Is the college board linked to the common app?

Is the college board linked to the common app?

The common application is an application for a college’s undergraduate that is used by applicants to apply to more than 900 member universities and colleges in the 50 states. From common applications, applicants apply in the countries which include China, Canada, the district of Columbia, many European countries, and Japan. We will discuss that Is the college board linked to the common app or not in this article.

A student can make their common app account linked to their college board account, so yes a student can use the common app to apply to the college. Once they have submitted their application with the common app, they can sync their data to the college board in the financial aid resources section of the common app account. This application is accepted by the colleges’ members of common application. The students may use this application to apply to colleges nearly 700 colleges and universities accept this application. 

This is how a student can fill out the common app:

Students use this app to transfer or apply to the colleges and universities. This app provides a user friendly interface to everyone. Following are some of the main steps to fill out the common app.  

  1. Make a list of all colleges and universities –

With the help of the common app, students can access all the information regarding the colleges to which they are interested or are thinking of applying. This app helps to provide all the links to the college websites and virtual tours to the colleges that accept the common app to make it easy to see what the college or campus looks like and also help to review the academic offerings. If a student wants to learn more about their specific colleges then they can add to the “My Colleges”.

  1. Understanding the each college’s requirements –

Different colleges have different requirements for their applications. There are some colleges that prefer to submit multiple transcripts. SAT or ACT scores, one or more recommendations, and essays, also some of the colleges require none of these and others require few things among them. 

It is important to make track of all the applications so that the applications are submitted on time to each college and satisfies all application requirement. The website of the common app requires more than 900 colleges worldwide and also contains the application requirements, which include the following –

a. Early action plans for deadlines and their decisions

b. Admission deadlines on a regular basis

c. Fees of the application

d. More portfolios or forms

e. There are supplements for essays and/or writing

f. Teachers and Counselors, no of recommendation

g. The requirements for school and mid-year reports

h. A testing policy for the ACT or SAT

  1. Ask the recommendations –

There are many colleges that accept letters of recommendation from guidance counselors, teachers, and others for one or more letters. Some schools require one teacher’s recommendation letter while others may require one guidance counselor’s letter and one teacher’s recommendation. 

Through the common apps’ intuitive interface, this app makes it easy to request teachers and guidance counselors. The common app will send an invitation to those whose names and contact information once input and help them to guide them through the recommendation form, and also enables them to upload their recommended letter by giving the common app platform. 

  1. Writing requirements will be complete –

There are many colleges that ask applicants to submit their essays along with the application. An applicant may find these things with the common app,

a.  An essay is one of the among the several prompts provided by the Common App, this is provided with The Common App Personal Essay.

b. There are writing supplements that include the other questions or shorter essays to the specific colleges.

  1. Last, to submit the application –

Once an applicant has gathered all required things like essays, documents, and the requested letter of recommendation and also a copy of the transcript of high school. After gathering all these applicants is ready to submit their application. Make sure to send the application before the deadlines set by each school accordingly. Technical support is given 24*7 by the common app, though there are fewer technical issues still they have given the options to resolve them. 

How to write the common app essays?

Here are some of the points for them –

1. An applicant may share the story of their interest, talent, identity, or background. As some of the applicants believe that their application is incomplete without them. 

2. Tell them about the time when faced any type of challenge, or failure. And setback. The lessons or morals can learn from obstacles and encountered later fundamentally. 

3.  Give them an idea of where to question or challenged an idea or belief. 

4. Reflect on a story where someone has done or given a surprise and that makes a person so thankful or happy in an astonishing way. 

5. New understanding of yourself or others, event or realization that make a spark in a period. Give ideas regarding personal growth and accomplishment ideas.   

6. Brief idea, concept, or topic that an individual finds so engaging even that will lose all the tracks of time. 


A student can use the common app to apply to the college and universities by syncing their common app account linked to their college board account. When they submit their application by using the common app the students can sync their data to the college board in the section of financial aid resources in the common app account. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: Are the IP address recorded by Common App?

Ans: Technical information including such as a person’s operating system, IP address, and browser type. These are the few things that are used by the common applications and also there are some similar technologies that gather the information automatically.

Q2: Who runs the application Common App?

Ans: The president and Chief Executive of Common App are Jenny Rickard. In the process of college admission, there is a profit membership organization committed to the pursuit of equity, integrity, and access.