Is Arizona State University a HBCU?

Is Arizona State University a HBCU? 

Are you a black student from Africa or an African American in North America?  Hoping to study at an HBCU university?  Arizona state university is on your college list, thinking if this is the right HBCU college for you.

HBCU for short, Historically Black Colleges and Universities are a group of schools in the United States created by the Civil Right Act of 1964 to accommodate the African-American community. Before then, the majority of students who attended the southern universities in the US were white people thus, limiting the black people from acceptance into their universities. HBCU was formed as a result of students of black color, having access to higher education.

Classification of HBCU by State

There are about 104 HBCU colleges in the US. Alabama has the highest number of HBCU schools to North Carolina and Georgia. Here’s the list in a chronological manner;

·         Alabama

·         Arkansas

·         California

·         Delaware

·         District of Columbia

·         Florida

·         Georgia

·         Kentucky

·         Louisiana

·         Maryland

·         Mississippi

·         Missouri

·         North Carolina

·         Ohio

·         Oklahoma

·         Pennsylvania

·         South Carolina

·         Tennessee

·         Texas

·         US Virgin Island

·         Virginia

·         West Virginia

Where is Arizona State University?

Arizona State University (ASU) is in the salt river valley, the largest phoenix metropolitan area in the southwest the united states, Arizona. One of the massive public universities with over 147,000 students.

Directory of Campuses at Arizona State University

The University of Arizona is called “one university in many places” according to ASU itself. Each campus differs from one another and pursues the university’s purpose. This list includes;

·         Tempe Campus

·         Polytechnic Campus

·         West Campus

·         Downtown Phoenix Campus

·         Havasu

·         Online Degree

Tempe Campus

An urban campus with the highest number of enrollment engaging in multidisciplinary research for graduate and undergraduate studies. This campus is one of the most solar-powered US universities.

Polytechnic Campus

The home for arts and sciences, education, technology, etc. this campus preserves sustainability for all individuals.

West Campus

This campus is the pride point of phoenix also powered by a solar array. And serves 4000 students by providing modern facilities. This year, the west campus will offer new programs to prospective students.

Downtown Phoenix Campus

 Downtown has urban designs with retail offices and made this campus to use the recycling processes like structures used in the 1930s post office.


This is a small undergraduate college in Lake Havasu City with a low tuition rate. Students gain practical experience to prepare for their future careers. There are many outdoor and recreational activities like kayaking, hiking, etc. the faculty to student ratio is low making it a close-knit community.

Online Degree

Online degrees at ASU are over 250 degrees for you to enroll in wherever you are in the world. Admission to all students worldwide, some are hybrid. Certificates are awarded at completion of your program.

I’m a Black Student will I be welcomed to ASU?

Arizona state university welcomes all students all over the world to study in their institution, exploring a community that promotes diversity because education is for all.  ASU offers great learning experiences to allow each student to follow their passion while earning their degree. It’s not just a school but a place for networking.  

Should I apply to an HBCU College?

HBCU is not limited to black students only but welcome all races. Notable alumni like Martin Luther King attended the Morehouse College, Oprah Winfrey from Tennessee University, and many more. Make sure to check your desired school’s requirements before applying. Applying through the Common Black College Application allows you to apply to up to 50 HBCU schools in one set making it cost-effective.


Arizona state university is not an HBCU school, there are about 107 HBCU colleges in the US according to the US Department of Education, 3 colleges are closed. However, Arizona state university as well as most universities in the US accepts and welcomes African Americans (Black Students) from Benton James who was the first African American to graduate from ASU in 1924 this shows progress and inclusion for Black students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Is Arizona State University among HBCU Colleges?


2)  Can an African American apply for admission to Arizona state university?

Yes, as of recent times

3)  Why study at ASU instead of one of the HBCU colleges?

There are several reasons why you should consider ASU as the college for your higher education. A rewarding community, personalized mentorship, networking, affordable tuition, double major options, etc.

4)  Can ASU pay for your study abroad experience?

Yes, through the Discovery Fellows Program which is an initiative for students who want to create their career path. Fellows earn about $5000 funding and many more.