Is Columbia College Chicago Private or Public?

It is a private college in Chicago. The authorities found the college in 1890. It is the best photography school in the United States. The college offers more than 60 graduate and undergraduate programs. The major courses and programs in the college allow the building of good practices in the nation in the media or film industry. Here we will see about Is Columbia College Chicago Private or Public?

It is a private college in Chicago and it focuses mainly on filming, music and photography. The higher programs or higher education at the college focus on art partnerships and early placements in society. The authorities found the college in 1890. The college offers more than 60 graduate or undergraduate programs. The teaching techniques and methods are very unique in the college. 

Is Columbia College Chicago Private or Public?


The authorities named the college initially as Columbia School of Oratory or Columbia College of Expression or Mary A. Blood school of speech Arts or Columbia College. It serves only one motive following one single motto which says, “Esse Quam Videri”. In English, it simply means “To be, rather than to seem”. The establishment dates back to 1890, around 132 years ago. Kwang -Wu Kim is the president of the college and has been working on producing better opportunities for the college and its students in lots of fields from his time.

The college receives an endowment of around $142.6 million from the government to work towards the betterment. Creating better opportunities and working out for the best is the only motive of the college. It is not affiliated with a higher university or any other college in Columbia. Higher Learning Commission recognises it for its degrees and associated programs and degrees. The college being private leads certain organisations and campaigns to help the students in their overall development.


The college has over 60 graduate and undergraduate programs which help the students perform better in their chosen fields. The college is well known for its academic excellence and the students find a proper environment of learning in the college. The major programs which the college offers its students include:

  • Social sciences
  • Computer and information sciences
  • Support services
  • Biological and biomedical sciences
  • English language and literature
  • Foreign languages
  • History
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Media Arts 
  • Liberal Arts
  • Business

These programs are taken by over 7,000 undergraduate students. The academic performance of the college has been divided as per the performances of a few like like:

School of Fine and Performing Arts: here the students learn about:

  1. Art and Design
  2. Arts
  3. Entertainment and Media Management
  4. Dance
  5. Dance Movement therapy and counselling
  6. Photography 
  7. Music
  8. Theatre 

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences: here students learn about:

  1. English interpretation
  2. Creative writing
  3. Humanities
  4. Education
  5. English
  6. Social sciences 
  7. History
  8. Science 
  9. Mathematics
  10. Study of Arts and Media.

School of Media Arts: here students learn about:

  1. Interdisciplinary Arts
  2. Marketing Communication
  3. Journalism
  4. Radi0
  5. Audio Arts
  6. Acoustics
  7. Cinema Arts and Sciences
  8. Television

All these programs mainly focus on filming, music and photography. 

How much endowment does the college receive?

The college receives a fixed endowment and it is that amount which the college uses for all its purposes. The college uses endowments to pay salaries to the faculty, introduce new programs, hold sessions or seminars or webinars, train its professors for evolving new teaching methods, maintain the campus, make learning interactive by setting up digital ways of education, making filming pieces of equipment available for practicals, offer scholarship programs to its students, offer financial aids to the students, make campus comfortable for the students by bringing up new facilities, etc. The endowment amount which the college receives from the state or federal government is equal to $142.6 million. The financial aid which the college provides its students includes all the grants and scholarships from the institution and federal and state governments. 

How much is the cost of education?

The college does the most for its students. It gets very generous while providing scholarships. However, the initial cost of education without application for the scholarship is somewhere around $48,698. If any student is unable to support his education financially, he can move on to apply for scholarship programs or financial aid. After the application of scholarship programs, the cost of education lowers down to $31,000. Its scholarship programs are available for residential, non-residential as well as international students. 

What are the acceptance rate and graduation rate of the university?

The acceptance rate of the university is 90%. However, the admissions that the university takes are selective. It means that to get into the university in one go, one must work hard. The university asks for at least a 3.2 GPA if you apply to get into the university. The high acceptance rate makes the admissions selective here. The graduation rate however is lower which is 43%, this creates the admissions more selective.


Columbia College Chicago is a private institute which works for enabling future filming and photography. The students are free to choose between various courses which the college offers. The learned and experienced faculty makes learning interactive and easy to understand. Their teaching methods are unique and the best!

Frequently asked questions

  • After how many days do the classes start after admissions?

It generally takes 6-8 weeks of the admission process to complete after the classes start.

  • How many students are undergraduates in the college?

Around 6,596 students are undergraduates in the college.

  • Is it important to be regular here?

The college is a party school and so does not expect you to be regular.