In Which Month Does College Start For a Fall Semester?

In Which Month Does College Start For a Fall Semester?

To know In which month does college start for a fall semester…..Read on this article…!


 There is quite a difference between school and college and before we choose which college and course to opt for, there are quite a few factors we consider. One of these is which semester to opt. Single semester courses sometimes give the option to choose between a spring and fall semester.


No doubt, the fall semester begins in the fall. It begins around August or September depending on the calendar. It’s not only about the season or month but a lot more. Which semester you choose decides the kind of college life you’ll have. Still confused? Read on to understand all you need to know about the fall semester. 

What is a fall semester? 

For those who aren’t aware, there are 2 common kinds of semesters. The fall or the first semester and the spring or the second semester. These mark the academic year for most courses. You’ll find that many common bachelor’s degrees follow the 2-semester structure wherein the entire academic year is divided into the fall and spring semesters. 

However, a few courses allow single-semester programs. This means you get to choose between the fall and spring semesters. A fall semester is the first semester of an academic year. This means everything new in and out of the campus from the syllabus to professors and even classmates. You’re beginning a completely new journey, unlike the spring semester where most of the stuff remains the same except for a few subjects or so. 

When does a fall semester begin 

There aren’t any exact dates for a fall semester as such. It is named the way it is to follow the seasonal structure. However, mostly you will find mid-August or the month of September as the start of the fall semester in most college. In a few cases or countries, the semester may begin in June or so. 

Since many final exams happen in April or May, a nice break is given in between that goes on till June or August to mark the end of an academic year and the beginning of a new one. So when students come back they know it’s a new year, new class, new almost everything!

The fall semester goes on till December after which there is a short break for winter unlike the one before the fall semester. This is usually for a few weeks after which the Spring semester begins soon in January. To give a period, the fall or first semester is between August to December, a period of 3 to 4 months i.e. 12 to 15 weeks. One may call this the first part of the year if you’re not taking a single semester course that is. 

This semester has a balanced focus on studies and extracurricular activities which makes it the more potential semester where students tend to have more fun than the spring semester. 

Key features of a fall semester 

Whether or not you take a single-semester course, the opportunities you’ll have are decided by the kind of semester you choose. If you take spring, you’re getting the hardcore studies and revision and all of it to prepare you for the finals. If you choose the fall semester, there is a light and breezy time as well. Here’s why the start of fall semester in college may be fun compared to the first semester:

  • The arrival of most students – being the beginning of the academic year on campus, most students and freshmen would be arriving during the fall semester. Gives you the perfect timing to fit in and mix around and get your clique! 
  • Fun time for sports and other activities – Not like the spring semester has no fun at all. However, being the beginning of the year, there is no pressure from studies and exams yet. Therefore, most college clubs, activities, and a lot more happen this semester. The main idea is to get students to participate and get to know the campus and the students. 
  • Internships galore! – Since the second semester is a time to mainly focus on grades and exams, internships are mainly left to the first or the fall semester. This means that all your internship and placement opportunities are high chance in the fall semester. So if you’re looking for a part-time something or even a job for the future, this semester is ideal 
  • Transfer program – for the exchange program lovers, you have to pick the fall semester. The transfer program is initiated and happens during the first semester itself for the same reason that the second semester needs your attention to work on your grades. So whether you choose a single semester or not, you have a higher chance of getting into the transfer program in the fall semester
  • Easier to get in! – being the first semester, the acceptance rate is high. This makes it easier for you to get in compared to the spring semester where the faculty may focus harder on why they should get you in the middle of the academic year. 


There you have it! The whole concept and idea of a fall semester. While the fall semester may have its cons, the entire college life awaits you in this semester itself. Beginning in mid-August, it is the perfect time for you to get acquainted with your professors, subject, and campus! 

  • Can one take only a fall semester? 

Whether or not you can opt for a single semester depends on your course and what your college has to offer. If you have the option, you can select only the fall or spring semester to your liking. 

  • When does a fall semester end? 

The general time to end a fall semester is around December before Christmas time. So one can say in the first or second week of December. 

  • Is it better to take a fall or spring semester?

If you want a fully loaded college life with fun, friends, and opportunities, the fall semester is the way to go. Internships and things are all during the fall semester itself. If you just want to study hazard and get your degree, opt for the spring semester.