How Much Is A Bachelor’s Degree At The University of Houston?

The University of Houston, as the name implies, is located in Houston, Texas. This institute was founded in 1927 and is rated among the top three universities in Texas. The institute offers a variety of flexible undergraduate plans that allow you to attain a bachelor’s degree. You can apply as an incoming fresher, a transfer student, an international student, a returning student, etc. In addition, you can either live on campus or stay off campus. The good news is that, whatever your choice is, the tuition and payment plan are affordable and flexible. But, How Much Is A Bachelor’s Degree At The University of Houston?

How Much Is A Bachelor's Degree At The University of Houston?

Resident and non-resident students pay different college fees at the University of Houston. According to the University of Houston’s 2021–2022 calendar, you are expected to pay an estimated $24,000 as a resident freshman student, while non-resident freshman students are to pay an estimated $39,000. The total cost of college includes tuition, books, course fees, dorm fees, etc. Thus, a 4-year bachelor’s degree course at the University of Houston will cost $96,000 and $156,000 for resident and non-resident students, respectively. 

What Are The Tuition Plans At The University of Houston?

Tuition fees at the University of Houston are either fixed or variable. Fixed tuition rates give students a clear idea of what they are expected to pay so they can plan their college budget accordingly. However, this is not so for variable tuition rates. The fixed tuition rates at the University of Houston are changed every four years. As expected, resident and non-resident students have different payment rates. 

Fixed Tuition Rates for Resident Students

  • You will pay between $5,617.32 and $7,526.38 per semester (spring).
  • Each summer semester costs between $1,647.90 and $2,207.88.

Fixed Tuition Rates for Non-resident Students

  • You will pay between $13,237.32 and $15,146.38 each spring and fall semester.
  • Each summer semester costs between $3,883.10 and $4,443.08.

The specific amount to be paid per term is determined by your major. 

Does The University of Houston Offer Scholarship Programmes?

Paying college fees can be too much for some students to handle without help. To ease this burden, some colleges provide their students with various financial assistance such as scholarships, loans, grants, financial incentives, work-study, spring aid, summer aid, and others. Each of these financial aids has different criteria to determine qualified individuals.


A scholarship is free money that you do not have to pay back. It is given based on merit. The University of Houston offers different scholarship opportunities to freshmen and transfer students alike. These scholarships are either fully funded or half-funded. To qualify for any of the available scholarship opportunities, you must possess a high rating in any or all of the points mentioned below. 

  • Academic performance 
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Leadership skills

Some of these scholarship opportunities are listed below.

  • University-funded merit scholarship
  • Scholarships for international students
  • Undergraduate research scholarship
  • Scholarships for transfer students
  • State-funded scholarships

Check out the university portal to learn more about their offers and eligibility. 


A grant, just like a scholarship, is financial aid that is not repaid. But grants differ because they are awarded to financially support a student and not based on their academic performance. Grants can be funded by different bodies, such as private organizations, individuals, colleges, or federal or state governments. There are a host of grant opportunities, some of which include, 

  • Undergraduate institutional grant
  • Texas public education grant
  • federal pell Grant Scheme
  • Teacher education assistance for college and higher education grants
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (Federal)

Check out the university portal to learn more about their offers and eligibility.


The University of Houston provides its students with the opportunity to work and learn simultaneously. This is commonly known as work-study financial aid. Eligible students are given part-time jobs by the institute, where they get to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Work-study aid is often awarded to students with no financial support from home. The job payment falls within the student’s college costs and must not exceed them. At UH, there are two different programs responsible for work-study aid.

  • federal work-study program
  • The State of Texas College work-study program

Over the years, the University of Houston has proven to be an incredible college with over 110 majors and a budget-friendly tuition fee. If you are looking for a good college in Texas, you should consider this institute.


The article briefly mentions the amount to be paid for getting A Bachelor’s Degree At The University of Houston. The article also lays down all kinds of relevant information regarding the fees and the financial aid and scholarship provided through the college. 


  • What is the cost of room and board at the University of Houston? 

Answer: $9,750

  • What is the annual tuition fee at the University of Houston?

Answer: $24,600 for resident students and $39,000 for non-resident students.