How Much Is In-State Tuition At Indiana University?

Most times, getting admission into a public university is a relief from a scourging headache of cost for an ultra-modern private university. Every average individual is advantageous to get accepted into one good public university in the United States. Due to the high prices of private universities, students continue to take up public universities as a sustaining option to get themselves a good college education. So lets’ begin How Much Is In-State Tuition At Indiana University.

How Much Is In-State Tuition At Indiana University?

These costs go around different types which include: in-state prices, out-of-state prices, and as well international student prices. In-state tuition serves as a cushion for residents and bonafide citizens of such public universities.

How much is in-state tuition at Indiana University

Indiana University is one of the United States public universities established far back in 1820 that has its motto saying “lux et veritas” (light and truth). Indiana University is ranked #68 among National Universities by Bloomington. 

This university has a vast number of undergraduate students with a close number of nearly 35,000 in the fall of 2020. The university offers courses ranging from science, history, communication, and languages to its students. The university has one of the most affordable tuition in the United States of America, with its 4years tuition similar to the semester tuition of a private university in the country. With this, the Indiana University in-state student pays an average of $11,333 which is considerably affordable.

Why do they offer in-state tuition separately?

The difference in tuition fees had become more popular in University education majorly to favor the predominant indigenous student of such public universities. 

The Government made this possible to reduce the cost burden on their indigenous students. Most times this cost is lower than their other out-of-state counterparts as well as their international students’ compatriots.

Tuition fees variables among various Indiana University students

As reviewed by Bloomington in 2022, the various tuition fees range across different categories. In-state, out of state, undergraduate, and postgraduate among others which are explained below;

Tuitions and fees for in-state students are pegged at $27,299 for a total cost that includes book supplies, board & dormitory costs, and average financial aid among other expenses

While out-of-state cost is pegged at $54,318 for a total cost which includes book supplies among others as mentioned earlier.

Are scholarship programs available for in-state students?

In addition to safe and cheaper tuition fees for in-state students at Indiana University, they are supported with arrays of scholarship funds for exceptional students to use during their academic year.

Many scholarships are designed to help In-state students easily at every stage of their academic study at Indiana University.

Among these scholarships are:

  • Cox legacy scholarship: Fully paid total official Cost of attendance in the university exclusively for Indiana University in-state students)
  • Distinguished Alumni Service Awards (DASA): grants are awarded to deserving Senior students attending campuses at Indiana University

In-state scholarship eligibility at Indiana University

  • The student must be a resident of Indiana State
  • Applicant must show proof of financial needs to the necessary authority
  • Must be a student with good moral and academic standing

How do I become an in-state resident at Indiana University?

To be eligible for in-state opportunities in Indiana, such a person must have become a resident of the state for 21years after which they must be available in the state for 12months consecutively before attending the first class

Does Indiana University partake in Indiana State reciprocity agreements?

Many states share this agreement among themselves that helps in student exchange and modules towards helping students get the same quality education while outside their residential places. 

Although Indiana University students can enjoy this opportunity, to have a full account, students can verify by consulting a university-specific nutshell report.


As a resident of Indiana state in the United States of America, having to pay a privilege fee lower than the usual out-state tuition for school fees is what you will enjoy around the state government-owned universities in the state. Although there are various other programs invested for out-state students to help serve as a cushion for them.


What’s Indiana University’s average GPA

Every university has a basic GPA required to be given a substantial admission into their university. Some had theirs pegged above 4.0 while some limits below 3.5 

This helps to only pick only the qualified candidate, other than lopsided ones. Indiana University made its GPA 3.74 for admission processes.

Is there a waiver for out-state students?

Indiana University has a mission to make university affordable for students that reside outside the state, this waiver makes significant reductions in the tuition fee of such students.

This waiver is estimated at $64,000 making it close to par with the cost for in-state students.

What is Indiana University acceptance percentage? 

Pitching and vying for a University degree has a higher percentage of 80% to select its candidate for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees once such candidate has fulfilled the whole admission requirements.