Is A “D” Bad In College?

One of the disastrous feelings that a student can get is not getting good marks in college. But, we all do once get a bad mark in one subject. It’s baffling after getting a bad exam sheet, and every student experience this once in their life. But it is always possible to obtain a good mark in the next exam. To be honest, D is not so good. Students who receive a “C” grade can lead them to demotivate from their studies; the point is C is a bad grade, and a D is worse. But if you get a D in your grade, don’t be demotivated, you can always pick up and race towards getting a higher grade. You can do it! All you need is Hard-work and dedication, put your efforts into it. However, if you do get a D, the college may make you retake a test to get good marks and add it to the GPA.

Is A “D” Bad In College?

D grade sheets

If a student got a D grade sheet, that means he/she is hardly passing. D lies between 60-68%. So, if your grade has above 60% then it is considered just a pass/simple pass.  It is dependent on your post-college plans. If you’re applying to graduate school, a D may be a problem, but you must also consider other factors. Is this your one and only D? Is it part of a major or important course? Have you shown an overall improvement in subsequent semesters after receiving a D in one? Is it possible for you to retake the class and just get a better grade?

Should I retake an Exam if a got a D?

It depends, if the subject that you received is D, and is related to your major subject or is important, you must retake it. After all, going to college is all about planning for our future and getting a job in the field of study. The whole point is to learn a specific skill that will lead to a career that will last a lifetime. In future, your Employers will determine whether or not you are deserving based on your grades. The Majority of Employers prefer to hire students who are well-versed in their field. Students who have received at least a B will most likely be chosen for the job that they apply for. 

So, if you get a D in your Major Subject, you must retake the test to get at least a B sheet. However, if you got a D in your optional subject, you may not need to retake it; particularly if you won’t need it in the future.

Can “D” ruin my GPA?

The truth is receiving a poor grade may eventually feel like the end of the world, but it is unlikely to jeopardise your academic success. The average undergraduate student takes about 40 classes to complete their degree. With 39 A’s and B’s on average, one D- shouldn’t hurt you too much.

You can always pick up yourself from the bottom and race towards good gr or a University for this course? In some chance, if you’re from the community college and you got D Grade; also if the D you got is not your Major Subject, then you might not need to retake your exam. 

You won’t have a single GPA throughout your academic career. The mark you obtain or your GPA will differ depending on which college or university you attend. As a result, if you’re from the community college, your GPA will not transfer to a university. 

Furthermore, the more likely you are not to have to repeat the class if you fall into these categories.

Your major has nothing to do with your class, If:

  • Your GPA will not be completely ruined.
  • You are admitted to a community college to transfer.

However, if you happen to fall in these categories, then you’ll need to retake the class 

  • Major and class are linked.
  • GPA has a big impact.
  • You have no intention of transferring.


D is not a good Grade to compare with A, B, and C. It might simply mean a pass, but you won’t be able to attend college; as the Majority of the colleges don’t accept D grades. If you happen to get D, then you must retake a test and obtain good marks. Especially if the D you get is from your Major Subject. Furthermore, it also depends on the college that you attend. If you’re from a community college, there might not be a problem and retaking a test is not necessary. But, if you’re from the University it is a must that you need to retake the test. Getting D is not the end of the world, everyone does get this. But you can obtain good marks, as nothing is impossible for a human to achieve such goals!! 


Do Colleges accept D grades?

You can graduate with a D grade, but it will be difficult for you to attend college if you have Ds. The Majority of the colleges don’t accept D grades. 

Do colleges accept D on transcripts?

Firstly, you can recover from a D and gain college admission. If the rest of your transcript is good and you test well, most universities will accept you with a D. Your essays have a significant impact on how the admissions officer perceives you.

What does A, B, C, and D Grade mean? 

  • Excellent performance: A+, A, and A-
  • Good performance: B+, B, and B- 
  • Satisfactory performance: C+, C, and C-
  • Performance not satisfactory: D+, D, and D-

Will one bad semester in college ruin my study?

No, one or two poor semesters will not jeopardise your chances. If you have any more bad semesters, the road becomes even more difficult, but it is still possible. However, a 3.0 or even a 3.5 semester cannot be considered the norm.

Should I feel distraught after getting a Bad Grade?

No, you should not feel distraught after getting a bad grade. Instead, take that as a motivation and you can try to aim for higher grades next time. You put that as a past, and you can decide what the future is to be. No one is perfect, and we always learn things on the move.