Is Radford College Good?

Is Radford College Good?

To know is Radford college good….Read on this article….!


When it’s time for admissions, many colleges and universities present their offers. Looking out for the best of one’s education and career, one chooses what’s ideal based on their criteria. How can you decide whether a college is good or not? Through brochures? The internet and sites? Are there other options? 

Many popular names like Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and more come to mind while sending out college applications. However, few other institutions are not as renowned but as excellent and impressive in terms of education and career. One of these is the Radford college in Virginia . What’s so great about this college you ask? Find out as you read on! 

About Radford college 

Radford college is in Virginia in America. The college is a public institution that offers a doctorate program that only 7 other universities offer. This much detail is enough to tell you it has its prestige. Being a public university, it has a lot to offer in terms of academics and facilities as well. Don’t get confused by its subtle approach, that’s just its excellency.

Radford college is mainly about building students in spirit along with academics. They aim to create individuals who value and grow in faith while becoming the professionals they wish to be. Their motto also revolves around innovative learning and so they aim to provide a transformative educational experience to a diverse set of students. Apart from this, their academics side offers a heap load of programs that you can pick from! 

Reasons to join Radford college

  • Life on campus 

The Radford campus is indeed a unique one that students would love to be in. Although not the typical movie campus, the large Radford provides ample facilities for students. Apart from a decent living and infrastructure, there’s also access to various parts of the campus for students. They also have the police and patrolling department on campus to ensure the safety of students. Additionally, they also have a Radford safe app for students to know their campus and offers inside out and be comfortable with. 

  • Academics 

With multiple courses and programs to pick from, Radford college is an encompassing one that welcomes you and your dream on all fronts. Choose from bachelor’s degrees, majors and even other separate courses as you like. Furthermore, enjoy the ‘beyond the classroom’ teaching with facilities like halls, science labs, and more. They also have international opportunities to pick from in several courses. The curriculum too is internationally based so you don’t miss out on being at Radford! 

  • Online courses

Though you may miss out on campus life, Radford offers multiple online courses for students across the globe. Whether it’s MBA or any other, enjoy the same professors, curriculum, and material that students on campus do. Moreover, with several online courses to pick from and Radford’s exceptional services, you’ll never feel you’re lacking something being behind the screen.

  • Student reviews 

Nothing speaks better than students who have studied and lived by themselves! The students of Radford, have mostly given back positive reviews including 4 out of 5-star reviews for their service and education. Students have felt accepted and welcomed and have had a wholesome experience of learning, studying, spirituality and participation here at Radford. While some didn’t enjoy it, the majority say that they’ve benefited from the college’s approach to students, education, and many other aspects 

  • Acceptance rate 

Radford college has a solid acceptance rate of 79% this is because they choose to be less selective and welcome as many students as they can. Learning and promoting education is one of the greatest treasures for Radford, therefore, their admission process is a lot easier and smoother than most top colleges have. 

  • Residential life

Moving in can be awkward for students. However, Radford makes you feel at home with their comfortable facilities. With over 15 residential areas, safety provisions, and more, they ensure you receive the elite college campus life along with security and efficiency. Additionally, they’re happy to help with your housing application and moving in. Also, they provide for community activities so you don’t feel like you’re living with strangers and your interaction takes the higher road up!  

  • Others 

The safety provisions at Radford are truly one of a kind. They leave nothing undone when it comes to the security of students. Right from getting into the digital era and getting the Radford app to the security departments on campus, Radford ensures you’re safe at all times. They also have emergency phones, the Radford alert on students’ phones, multiple departments for prevention of crime, and other negatives. Furthermore, their policy towards raging, rape, and other offenses is clear and straightforward so no one’s messing with you! 


Radford is a great college to be at. It is good in terms of academics, co-curricular, student life, and a lot more. While offering diverse options it also picks out the best of its students in terms of facilities and services. This has led to their increasing rankings among top colleges over the past few years. If you’re in the midst of your admission process, be sure to check it out! 


  • What rankings does Radford college have? 

Radford has positive rankings on quite a few platforms. Its rankings always range among the top 50 best colleges in the South.

  • Does Radford have events? 

Yes! Radford college may be firm on studying and protection, however, they don’t leave out the fun and thrilling college life that every student deserves. They have their community and on-campus events that you can check out on their website. 

  • What is the enrollment rate at Radford college? 

The enrollment rate at Radford is over 11%. This is not because they’re not good enough but due to their less selective admission process that opens more seats for applicants rather than offering admissions. 

  • Does Radford college offer summer programs?

Yes! Radford has quite a few programs under the summer youth program. These include various fields like dance, CSI, basketball, and more that you can pick from! They’re usually 2-week courses on campus but may differ depending on each program