Is 17 A Passing Act Score

If you are wondering Is 17 a passing ACT score or not, this article will help you find out whether 17 is a score that can get you into college. The ACT will decide whether you will get the college/university of your dream or not. But most colleges/universities are accepting ACT scores as optional. Let’s find more about Is 17 A Passing Act Score

Is 17 A Passing Act Score

An ACT score of 17 is not a good score for first-timers. It will not going-to-get you into top colleges, but it is enough to get you into some colleges that accept the ACT score ranging from 17 to 23, and test scores are optional for admission.

What Is A Good ACT Score?

ACT (American College Testing) is a test that helps colleges determine whether the student is a good fit for their college. 20.8 or 21 is a composite score you should aim for. That combines your four section score: English, reading, math, and science. But, if you are preparing to get into the Ivy League college/university. You can aim for at least 32.

What To Do If The ACT Score Is Low

If you got a low ACT score and your dream college/university did not accept that score. What should you do then?

Here are the steps you can follow to overcome this fear.

Step 1. Fail and improve

You can re-appear for the test again if you want to revamp your score. Do this if you have time to prepare for the exam.

Step 2. Stop Panicking

First of all, take a break and understand even if you have missed your goal by 1-2 points you don’t have to worry about it cause it is not going to make that much of a difference. Let us take an example if you have scored 34, but the school you want to apply for is looking for 35, then it will look like you have lost the game but think again. 34 ACT score is also going to put you in the 25th-75th percentile range as 35 is supposed to.

Step 3. Choose other colleges

Sometimes It is okay if you did not get what you wanted, and that is okay you can explore other options.

Is ACT Score More Important Than GPA?

GPA or ACT? which is more important for your college application, and why? GPA (Grade Point Average) is your hard work over four years in school. Your GPA will tell your story of hard work, self-discipline, and consistency in those four years, and that means it will have an a-huge impact on your college application. Right?

Well, no, though your GPA is important, and it will make an impact but not that much, and here is why. Imagine you got a GPA ‘A’ in mathematics. It means you are a bright student in your class and your school. But, what about in your state or country? Will this ‘A’ be the standard score to compare with, and now you get your answer.

While GPA only shows your performance in your class and your school, the ACT will show your performance compared to the whole country, making it easy for admission officers to compare.

High ACT But Low GPA

As we have explained above, how much your GPA impacts your college application, and now assume you got an ACT score of 30. Even if you have a low GPA, your ACT will help college/university admission officers compare you intellectually.

There are a lot of factors that can affect your GPA score, but if you get a high ACT, it will make the admission officer think that you can keep up and improve if the challenges arise as you have performed better on the 4-hour test compared to the 4-year test.

Your ACT will help you build your future. You should take this test more seriously if you want to get into an Ivy League college/university. Aim for high and give yourself time to prepare, and you will get the result you want. Do not panic. Even if you scored the lowest, you could always retake the exam with a more confident and higher goal. Keep working hard, and you will get your dream college/university.


Most colleges and universities don’t require ACT scores nowadays, but if you got a score of 17 or below and the college you applied for is asking for an ACT score above 17, you should consider your options or retake the test. You can see the admission requirements of a college/university from their website. Go to the admission section, and find all the details you need. That way, you can work harder to score more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do ACT Scores Make A Lot Of Difference?

ACT scores make a lot of difference you should aim for at least 21 that way you’ll get into most of the colleges and if you are aiming for Ivy League then you can aim for 31.

  1. What Are The Ivy League College ACT Scores?

Here is where everything changes. If you are planning to get into one Ivy League College ACT score of 17 or 21 is not going to help you. Ivy League colleges and universities only want students with the 30 ACT or above. These universities and colleges with 6 – 12 Percent acceptance rates want only the best of the best students.