Is John Hopkins University an Ivy League college?

Is John Hopkins University an Ivy League college?

To know Is John Hopkins  University an Ivy League college…Read on this article…!


John Hopkins is a private higher education institution.It is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in the year 1876. John Hopkins is the oldest University in the United States.The university is divided into 10 further universities in the city of Baltimore and Washington D.C. It has an international campus in China and Italy as well.The University is well known and blooming in its field of research. Hopkins leads all the universities in the United States in their research expenditures.

John Hopkins with University has a hospital, medical school, nursing school, children’s hospital, and many more such schools and hospitals under their campus.John Hopkins has undergraduate colleges as well as a medical college. The medical aspect of John Hopkins is separate from that of other college degrees.

What is Ivy League?

Ivy league is an American athletic conference of multiple universities in the United States.Ivy league as a term started to bring in a team of sports excellent sports with academics as majors in universities. The universities which are part of the Ivy League are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.

The Ivy league became famous after the NCAA division 1 conference was held in the year 1954.After the conference, the intake and admission letters for admission under the sport basketball increased seemingly over the years.All the colleges associated with the Ivy league are known to be the most prestigious school and are all in the ranking of top 20 Universities to date.

Is John Hopkins an Ivy League college?

John Hopkins gained its popularity because of its medical school which every year brings out well-educated and talented medical professionals but John Hopkins is not an Ivy League college.John Hopkins is confused to be an Ivy league college by many due to various reasons One is that John Hopkins is the oldest University in the United States. It is an older one of the universities associated with the Ivy League.

The second reason being John Hopkins is considered to be a prestigious school and college in the entire world. All-Ivy league associated universities fall under the category of being a prestigious university and hence John Hopkins is considered an Ivy league too.

The third reason is John Hopkins’s involvement in sports. The University provides the most possible sports and the teams from John Hopkins have won many sports events. John Hopkins is an excellent and strong volleyball and Basketball team.Basketball is the game of the Ivy League and John Hopkins having many wins in Basketball makes it seem like it’s an Ivy League.

The last reason John Hopkins is confused as an Ivy league is the fact that it provides a resourceful and huge ground for research purposes, an outstanding faculty and staff, and a huge campus with historical and cultural backgrounds incorporated into the campus building.

All these factors confuse many that John Hopkins is a part of the Ivy League.

Future in John Hopkins 

As John Hopkins is a prestigious school with a great faculty of professors and staff, the future after John Hopkins looks bright for 90% of the students.

This matters on how good the student is in their years at John Hopkins as well. 

The medical students depending on their scores and practical application will get accepted at almost any hospital.

The other degree offered by John Hopkins is almost placement. John Hopkins also has the best ranking job placements and many jobs hire individuals who have passed out of John Hopkins just because of how prestigious the university is.

How to get into John Hopkins 

To apply to John Hopkins the student must meet the criteria.

To apply to John Hopkins, the student must have an academic score of GPA 3.92. With this, the student must also be in the top 20 rankers throughout their high school career.For those applying to John Hopkins through an extra curriculum activity such as sports, Liberal arts and so, they must have been recognized by at least two or three well-known seniors from the field. They should also do well in their selection game or competition.

With being good in their skilled field, the student should also have a GPA of 3 in the high school to be accepted into John Hopkins. John Hopkins also as one to one interview before acceptance into the college.


John Hopkins holds its name and prestige in being the oldest university in the United States.The university grows with each generation and makes sure to give its best in all fields and aspects.With education, John Hopkins also equally shows its interest in other curricula and fields making it an all-rounder university.