list of world reports, that’s why it is not easy to get admission to the highly-ranked institution.

With this high ranking, it is not surprising to know that Wellesley College is one of the low acceptance rates institutions. It is very selective and has an acceptance rate of 20%, which means from every 100 students who applied for admission, only 20 students will be selected. This ratio is not among all the students but it is among the highly intelligent students across the world, which makes the competition highly tough for students. 

How many grades are required for Wellesley College?

To get admission to Wellesley College, the SAT score must be above 1400 from 1600, and for the ACT, the average score must be above 32 out of 36. These are the required scores, but you don’t have to think out yourself for the next test if you don’t acquire this score on SAT or ACT. 

Wellesley College analyses other students who could not acquire the given requirement for SAT and ACT. They locate diversity in students’ abilities and do not focus on numbers. If your grades are low, focusing on other tests and requirements, like a strong application essay, a well-written application, and participation in extra-curricular activities can strengthen your application for admission. The admission team is looking for those students who are not only able to get high grades in the classroom but they would be able to perform activities for their college as well.   Just prove to yourself in front of the admission team that it would be a serious consideration if they give admission to their college because you have the potential to achieve great purposes.

For those students who have been admitted to college, they have to maintain a GPA of around 3.97 out of 4.00 but if you are unable to maintain that score or have a lower grade on the transcript, the college will not let you complete the degree from their institution. 

Offered subjects by Wellesley College:

Before applying to any institutions, make sure which subjects they are offering and in which subject you want to go further. If they both align, then do apply for admission. Likewise, we must have to know what subjects are which is offering to students by Wellesley College.

Wellesley College offers popular majors; social sciences, biological sciences, biomedical sciences, computer and information science, psychology, foreign languages, literature, and linguistics are included. 

Ethnic and geographical diversity:

In this age, universities, colleges, and other institutions are considered necessary to create diversity among people. It helps the institution to perform more profoundly and innovatively. As we know, Wellesley College is only for women, so there is no gender diversity exists but there are other diversities that exist, like ethnic or geographical diversity.

Here is the ratio of ethnic diversity at Wellesley College:

  • 37.4% ethnicity of white
  • 22.1% ethnicity of Asian
  • 13.0% ethnicity of non-resident alien
  • 11.3% ethnicity of Latino
  • 5.9% ethnicity of African American

The various cultures and the ethnic group gets combined and make a quite beautiful diverse combination of intelligent women in Wellesley College. That’s why it always ranks so high and from passing time, its ranking is going above. Women are participating in all kinds of activities that are usually considered for the male gender like outside sports and higher education about politics is just for men. These colleges of seven sisters broke these false conventions and started to provide equivalent education sources to women so that in the future women could not remain backward and oppressed as happened in history. 

Recently, the group of seven sisters has announced that they have opened admission for transgender women and non-binary biological women. They have cleared their motives to make people educated who are oppressed and left behind by society. They encourage supporting all the learners who struggle to get an education and knowledge about the world. 


Wellesley College is a prestigious institution because of its educational excellence, high-quality research, and high participation in other extracurricular activities. People think it is an ivy league because of its continuing high ranking among the best universities in the world. They have replaced the word ‘ivy league’ with the academic excellence from the sports group. When they speak ‘ivy League’, they mean the elite universities of the world. This word was given by the sportswriters and journalists to the universities of America when they started to adapt these activities in educational institutes. The best universities conjoined each other and made the group Ivy League.

Wellesley College is not an Ivy League because it is not associated with the same organization with which Ivy League has been associated since 1958. If someone wants to take admitted to Ivy League then Wellesley is not the institution for her because it doesn’t associate with the conference of the Ivy League. But if someone wants to take admission for sports then Wellesley is not lesser than any institute. It is the 3rd best university in the world, with rich history, excellent athletic programs, and educational excellence. it has its organization because it is one of the seven sisters colleges, so they make a group and perform work with different innovatory ideas. Even if you don’t have a passion for sports, Wellesley College will always make you feel proud and never let you get disappointment from it. Now it is clear about Wellesley College Ivy League Ranking Acceptance Rate And More.