Is A Mini Fridge Necessary For College?

Fridge has become one of the necessary items of our lives, more importantly for students, because healthy food and diet are needed for studying and brain functioning at their age. This period of life is one of the most important and the things we use have a big impact on us. Lets’ start with Is A Mini Fridge Necessary For College?

Is A Mini Fridge Necessary For College?

Instead of cooking or buying food every day, students have an alternative way to save some foods or drinks in a mini-fridge for days. Other than that, students are much safer, because, with ideal temperature stored food, there is less chance of food poisoning. Also, not every store or cafeteria works 24/7, and not every university has access to our instant demand for food, with mini fridge students have the option to get food when they want. 

Mini fridges have many upsides and the only downside we can say is the one-time cost to buy one and to keep them fresh. In online stores, there are plenty of options available to buy mini-fridges at affordable prices for students.

What Things Are Essential For College? 

There are several items that are labeled as “necessary” for college. For example, television, headphones, coffee makers, etc. Mini fridges are usually not mentioned most of the time, but they can affect student’s daily life more than we think. 

If we look at the average cost of college, it would be about $ 35,720 per year. A full-time public college student spends about $ 1,760 a year on transportation alone. They have many ways to spend money but don’t have a regular source of income, because most of the jobs require a college degree. One of the great ways to reduce the above-mentioned cost is to cut loss from our daily required needs, such as eating or drinking and mini-fridges are here to help.

Some Facts That Make Mini Fridge Essential For College

Great way to save some money

The fast-food industry has expanded in recent years, with the percentage of Americans eating fast food regularly at 36%. 84% of students eat fast food and 54% eat at least once а week. Most of them don’t know how to cook food because they are new to independent adult life. This greatly affects their health and budget, which has а negative impact on their college performance as well. To reduce health risks and costs mini-fridges are a great way to do it.

From a student’s experience, it keeps food, such as bread fresh for a week, keeps water cold, and accessible anytime, which saves students a lot of money and energy. Helps them to maintain their daily routine and diet and keep freshness in a busy schedule. 

Compact and effective

Fridges are often considered as place consuming items in the house, but a mini-fridge is different. In the apartment that is for students or on campuses, the overall space is often small and a mini-fridge is a great way to use space effectively. It does not need big space, works great, student needs it every day, and is a compact item, which is a key factor to getting one. Plus, if students have a roommate both of them can use it and share it. In this way, they will save much more space, energy, and time and keep the apartment clean. Some campuses come with mini-fridges too, so you don’t have to pay anything for it, which gives it the must-have status for the student.


In online stores, such as Amazon or eBay, there is a variety of mini-fridges available to buy at very affordable prices. For example, the average price on Amazon is nearly 200$ which is amazing for an item that we use on a daily basis as we mentioned, some apartments or campuses come with mini-fridges too and in that case, we are not losing anything, instead, we are gaining thing that will have a significant impact on our lives.

If students don’t have an extra 200$ for a mini-fridge that is no problem too. On the market we can see that the minimum price is nearly 40$ depending on size and capacity. It’s very affordable for anyone and especially for a student. 

Items like mini-fridge may miss our sight in daily life, but if we focus on them and see their impact and role, we will appreciate their affordability and compact ability even more.

Power consumption

We talked about how mini-fridges are saving students money, but every electric item consumes power, which is not free. Let’s see how energy-effective it is: 

If we Compare mini-fridge to full-size refrigerators that use 100 to 400 w/h, smaller refrigerators use between 55 and 85 watts. Watts is а measure of how much electricity you use per hour, day, and month. Let’s say your device consumes 80 w/h for 8 hours in а day. To find the total number of watt-hours used per day, multiply 80 by 8 = 640 watt-hours. That means the monthly electricity consumption is 19.2 kWh and the annual consumption is 233.6 kWh. 

If we do а little bit of math we will get $ 0.0768 per day and If you want to improve а bit, multiply $ 0.0768 by 30 (1 month) or 365 (one year) to get $ 2.3 and $ 28 respectively – the total cost you have to pay over time.

We can all agree that 28$ a year is not a lot and most of the students will afford to have a mini-fridge in their apartments, especially when the cost is less than the profit it gives us, how much time, energy, and money it saves us.


In conclusion, a Mini fridge is a necessary item for students in college, because it has more benefits than losses. This small item affects our daily life positively and saves us money, and energy. Helps to keep the apartment clean and cozy. It does not take too much space and we have our favorite food or drink accessible anytime we want. The perfect option for a student is to get one of that mini-fridge, which is very affordable and less power-consuming in almost every store.